United Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the United States, with some of its predecessors going back to the late 1920s. Originally, United Airlines was known as "The Boeing Company," and, in some ways, they still are the Boeing Company since this is the primary plane found in their fleet. United has nine airline hubs throughout the world. Its largest hub is in Houston and handles 16.6 million passengers every year, with 45,413 people getting on United flights every day. Chicago O'Hare is the company's largest hub in terms of departures. United flies Boeing 747s, 767s, 777s, and 787s. They also fly narrowbody Airbus 319s, 320s, Boeing 737s, and Boeing 757s, as well as various Embraer and Bombardier jets for its regional carriers. For its regional flights, United usually uses third-party carriers (such as ExpressJet) to get customers to and from smaller airports when traversing between mainline destinations. United Airlines is also a pretty safe airline. In the past twenty years, there have been 3 fatal flights, including two flights that crashed on 9/11, and one minor incident where some passengers and crewmembers were hurt on takeoff (though there was no structural damage to the aircraft).


The Good

  • Ticket prices
  • Boarding
  • Check-in
  • Destinations
  • In-flight services
  • Time in business

United Airlines has a low price guarantee on their tickets. They have some of the lowest ticket prices for both domestic and international flights. Their prices were often the exact same being offered by other large airlines (such as American Airlines or Delta). Because they are such a large airline, they have the ability to offer many different options for ticket times and connections. With their low prices and flexibility, many customers would be able to choose the flight that best suits them while using United. United also offers different discounts and promotions on their website and for reward club members. Customers can become a part of the MilagePlus program and earn different discounts with their miles. Customers can also have United email them specific discounts or promotions that are being offered.

United Airlines has a similar boarding process to many other airlines. Seats are chosen when purchasing tickets and can be changed or upgraded at the check-in time depending on availability. Boarding times vary depending on the flight locations and specific airports being used. United offers a few different methods of check-in including:

• Mobile check-in
• Online check-in
• Airport kiosks
• Airport check-in counters

Using the United mobile app, passengers can check-in for their flight 24 hours before departure and receive a mobile boarding pass. This speeds up the time at the airport and eliminates the need to keep track of a paper boarding pass. Passengers can also check-in 24 hours before departure on the online check-in and can also ask to receive a mobile boarding pass. If a passenger chooses to check-in at the airport, they have the choice of self-service kiosks (which are always open for use) or check-in counters which have specific hours of operation depending upon the airport.

United Airlines serves 374 different destinations, both domestic and international. This is a large number of destinations for an airline and makes United one of the larger airlines available. Some of their top destinations include:

• Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
• Ft. Lauderdale from New York/Newark
• In and around California
• New York
• Chicago
• Las Vegas

United flies to Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. With all of their destinations, United would be able to serve many passengers on their flights. They would be able to provide a number of different options and because they offer more destinations than many other airlines, they would have more flight choices for passengers to choose from. United Airlines partners with a number of different airlines so that they are able to provide as many destinations as possible. They also continue to grow and their destinations are constantly changing and expanding.

United Airlines offers many of the customary in-flight services that are expected from passengers. Some of the details include:

• Dining: For economy flights, United offers a snack shop as well as an onboard bistro for their domestic flights. For international flights, they offer a complimentary meal. Often this is a three-course meal with a light snack and beverage options. They provide an option of beer, wine, and water. United also gives passengers the opportunity to order a special meal in advance for any dietary restrictions.
• Entertainment: There are a number of different options for entertainment on United Flights. Some of their planes offer personal devices. The passengers can use a personal device provided that it is already uploaded with a number of games, movies, and TV shows. Other planes offer screens on the back of the seats for passengers to view the entertainment options. And some of the United fleet has main screen entertainment. There is a screen at the front of the cabin for passengers to view the entertainment. The type of entertainment viewing option available for each flight can be found on the United website. They also offer magazines and packages of different DirecTV programs for purchase.
• Shopping: On international flights, United offers tax-free shopping for different items such as fragrances, cosmetics, and jewelry similar to many other airline shopping offers.
• Wi-Fi: United is in the process of making all of their planes have the option of Wi-Fi. Currently, 700 of their aircraft's do offer in-flight Wi-Fi for purchase. The prices vary depending on the specific flight and are not posted to view without specific flight information. Wi-Fi is also not permitted to be used to make any video calls on flights.

