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US Airways is considered a major airline and belongs to the American Airlines Group. According to their fact sheet, they have nearly 193 destinations, over 300 destinations when all the American Airlines Group's destinations are included together.

They have over 343 mainline jet aircraft and 278 regional jets and turbo-prop aircraft for shuttling customers between major airports. In February 2013, American Airlines and US Airways began their merger plans. This merger created the largest airline in the world. The companies offer reciprocal frequent flyer miles. The management is based out of Arizona, but the merged company will be totally anchored in Fort Worth, Texas once the merger is finalized.

As of October 2015, US Airways has merged with American Airlines.

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The Good

  • Amenities
  • Rewards program
  • On-time percentage

US Airways has some good comfortable jets for their passengers. Their Airbus planes have on-demand TV with access for each seat. There is Wi-Fi on all major flights through GoGo.

For the economy class passenger, the seat pitch ranges from 30-33 inches (the standard average in the industry was about 31 inches for seat pitch). Seat width is about 17-18 inches, making the seats comfortable for customers.

The Dividend Miles program is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Once a client accumulates a certain number of miles, they are going to be able to get a flight with a small upgrade fee. With 5,000 miles and a fee of $25, you can take a trip for 500 miles or less. This is a pretty good and transparent rewards system for clients.  US Airways rewards work with American Airlines.

The food was a bit on the pricier side, but there are some generally great dishes available. We called in and were told about the Chicken Quinoa Salad, which is $8.99. Not only do they provide great meals from their menu, they also special meals.  To get special meals with dietary needs, you can call a toll-free number 24 hours before your flight to get a special meal.

According to, US Airways is on-time roughly 82% of the time.

The Bad

  • Travel insurance
  • Food
  • Baggage

Another concern is their price that we were quoted through Allianz for travel insurance. We had a rate that was higher than some of the other airlines in the industry, even though we quoted the same dates and ticket price. Another airline was cheaper than US Airways in terms of travel service, even though they both use the same provider, Allianz.

The food can be a bit on the expensive side. Some other airlines, for its customers, includes complimentary meals on flights that are longer than six hours. We had questions about this on our phone-in and told that it was the standard in the industry.

Also, we couldn't get information on the baggage liability with US Airways. US Airways doesn't offer any information on adding to the $3400 maximum per ticketed passenger, whereas Delta and other carriers let you pay a small fee to increase their liability.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we  recommend flying with US Airways. From the customer complaints and reviews, it seems as if they have gone down a service level since they merged with American Airlines. We also feel like other "smaller" major carriers take a little bit more care with their customer care. In the end, it's best to go with an airline with a good reputation. The merger with American Airlines provides US Airways with a ton of resources to better serve their customers.