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Lufthansa is an airline based in Germany that offers their customers flights across the globe. With their low-ticket prices and numerous airline groups providing many aircrafts for more flight options, Lufthansa does all they can to give passengers the best flying experience possible.  

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The Good

  • Affordable tickets
  • Baggage
  • Check-in
  • On-time percentage
  • In-flight services

Large airline companies such as Lufthansa that have many airline groups associated with the company have the ability to offer cheaper ticket prices than some of the smaller companies in the industry. This is simply because they have more flight options than the smaller companies who are restricted with where and when they fly. When searching for ticket prices with Lufthansa customers can even use for a limited time, as it is in a trial period phase, a best price search tool on the website. This tool is convenient for customers as they are searching for numerous different flights at different times. Lufthansa will provide a list of departure locations and destinations and a handful of different flexible flight times then show the cheapest flight options as well as the cost for other flight options. By doing this (best price search) Lufthansa can provide potential flyers with the very best deal available using their airline. Compared to other airlines, Lufthansa has on average cheaper ticket prices but that of course is varied on the destination and time of the flight.

Lufthansa allows passengers one checked bag weighing up to seventy pounds to be checked into the flight for free. Travelers are also allowed a carry on item that will remain with them throughout the duration of the flight and is the customer's own responsibility. However, as a bonus for riding in upper cabin classes, business and first class passengers are allowed two carry-on items. For baggage that is larger than the allowance, an excess baggage fee will be charged. The fee amount will depend on the size of the excess luggage as well as the cabin class of the customer and whether the flight is flying domestically or international.

The boarding process for many airline companies is standard and the difference comes in how easy a company can make the process for their passengers. Lufthansa allows their customers to check-in for a flight both online and in person at the gate. For boarding, Lufthansa now offers priority boarding for all European flights. Quick boarding is also an option for travelers who have purchased a boarding pass with a barcode to board the aircraft quickly and conveniently. Lufthansa also provides an on-screen display of waiting lists directly at each of their departure gates, allowing customers to know when and how long it will take to board a flight. Compared to other airlines, this boarding process seems much more comfortable than many other airline companies. Lufthansa has given their passengers clear instructions of how the boarding process works, and what to expect at the airport for any given flight.

The daily flight statistics are important to compare to other airline companies to show whether or not a business is keeping up with their competition in various components that they are offering their customers. Lufthansa airline has an on-time flight statistic of 81% (according to This, when compared to other airline companies is a fairly average statistic, meaning Lufthansa is neither excelling nor failing their customers by their on-time flight average. Many airline companies are within the eighty percent range, with companies who have an excellent statistics in the high eighties and companies with poor on-time flight statistics in the seventies. In addition, Lufthansa has only an eight percent late flight statistic which shows that most of their aircrafts stay on tight schedules. However, when comparing Lufthansa's twenty most active flight routes all destinations were located in Europe. This can mean that flexibility in when flights are offered to destinations outside of Europe is limited.

As with the majority of airline companies, the in-flight services that they offer their customers is really where companies like to stand out and show their customers their level of service. Lufthansa is no different and serves their business class, and first class passengers gourmet cuisine on fine china. Even economy class is served their meal on fine china, though the meal choices are slightly varied and come with fewer options. In addition to the gourmet cuisine, Lufthansa airlines also serve their travelers an award winning selection of wine. In addition to the long-haul flights that receive these culinary meals, short-haul flights are also served small snacks or sandwiches depending on the destination to which the flight is headed. Along with the food, Lufthansa airlines provide their passengers with many options for entertainment. Aircrafts flying long distance flights are equipped with in-seat television screens to show movies, shows, and games. Medium-haul routes provide their passengers with an entertainment app that is downloadable to any mobile device and allows customers to view the entertainment selection while on board a Lufthansa flight.

The Bad

  • Limited destinations
  • Lack of company information

As a European based Airline Company, many of Lufthansa's destinations can be found in European countries. Their most frequented flight locations include Frankfurt, London, Munich, and Berlin. However, since they are a large airline company that has many aircrafts and airline groups they do have flight destinations that reach across the globe. Lufthansa airlines travel to over two hundred different cities around the world. In the United States, Lufthansa flies to sixteen different cities including, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, Tampa, and Washington D.C. Compared to other airline companies, especially international companies that are based in different countries, Lufthansa has one of the largest number of U.S. city destinations. Many other airlines only travel to a few of these cities, which give customers who are looking for travel, many more flexible flight options.

Lufthansa airline is based out of Germany where many of their flights head to and from. Information on how the company was started and how long it has been in business is not available on their website for customers to view. Although it is known that Lufthansa is a fairly large airline German airline and has numerous aircrafts available to them for all of their flight destinations. Lufthansa is dedicated to their passengers and provide quality, comfortable flights for all travelers who choose them for their aviation needs.

The Bottom Line

We do not currently recommend Lufthansa as a top airline company. They are a good, not great, option for choosing an airline (especially if you are traveling to or from Europe).