United Airlines has been in business for 89 years. They have become one of the oldest airlines, opening their company on April 6, 1926. Since they opened they have been committed to becoming the airline that customers want to fly with. They are currently offering the following to become that airline:

• Most extensive network: United flies 150 customers every year on close to 5,800 flights
• Most flat-bed seats: United offers the most flat-bed seats of any airline
• More overhead space: Passengers enjoy 66% more room
• More leg room in economy: Economy seating on United enjoys extra leg room for their seat

United Airlines also recently received their 5th consecutive perfect score on leading LGBT Equality Index for the Best Places to Work.

The Bad

  • Baggage
  • Flight statistics

United Airlines does not allow any checked baggage to be free for most of their flights. In comparison, a number of airlines do allow at least one piece of free checked baggage. A few international flights are free for one checked bag but generally the first checked bag costs $25, the second $35 or $100 for trans-Atlantic, and the third costs $150. Any additional baggage will cost $200 a piece. Additional baggage is also only accepted if the aircraft has room. While the cost is relatively low, it is still a cost while other airlines offer it for free.

The maximum exterior dimension (length + width + height) of standard checked baggage is 62 inches (158 cm), including handles and wheels. Having excess baggage weight or size will come at a fee to be determined by the specific weights and size of the baggage. However, there are restrictions including any baggage weighing over 100lbs will not be accepted (with the exception of assistive devices and musical instruments). Any baggage whose total outside dimensions are larger than 115 inches will not be accepted.

United Airlines flies close to 5,800 flights a year. When examining the daily flights that United flies to the most frequently, they did not have as high of performances when compared to other top airlines. Other airlines close to their size (such as Southwest and Delta) have slightly better statistics of daily flights than United does (as per Flightstats.com). Overall, United had roughly an 82% on time rate, a 7% late, 2% very late, 5% excessive and 1% of canceled flights according to Flightstats.com. Many other airlines have 0% canceled flights, unlike United. When looking at their most active routes, they received ratings lower than average for top airlines. Their top three routes include:

• Washington to San Francisco (3.5 stars, 91% on time)
• Los Angeles to Chicago (3.5 stars, 90% on time)
• Los Angeles to Houston (3.4 stars, 89% on time)

When compared to other airlines that have many high four-star ratings and some five-star ratings, United's 3.5 stars are low. United's most active routes are all domestic routes so it is hard to say how they compare with other airlines on international flights. Their lowest rated flight was the route of Houston to Newark with only 1.9 stars and 78% on-time according to Flightstats.com.

The Bottom Line

We recommend United Airlines as a top airline company. They offer very low prices and tons of flights that consistently leave and arrive on-time. They also are improving their in-flight service to ultimately enhance the overall user experience.

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Jay H Jack

August 25th, 2015 Greenbrae, CA

Love you guys, but.... gave up my seat so a family could sit together ....got nothing for the effort ....mechanical problems....delayed.....can't even go on....still love United just tired and frustrated


Phil Keren

August 24th, 2015 Matawan, NJ

The in-flight staff was pleasant and did their job. The customer service folks on the ground at Newark (EWR), Hong Kong (HKG) and San Diego were just plain rude, nasty and very unhelpful. Like we were bothering them. Forget the Baggage department, We waited over 45 minutes for our luggage in both Newark and San Diego.


Scott Wilson

August 24th, 2015 Sidney, MT

Some time ago, the family took a vacation from Seattle to Florida. The return flight was absolutely terrible. I had never been treated so badly in my life. When I contacted United they claimed to be having contract difficulties. I haven't flown them since. Now I have opted to give them another try. I'll update my rating when I get back. Right now they are a Zero.



August 24th, 2015 Millbrook, NY

I had the opportunity to fly with United to Singapore and most recently to Germany. After much thought, I decided to use a foreign carrier. I was loyal to both Continental and United. When they combined, they became no longer customer centered. Moreover, I don't particularly think they treat their pilots or flight attendants with the respect they deserve.


Alberto Mesones

August 24th, 2015 Clifton, NJ

My wife and I went to Cozumel last June. We started the trip with an announce 10 minutes before boarding time that the first officer just called sick and it will take two hours to get another officer. This mean that we were missing our connection in Houston. After a some delays and changed flights, we got to Cozumel but our luggage didn't. On our way back we also experience delays. Looks like delayed flights and misplaced luggage are very common for United Airlines. We also had a bad surprise with the fees for our luggage.


