1. Addiction Solutions of South Florida

Founded by a former alcoholic, Addiction Solutions of Florida is built on many of the same principles that have allowed its founder to remain sober for more than 26 years. Nestled in Southern Florida, this men's only alcohol rehabilitation center has received accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is covered by most insurance providers. The program offers either a confidence-based, faith-based, or 12 Step approach to alcohol rehab, and many patients utilize a combination of these approaches to achieve successful sobriety.

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The Good

  • Multiple approaches to treatment
  • Wide insurance coverage
  • Availability of activities

Multiple Approaches to Treatment

At Addiction Solutions of Florida, there are three different approaches from which to select, or combine aspects of each for a personalized program that will work best for the guest: confidence-based, faith-based, or 12 Step. The confidence-based program uses a combination of group sessions and one-on-one therapy. Because of this, guests are able to receive solidarity and establish camaraderie with other guests, but they also receive individual counseling sessions directly from qualified staff members.

For guests interested in including faith-based recovery, the facility takes a non-denominational approach led by a Buddhist monk and a Solutions Chaplain. These clergymen are available to provide guests with assistance surrounding their personal beliefs and spirituality. Addiction Solutions of Florida also integrates aspects of the 12 Step Program into much of what they do. They do not hold AA meetings, but rather they utilize the concepts from 12 Step into on-site group sessions and individual therapy.

Wide Insurance Coverage

With its CARF accreditation, Addiction Solutions of Florida is able to accept insurance from most carriers, making it a more affordable option for guests whose insurance qualifies. Addiction Solutions of South Florida accepts insurance plans providers such as Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, and Humana, among several others.

Availability of Activities

Located in South Florida, Addiction Solutions of Florida is in a great location to provide extracurricular and outdoor activities to its guests. These not only allow for guests to get off the facilities campus, but they also promote healthy living and confidence building. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Golf & Miniature Golf
  • Fishing & Snorkeling
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Park Outings
  • Cookouts & Barbecues
  • Beach Activities
  • Local Events

With these provided excursions and outings, guests at the facility are able to retain a sense of freedom during their stay at Addiction Solutions of Florida. This balance of restraint and freedom provides much needed structure while allowing for a period of stabilization during alcohol recovery.

The Bad

  • Small team
  • Lack of facility statistics/testimonials
  • Offsite residences

Small Team

Having a small team isn't always a bad thing. But when it comes to one-on-one care and therapy, the team at Addiction Solutions of Florida seems small compared to the 24 guest occupancy of the facility. And while much of the program involves group sessions, when the facility is at capacity, there may not be enough staff to go around for those who need individual therapy as opposed to group meetings.

Lack of Facility Statistics/Testimonials

The website of Addiction Solutions of Florida is void of success rates, testimonials, or statistical data of any kind. And while they do a great job at breaking down their approach and the amenities they offer, the only testimony we receive about the clinic is that it is based on successful concepts retained by the founder who is 26 years sober. And while it looks like a fine facility, a few anonymous testimonials or facility statistics would go a long way at keeping pace with other similar facilities.

Offsite Residences

The residences at Addiction Solutions of Florida are hosted offsite from the actual facility. And while this does provide some separation from the grueling recovery work done during the day, it also creates a separation from the amenities and primary care provided by the facility.

The Bottom Line

Addiction Solutions of Florida is CARF accredited and accepts most insurance providers, which goes a long way to making it affordable and operate at high standards. Outside of the accreditation though, there isn't a lot to go off of in regards to efficacy of the program: no testimonials or success rates. With that being said, the location and their multi-discipline approach are encouraging for guests seeking respite from alcohol addiction while they recover and gain sobriety.

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