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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
A Forever Recovery is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and they are CARF accredited. Their length of stay ranges between 30 and 90 days, they provide individualized care, and they accept most major insurance policies; however, information on success rates and pricing are not disclosed.

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The Good

  • Multiple recovery options
  • On-site detoxification
  • Aftercare program

Multiple Recovery Options

A Forever Recovery offers a wide variety of recovery options which are faith-based, self-help, cognitive, holistic, and indigenous:
  • Faith-Based: This option provides believers with the Christian support they need to fortify their recovery and maintain it after treatment.
  • Self-Help: This option develops and facilitates supportive relations through self-help groups and other means of group recovery settings.
  • Cognitive: This option is for those who don't wish to participate in a faith-based environment and typically are not receptive to 12-step rehabilitation programs.
  • Holistic: This option is perfect for those who are mind, body, and spirit oriented. This track uses elements such as yoga, guided imagery, relaxation sessions, and the philosophy and spirituality of martial arts to work towards recovery.
  • Indigenous: This option incorporates Native American teachings with the 12 steps approach. It teaches people how to heal themselves from addiction physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On-Site Detoxification

A Forever Recovery offers on-site detoxification in a beautiful facility perched on 14-acres overlooking a private lake. Their 60,000 square foot building is the perfect place for a quiet, serene escape and place for recovery. They have everything you need such as a fitness center, media center, game room, music and art center, dining area and quiet areas for meditation and more. Customers will receive constant care and attention without access to temptation, triggers or other negative influences. And you will be able to talk with a group of your peers and a staff who understand and can empathize with your situation.

Aftercare Program

A Forever Recovery's aftercare program provides constant contact with both the recovering addict, their family and their loved ones. They help establish connections to support groups and religious institutions. They also facilitate the continuation of healthy recovery-minded activities. And they provide resources for sustained fitness regimens and nutrition, as well as review contacts for whom a personal accountability partner will be available for any support or assistance you might need.

The Bad

  • No apparent gender specific programs
  • Rate of recovery and treatment costs not disclosed
  • Medically assisted treatment not available

No Apparent Gender Specific Programs

It doesn't appear that A Forever Recovery offers any type of gender specific programs. Many people find it more comfortable to open up about their issues when talking with someone of their own gender; however, with that being said, A Forever Recovery might have such programs, but it isn't apparent from their website if they do. If this is something you are interested in, you will have to contact them for more information.

Rate of Recovery and Treatment Costs Not Disclosed

Unfortunately, this company doesn't disclose their rate of recovery percentage on their website. Offering such information helps a prospective client make an educated decision about whether or not this a place they should consider. Additionally, A Forever Recovery doesn't disclose any of their treatment costs either. That's not unusual for a program that offers customized care; however, it would be more helpful to prospective clients if they would at least give some examples of what their costs might be so people could easily determine if this facility is even an option without having to make contact.

Medically Assisted Program Not Available

Here again, it doesn't appear that A Forever Recovery offers a medically assisted option. Medical assistance is extremely helpful in dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal; however, it is possible they do offer this option, but they don't publicly disclose that information on their website. Most companies who do offer this option clearly state that information on their website.

The Bottom Line

A Forever Recovery appears to be a reputable facility with plenty of unique recovery options and they are CARF accredited. They also provide an on-site detoxification option and access to an aftercare program if you so choose; however, they don't make it very clear as to whether they offer any gender specific or medically assisted programs. Additionally, we would like to see them disclose their rate of recovery on their website and possibly some treatment cost examples to help make it easier for their potential clients to make a preliminary decision.
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