John Nichols

August 21st, 2015 Scottsdale, AZ

United formerly was our favorite airline back in the seventies. But it has gone to hell! Contrary to what you found, their treatment of passengers is adversarial. Their terminals are packed with little available seating. They cram you into airplane seats, motivating passengers to pay extra to get a half way comfortable seat and service on planes needs a lot of improvement. We will never fly United again until they improve a great deal.


Uttam Biswas

August 20th, 2015 Charlottesville, VA

Very good airlines .Comfortable seats and delicious food . I will travel on United again .Thanks for your wonderful service .



August 20th, 2015 Palm Springs, CA

I love flying on United. They are always my first choice and their affiliation with Star Alliance is perfect for our many trips to Europe. I've had a delay or two but that is the rarity and not the norm. I've never lost luggage or had rude behavior. The United team has always been professional and addressed my questions and concerns prompty.



August 19th, 2015 Hamburg, NY

United was always the best in my book. Now the flight attendants for what ever reason are crabby hardly any smiles "forget about asking them for help with anything" I was recently on an almost brand new RJ 700 and the seats were a fake leather wrapped plastic seat. I never usually get up during flights but this 1 hour flight I had to get up twice because it was so uncomfortable. It seems ever since the merge with COA United has gone down bad. I have been really liking JetBlue lately.


Mrs T Dishman

August 19th, 2015 Lexington, MO

We have flown United many times, and have never had a complaint till we flew from Los Angeles in winter to Denver and no one told us we be outside in blowing cold wind and snow to get to the next plain, seems it was really tough seeing elderly people doing this it effected me by catching a cold so United maybe if there is an outside plane you have to get thru let us know, otherwise thank you for safe travels on time,mostly the crew was very nice except should they wear gloves when serving drinks and food , just saying, and maybe see why flying over ocean didn't have no tv or movies there free only sometimes! other then that your doing ok but hope you read comments and take into consideration of others


Mr. Tiy M. A. Fountain

August 17th, 2015 Freehold, NJ

United Airlines is completely focused on their global client as opposed to the average intercontinental traveler. United has limited perks from the middle class and raised prices because they claim fuel is expensive. What about the value of the customer? I have dear friends that were employed with Continental Airlines and truly regret the merger between Continental and United. Outsourcing the MIA crew to work in FLL and outsourcing to Philippines is mind boggling. Just because you're a large global airline does not mean you are the best. I would like to feel welcomed, appreciated, and not the negative energy of the frustrated employees. Upper management and Mr. Smisek you need to research why patrons and employees were so satisfied with Continental Airlines because I know I was truly happy and took pride flying them.



August 17th, 2015 Honolulu, HI

As a "FIVE" million actual revenue flown "butt-in-the-seat" mile flier (no credit card charges!)... and someone who is Executive Platinum on AA, 1K on UA, Medallion on DL, and an A-List on SW... I can confirm from years of experience that all of the U.S. major carriers have their problems, flaws, and negative happenings. The three items that separate UA from the other U.S.'s major carriers are: (1) Safety - their pilots have had more requirements filled/completed when sitting on the left seat... this is even more so after Continental took over and merged the two companies (2) When UA errors, they absolutely go out of their way better than the other carriers to rectify, accommodate, and/or compensate the traveler, and (3) It is not even close in comparison and in actual reality / happenings when it comes to availability and subsequently receiving complimentary upgrades (e.g. being free [no purchasing of upgrade coupons required like AA], and that all planes with business first and first class seats go out full with upgrades when elite members are on revenue tickets).



August 17th, 2015 Pompano Beach, FL

I miss the good old days of Fly the friendly skies of United . The flight attendants are over worked and under paid which causes few smiles on board . United you could learn from Cathy Pacific , Singapore Air , JAL just to mention a few that offer outstanding service . Their crew members are treated very well and respected .


Carol Card

August 14th, 2015 Des Moines, IA

My sister and I asked for a golf cart or wheelchair on the 5 flights we were on because of injuries. We were assured of a golf cart so the luggage could go with us. We never saw either a golf cart or wheelchair and when we asked they said they weren't available. We walked a very long time from gate to gate. And on the 5 flights from Des Moinnes - Amsterdam, then back to Des Moines from Switzerland, my husband and I were never seated together. Why?? The flight from Chicago to Des Moines was hours late. We were exhausted! Other than these problems, the flights were fine.


