What Feature is Most Important in an Alcohol Rehab Center?


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Written by Your Friends | June 26th, 2019
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Rehab or rehabilitate means to restore. For those suffering from alcoholism, rehab might be their only solution. This is how they can restore their lives so they can concentrate on the things they truly love. Alcoholism can be an addiction to alcoholic liquor or a mental illness formed from alcohol dependency. Either way, it takes away your choice and it definitely takes away your freedom.

A recent survey was given by bestcompany.com on the most important feature in a rehab facility. This survey had over 700 participants who chose which feature they found to be the most important. Let's break down each of the options.

On-Site Detox
This had the lowest response of 10.5% (which doesn't make it any less important than the others). On-Site Detox provides the patient with a supervised detoxing period of time. This means that trained doctors and nurses help the patient through a period of time where they clean all the alcohol out of their system. This is an extremely difficult process and that is why 10.5% of people who participated in the survey found this to be the most important feature in a rehab facility.

In most industries price is usually considered a top feature. In this case, price was a close second to last with 14.3%. Not everyone has endless amounts of money so it definitely needs to be taken into consideration but in the end, restoring the patient's life is more important than the price tag.

Discharge Follow Up
Moving on up we have an 18.7% that found the discharge follow up to be the most important feature. The rehab stay is just a small portion of the person's life. A recovering alcoholic will be fighting this addiction for the rest of their life so it is important that the restoring process continues throughout it.

19.5% found this to be the most important feature! Having an accredited rehabilitation center is proof that the facility knows what they are talking about. It also shows, that the facility maintains and possibly exceeds expectations in the industry. When restoring your life, you want to trust the people helping you through the process.

The top feature, coming in with a 37% pick rate is program. Not everyone responds to treatment the same way so the ability to pick the program best suited for you is a huge factor in finding a rehab center. Regardless of cost, accreditation and many other things, the rehab may not be successful if the program doesn't fit the person.

Choosing a rehab center is an extremely important and difficult decision for family members as well as the patient. It is also the first step towards restoration. For those looking for a rehab center, figure out what is most important to you and find a rehab center that matches your desired recovery process. For more information on top alcohol rehab centers check out bestcompany.com/alcohol-rehab.

The Top Alcohol Rehab Companies

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