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LAST UPDATED: February 15th, 2020

Garuda Indonesia Airline is as their slogan says, the airline of Indonesia. It has been in business for many years and was the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam. Garuda Indonesia has grown into a large international airline company and flies over 25 million passengers annually.  

Keep reading for pros and cons of flying with Garuda Indonesia, plus real customer reviews of their experience with this airline. 

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The Good

  • Baggage Policies
  • Check-In Options
  • In-Flight Services

Baggage Policies

Garuda Indonesia Airlines allows passengers to travel with one free checked bag or registered baggage, as well as two free carry-on items that can be stored in the cabin area. The carry one items are not supervised and are the traveler's own personal responsibility throughout the flight. The checked bag with Garuda Indonesia is allowed to be up to seventy pounds in weight. This is a standard measurement and can be seen in most airline guidelines in the industry. Extra luggage that does not fall under either of these categories, for example, a heavier bag or more than one heavy bag that must be registered are subject to extra charges that vary depending on flight destination.

For destinations in the United States, excess baggage charges can range anywhere from ten dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars. Compared to other airline companies, this is a low-cost extra baggage charge. Many airline companies can charge passengers several hundred dollars for one extra item of luggage. 

Check-In Options

Passengers have several different options when looking to check-in for a Garuda flight.

  • For domestic flights, Garuda Indonesia Airlines suggests passengers arrive at least one hour before scheduled takeoff. 
  • For international flights, the arrival time is moved to two hours in advance from the scheduled flight departure.

For check-in, customers can use a city check-in, web, phone, or even a mobile check-in. These different options for the check-in process are common among many other airline companies in the industry but they are an excellent feature that customers look for when choosing their airline. Once a passenger is checked-in for a flight they can wait to board in comfortable seating areas.

In many domestic airports, Garuda Indonesia offers premium check-in, which is personal one-on-one assistance for travelers to aide with the entire check-in and boarding process. Exclusive business lounge waiting areas are available, as well as passenger service assistance, which is similar to premium check-in, but only for customers who need assistance with one boarding element.

In-Flight Services

Like many airline companies, Garuda Indonesia takes its in-flight services as an opportunity to shine. It offers entertainment and dining on most flights and all international flights and an LCD TV touch screen for passengers to enjoy numerous choices of entertainment accompanies all seats. However, when looking over their selection of movies and shows, Garuda Indonesia has far fewer choices than other airline companies. A selection of fifty-eight movie choices, and only fifty television programs are offered. While this selection is plenty for most flight durations, many other airline companies offer programming sections of hundreds of options both for movies and television programs.

Depending on flight duration and route, customers may also have a dining experience. All three cabin classes have dining menus and the most basic in the economy class features Indonesian, Western, or Asian food. 


The Bad

  • International Ticket Prices
  • Limited Destinations
  • Flight Statistics

International Ticket Prices

With most flights traveling within Indonesia, ticket prices at Garuda Indonesia are hard to compare with big-name airline companies. However, international flights are a different story. For international flights, Garuda Indonesia's ticket prices are higher than most other airline companies, especially the more well-known companies that travel internationally more often such as Delta, or American Airlines.

When comparing domestic flights; however, Garuda Indonesia's ticket prices are fairly average and customers can expect to find select deals and offers through Garuda Indonesia to make their traveling experience more affordable.

Garuda Indonesia airlines also offers different ticket prices for different cabin classes like most other airlines. This means depending on the level of comfort a passenger would like during their flight, they can pay a higher ticket price or a cheaper ticket price for different seats.

Limited Destinations

Most of the flights Garuda Indonesia travels to are domestic, meaning they are within Indonesia. In the country, they travel to sixty different cities. Although, Garuda Indonesia airlines does have international flights that are offered to their passengers as well.

Across the globe, Garuda Indonesia travels to seventy different destinations, including the following:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • the Middle East
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • India
  • North America

In the United States, Garuda Indonesia travels to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. Compared to other regional airlines that mainly travel in their home countries, this airline offers many more international destinations, especially in the United States. While a Garuda Indonesia airline does not travel to these destinations as frequently as their domestic destinations, the fact that these travel spots are options is a huge benefit to their customers. This gives them more flexibility when making their travel plans.

Flight Statistics

Daily flight statistics are important to compare when researching an airline's quality and punctuality. Garuda Indonesia airlines, unfortunately, does not have a great daily flight on-time average statistic. This percentage for Garuda Indonesia is seventy-eight percent. Meaning that the airline averages on-time schedules only seventy-eight percent of the time. Compared to other airlines this shows that Garuda Indonesia does not keep its aircraft on a very strict schedule. Most airlines average in the eighty percent range for a good on-time flight percentage. A great airline will show a percentage in the high eighties or sometimes low nineties. The fact that Garuda Indonesia has a percentage in the seventies does not show customers that it values a timely flight schedule. In addition, Garuda Indonesia has a nine percent late statistic, which also is high when compared to other airlines. 


The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Garuda Indonesia Airlines as a top recommended airline company. They do not provide enough destinations and are not on-time enough to be considered for this ranking.
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Jacob Shaner

Definitely one of the nicest airlines in Indonesia. I would go with this option over Lion Air if you can pay the difference. The takeoff and landings tend to be better with Garuda than Lion.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Justin Riggs Salt Lake City, UT

Flew several times while in Indonesia. Service was great, on time flights and ease of booking. Lots of connections and good locations in airports.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Cim Carver Cheyenne, WY

On the flights I’ve taken with Garuda, the equipment has always been old, but the customer service has been great.

1 year ago