Gary Ramthun

August 12th, 2015 Denver, CO

DEN to STL was roundtrip on a regional carrier. First leg was on time, leisurely boarding, and well attended. Return trip was weather delayed after we boarded. Access to the terminal was provided and a few people who could not make their DEN connections got off. Return flight was uneventful, as we like.



August 11th, 2015 Madison, WI

Great airline have always treated me very fair. Flights have been on time, flight attendants have mostly been good some have an attitude that is why I gave a 9 not a 10. I have flown other airlines and been disappointed in their service.



August 10th, 2015 Mill Valley, CA

Always have had a positive experience flying United, not so with other airlines.


Ravi Ram

August 7th, 2015 Modesto, CA

During my trip last month to New York, someone took out my son's 2 bottle of Pedisure. Even a brand new bag torn apart. We pay lot money for flying and baggage. What our Government is doing about this no idea.


Karen Hagerty

August 5th, 2015 Norwood, MA

During our trip in April all of our flights were delayed. Not by 10 or 15 minutes either. We are talking hours. I was sent a survey shortly after our flights. No one ever contacted me regarding my negative survey.


Soumen RoyBardhan

August 3rd, 2015 Germantown, MD

I would like to mention my ordeal at Narita International Airport on the 11th of December last year. Although I booked the ticket thru United I had just 45 minutes time between my Thai flight from Bangkok and my United flight from Tokyo to Washington D.C. I rushed to catch the flight but plane had already started moving at around 4.25 p.m. although it was scheduled to leave at 4.35 p.m. I had to take another flight via Chicago to my destination and was delayed by 4 hours. I would suggest that United should keep more time between flights and a flight should not leave before time.


Ann Sandhorst

August 3rd, 2015 New York, NY

I like the fact that United flies non-stop to Omaha. It was much better when it was Continental for sure. The price is usually double of any other airline that flies there. Hate the checked baggage fees, too. Most of the time the flights have been on time or even early.


Rene Ner

August 3rd, 2015 Glen Rock, NJ



lionel sirois

August 3rd, 2015 Honolulu, HI

you charge 60 dollars went you select your seat. well that does not work for me. you want to rip=off the people. I will fly another air line than united. miss old continual.


R Eads

July 31st, 2015 GA

The Good: Economy plus seating in coach is nice and uncommon among other carriers. They also fly to many locations which adds value to the MP FF program. Great pilots. The Bad: CRJ 50 flights used for routes that should have bigger planes, very cramped, no first class. The CRJ70 is only marginally better. Food served (either domestic or international) in coach is abysmal. The latest revision to their FF program devalued the earning power of FF miles for international flyers by over 60%. US based flight attendants are generally elderly (with obvious seniority), surley at times, rude at other times, and generally treat passengers with little respect and are slow to respond to requests if they do so at all. They often spend much of their time chatting in the rear or front of the aircraft and it seems of late that on the plane is the last place they want to be. They should all fly Singapore Air sometime to get a sense of what level of service could really help to differentiate their airline from other US carriers.


Garry Parrett

July 30th, 2015 Walton, KY

The premium Economy seats should offer free drinks like Virgin Atlantic. However, overall I felt I got good service from United.


Andre V

July 30th, 2015 Steubenville, OH

A most unimpressive airline. I now always try to fly with non-US carriers when flying internationally because the US carriers are so inferior in almost every respect. For example, United makes you pay extra to have wine with your meal on transatlantic flights (always complementary with Air Canada and European carriers). The United MileagePlus frequent flyer program constantly gets devaluated, and it is now revenue-based. United is obviously more interested in counting its dollars earned rather than offering good service. To give them credit, however, they have recently improved the food offered in Club lounges.


Dan Priester

July 29th, 2015

Keeps going downhill. I am a gold member and I am leaving them for another airline, even though I won't have status right away. I can't take it anymore.


Troy Matter

July 29th, 2015

I am a United Gold member because I try to fly United or a Star Alliance Partner religiously. Why, because I love United. No, they are not perfect but in my opinion, The Best US carrier there is. I would be close to saying the best globally. I have traveled the world for business and pleasure and I will remain a Loyal united Customer.


Pascual Machin

July 29th, 2015 Martinez, CA

Getting Worse every time. Flights delayed or cancelled often. Poor communication with customers and personnel that does not seem to care much. I am thinking of switching airlines despite the status.



