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Turkish Airlines is a European airline company that like many other companies in the industry has been around for a long period of time. They specialize in flights across Europe and work hard at providing great customer service to all of their passengers.  

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The Good

  • Affordable prices
  • Baggage
  • Boarding
  • In-flight services
  • Time in business

Ticket prices on the Turkish Airlines website are very difficult to find. This is something that is surprising, especially when almost all other airline companies want customers to see their prices as one of the first things on their web pages. However, the reason being for the lack of this information could be that Turkish Airlines has fewer and more specifically routed flights than other big name airline companies. Turkish Airlines, although they do travel to destinations all around the world, travel mostly to European locations. Most of their ticket prices, once uncovered, are cheaper than the big name airline companies. Flights do not go out as frequently as other companies that have more aircrafts, which does not allow customers who are looking to fly with Turkish Airlines, much flexibility for their trip planning. This is compensated by the cheaper ticket prices, which is a huge benefit to many customers looking to travel to European destinations.

Following the same standards that are used for most baggage prices, Turkish Airlines allows bags to weigh up to seventy pounds. Depending on cabin class, customers can take additional free baggage up to a certain amount. Any luggage that exceeds this allotted amount will be charged an excess baggage fee that is directly related to the size of the luggage. Customers can purchase excess baggage tickets in advance if they know they will be traveling with more than the allotted amount. It is important to note that with so many rules and regulations following baggage pricing, how a company displays this information is very important to potential travelers. Turkish Airlines has a clearly laid out web design that shows customers the different guidelines depending on cabin class as well as specific travel destinations unique guidelines. Compared to other airline companies, all of Turkish Airlines bag check prices are average and can be found among many other airline companies.

The boarding procedure can be unique to each individual airline and can be a way that companies stand out among their competition. Turkish Airlines has several different options for guests to check in for their flights including, online, at the counter or through a kiosk to print an individual boarding pass. All of these methods make the process easier and more convenient for customers as they get ready to board their flight. The one thing that is missing from Turkish Airlines that is present in many of their other airline company competition is a mobile check option. Many other companies provide their customers with the ability to check in for a flight through their mobile devices and even print their boarding passes from home. Turkish Airlines is a bit behind on this technology but will hopefully catch up sooner rather than later so their customers can enjoy this same benefit.

In-Flight services is really where an airline company can shine and prove that they offer excellent customers service to all of their passengers. Turkish Airlines does their best at providing a comfortable, easy in-flight experience for all of their flights. They offer catering for extended range and international flights and entertainment for all flights. They also have special meals for passengers with specific dietary requirements but they ask that all special meals be pre-ordered at least twenty-four hours in advance and that customers provide a doctors note for the special meal necessity. One of the in-flight services that Turkish Airlines is especially proud of are their luxurious seats for all passengers to enjoy. Their seats can recline, move forward and provide comfortable head and foot rests for individuals. Although these are all standard in-flight services, Turkish Airlines is a smaller airline company and the services they provide reflect this.

Turkish Airlines like many other airline companies was started a long time ago in 1933. However, it wasn't until 1990's when the company became international and really started making big progress in the growth of the business. Today, Turkish Airlines was voted Europe's best airline at the 2015 Skytrax Passenger Choice Awards. Turkish Airlines has recently expanded their destination cities to include a much larger range of flight opportunities for customers and hopes to continue expanding their reach in the near future.

The Bad

  • Destinations
  • Flight statistics

Turkish Airlines travel mainly to European destinations although they do have locations around the world that they include in their destination list. They fly to the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Within the Americas, they have over forty-one cities in the United States, which they provide, travel for passengers. Worldwide Turkish Airlines has over two hundred cities where they travel. However, as mentioned before, not all of these locations are frequently visited. Many of the destination sites only have flights a few specific times a year and customers can't change when Turkish Airlines will be flying to these spots again. This means that while the company might have over two hundred destination sites, they are limited in the areas that they provide frequent travel. Compared to other airline companies, this list of two hundred cities is small, and even smaller when the regularity of the majority of those cities is taken into consideration.

An airlines daily flight statistics is important to note when considering them for a customers flying needs. Turkish Airlines unfortunately does not measure up well against their competition when comparing these statistics. Their daily on time flight statistic is around seventy-five percent, which might seem like a good number, but in comparison to big name airline companies or even just the majority of airlines it is a fairly low score. Many companies daily on-time flight statistic are in the eighty percent range if not higher. In addition, Turkish Airlines has a twelve percent late flight statistic. One good thing to note, however, is that the company has no canceled flights to report for this statistic period. When looking at the twenty most active routes for Turkish Airlines, the most regular destination is by far Istanbul.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Turkish Airlines at this time. They are a good option for regional flights throughout Turkey and parts of Europe.