July 29th, 2015 Houston, TX

Never on time. Always mechanical or the weather. Lack compassion when they cancel your flight. Rudeness in all of their staff. I hate that I have to fly them when I go but sometimes there is no other choice


Gustavo Bernal

July 29th, 2015 New York, NY

Flying from Madrid to London using Germanwings as a airline partner, we were notified that we were not in the system and there was not a reservation under our name. The Germanwings employee advised us that this issue is very common from United Airlines that after you purchase a ticket with them; the airline fails to send the purchase order to Germanwings. This doesn't give any other choice in the system but to cancel the reservation. We almost were stranded in Spain without a ticket. I had to do a roaming phone call from my US phone to solve the issue with the airline. The phone call cost me $50 to solve a problem that is United Airlines problem. Is ridiculous that partners airlines are aware of a problem from United and none do anything.


Paul McNelis

July 28th, 2015

United is getting worse and worse. Even in business class. Luggage often lost, long delays getting luggage at airports. Still not resolution of the split unions after the merger. Why is the current CEO being kept on by the board? Morale is low, service is getting worse and worse. With its unrivalled route network, this company should be leading the pack.


Steve Sharp

July 28th, 2015 Oxnard, CA

Flights get cancelled and delayed with such regularity and frequency that I felt that coming home I felt like I was trying to get the last seat on the final flight out of Saigon.


Tina Scott Jeffrey

July 28th, 2015 Astoria, OR

As a larger woman, I find the seats reasonably generous. On 2 occasions, I've had very large people seated next to me. They've both appeared to be very regular flyers (as the FAs called them by name and chatted)and neither could fit into their seats. On both occasions the FA has had the arm rest lifted so they could slop over into my seat. This made me VERY angry but nothing was done about it. On one occasion they offered me a $50 credit on my next flight. Big whoop.



July 28th, 2015 Epsom, NH

I flew from MHT to SPL on July 9 and was charged for only 1 of my 2 bags. On the return on July 13th I was charged for both bags. Even tho I paid for xtra space seat I was forced to sit in economy with my knees in my chest. A bad experience all around.


Frances Nicolais

July 28th, 2015 Granada Hills, CA

Coming home from my last visit with my mom when she was alive (2013), I accepted a $500 voucher to get bumped because I knew she was going to pass soon, and I could use the voucher for my trip home for her funeral. When she passed 4 months later, I gave the United rep the info for the voucher to use for my flight, but then he charged the FULL amount on my card, and even though I discovered it within 2 days, United refused to honor the voucher. I ended up going through AmEx who did get my money back about 6 months later. Also, on both legs to and from my mom's funeral, United cancelled a leg on each portion, so I ended up rerouted to another city and driving 2 hours at 1 am, finding a 24 hours store to purchase black clothes for the funeral (luggage was getting there the next day), and getting about 4 hours sleep. Needless to say, I only fly United if there is no other choice anymore.



July 28th, 2015 Houston, TX

bad services we have to change 4 times the gate and wait 3 hours before leave to destination and employees don't care


Ed Lewis

July 28th, 2015 Sandusky, OH

I used to fly Continental a lot and United when I had to. When they merged I had hope that they would be run like Continental. Not so. Just having O'Hare as a hub guarantees issues.


Tricia Dernison

July 28th, 2015

Things went well. I took my scooter and they picked it up at the door to the plane. Again - things went very well - we travel with a dog and cat and that was also no problem. The flight was not full so we has plenty of room - plus we bought the United Coach Plus -- really worth it on long hauls. The food was typickally awful airline food. I almost would prefer none to the crap they give up. Otherwise all went well



July 28th, 2015 Bayonne, NJ

United would have been the number 1 airline right now if all they did was go with Continental's policies when the merger happen. I can't see 2 airlines merging and going with the policies of United who was in bankrupsy instead of going with Continental's policies when they were sitting on top being the only airline not in bankrupsy after 9-11. They also placed people in positions they have no business being in, and they wonder why United is almost dead last. So many customers even left because of the way the merger went. Ask any ex-Continental customer what they think of the airline now and see what they saw. I guarentee you won't like what you hear.



July 28th, 2015 Fremont, CA

Below average.. esp. since they dropped US Airways as a partner - fewer connecting choices. New smaller charter airline plane had oil leak, again ruining travelers plans. Stuck in San Diego, pushed back, crew said oops crew day ended so we're cancelling flight. They put my luggage on earlier flight for some reason so stuck til next day with no luggage. Offered $200 voucher. Luggage was going to do nothing. YUP - all the reviews are correct about their crews having too much attitude. Customer Service in IAD practically looked angry I had a question, interrupting their conversation about holiday time off. Found out their answer was half=wit and wrong.


Kurt Kallmes

July 28th, 2015 Northbrook, IL

Lets face it....all USA Airlines are terrible!!!!! They charge allot for tickets, crazy money for bags, their profits are sky high and their service is the lowest!!!! Continental Airlines was the last best Airline which should have bought out United instead of the other way around. US Airways transition with American will soon prove that here in America we have terrible Airlines that have the worst customer service ever and charge to much for bags. They don't care about their customers because we now have a minimal choice when we fly in the USA. Profits are up and customer service is down down down!!!!!!!!!!!


Johannes Kronenfeld

July 23rd, 2015 Houston, TX

I am a member of their frequent flyer club so I am partial to Continental not United. Personally I would have given Continental a 10 and United a 3 or 4 (from the nightmare stories I have heard) but because of the merger I bump United up or better yet Continental down. You can easily tell which flight attendants are from the United or Continental. Continental's are more friendly and United's fly as if they have a chip on their shoulder. Depart/Arrival times are always at least 10-15 minutes late. In conclusion if you ask why I did not average the numbers and give United a 6 or 7, it is because more of the negatives of United carried over than the positives from Continental.



July 23rd, 2015 New York, NY

I fly United all of the time - international business is usually pretty disappointing with the attendants having too much attitude and not enough care for the customer. BUT you can always tell when you're flying with an old Continental crew because they are always nice, smiling, and genuinely go out of their way to make the flight more enjoyable. United's training is poor with no emphasis on giving the customer a memorable experience. All they need to remember is that a smile and a good outlook goes a very long way.



July 21st, 2015 Placentia, CA

I've many airlines. My preference is business/first class. I usually fly American but to fly direct LAX-New Orleans, United was the only nonstop carrier. No champagne (which is a first class perk in every other airline I've flown). Food mediocre. Service very average. I was also not entitled to their company lounge even though I was flying first class. VERY UNIMPRESSED.


Fred Robson

July 21st, 2015 Lancaster, OH

On a flight from Columbus to Dallas/Ft' Worth, We had to Land in Austin to wait out a storm, not enough fuel to circle for awhile. Windows so dirty you could use a razor blade to remove dirt. Agent in Dallas/Ft Worth was very rude to man behind me. Ranting for almost 5 minutes. ARE YOU TALKING TO ME was his main saying. I told him if he worked for me, he wouldn't be there anymore. Didn't like him yelling around me. When getting ready to Leave Dallas/Ft. Worth for Vegas, we had to wait 40 minutes for a Co-Pilot to show up. We had delay after delay on the entire round trip. NEVER FLY UNITED AGAIN.


G. Scarborough

July 20th, 2015 Sealy, TX

Get rid of UNITED and bring back CONTINENTAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of Jeff Smizek as CEO...... United has turned into nothing but a money grabbing company who provides very little service these days. Prices are outlandish as well as the paying for baggage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continental was twice as good of a company on its own than United ever was before or after the combining of the two.


Ronie Reiley

July 20th, 2015 Mashpee, MA

I have flown almost a million miles on United but everything has gone downhill with the airline. Even First Class is far from what it used to be. Frankly, flying with United is like taking the bus. Though I'm not sure any large US airlines are any better. European airlines put US airlines to shame.


Sakkal danie

July 20th, 2015 Brooklyn, NY

we were suppose to fly with united its was the worst service , attitude and experience we ever had , no manager , no supervisor , no customer service help they gave our place to 4 passengers that was on stand by and they told us that we were late while we were in the gates , they held the plane for 45mn to remove our luggages !!!!!!we were a party of 10 with 2 young kids was a nightmare hope will never have to fly with them


Anthony Papadopoulos

July 20th, 2015 Olathe, KS

my issue being on time. United is about 60-70% on my account on time - once it took 32 hours to get from Fresno to Newark, NJ. As far as customer service, didnt have a problem. Continental had so much better flight experience and once united merged, all went to crap. Someone said they are equal to other airlines. Equally bad. Compared to European or Far Easter airlines, American airlines really lack. And since when in the US was equal good enough?