ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. is based in College Park, Georgia. SkyWest, Inc, owns ExpressJet. ExpressJet has been owned by different carriers and has also been its own airline. Continental Airlines previously owned it. In its corporate history, it has been an autonomous business entity. The partnership between SkyWest and ExpressJet goes back to August 2010. ExpressJet was purchased for $6.7 per share. The company is now the world's largest regional airline. The two companies hold a single operating certificate that consolidates their carrier capacity. The company has more than 400 aircraft and currently also operates as American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. The bulk of ExpressJet planes consist of the Embraer ERJ-145, several of which fly under the American Eagle, Delta Connection, or United Express names. ExpressJet suspended its independent plane flights in 2008 and now operates under carrying capacity agreements with the companies listed above. As a result of these carrying capacity agreements, ExpressJet can fly 2,200 daily flights to 190 airports in 40 US states, the District of Columbia, Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico.


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The Good

  • Partners
  • Boarding
  • Destinations
  • Flight statistics

ExpressJet is a regional airline that operates flights on behalf of the major airlines they partner with. Because of this, they do not perform any reservation or ticketing functions. Instead, the major airlines they partner with sells the tickets and the connecting flights may be an ExpressJet plane. Their partnering airlines selling the tickets are:

• United Airlines (as United Express)
• Delta Air Lines (as Delta Connection)
• American Airlines (as American Eagle)

This means that all ticket prices will be what those airlines generally charge. ExpressJet does not compete with the other airline prices and instead allows them to set the price and is not involved in the ticketing process.

The boarding process on ExpressJet is the boarding process of whichever partnering airline the flight is connecting with. Seats are assigned, and the check-in and boarding process depends on the major airline of the flight. If the tickets are purchased through American Airlines, then it is the check-in and boarding process of American Airlines that will take place on that ExpressJet flight. The same goes for Delta flights and United flights.

ExpressJet serves American, Delta, and United Airlines with their connecting flights. Through these airlines, they fly to 189 different destinations. They fly to 39 of the United States, the District of Columbia, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Turks, and Caicos Island. This is, of course, small when compared to other top airlines. ExpressJet stays mainly domestic with their flights and has few destinations compared to those larger top airlines. However, when comparing to other regional airlines, it is a decent amount of destinations. ExpressJet is a part of SkyWest which makes them the largest regional airline in the world.

ExpressJet flies around 2.200 flights per day. Of their daily flights (as per, 82% of them are on-time, 6% are late, 2% very late, 6% Excessive and 1% are late. This is slightly lower than many of the other top airlines. It is not a significant amount lower although they do have 1% canceled flights where most major airlines have 0%. Looking at the most active routes of ExpressJet, they also have lower ratings than many of the top airlines. The majority of their flights only have between one to two stars with only two flights in the three star ranges. The top airlines generally have higher rated active routes. ExpressJet’s top routes include:

• Houston to Baton Rouge (3.5 stars, 89% on time)
• Baton Rouge to Houston (3.1 stars, 88% on time)
• Houston to Jackson (2.8 stars, 87% on time)

Their lowest rated route is Atlanta to Westchester County at only 1.5 stars and 71% on time. As stated earlier, these ratings are lower when compared to other top airlines.

In 1979 Atlantic Southeast Airlines acquired their first aircraft from ExpressJet and makes the first flight. In the past 36 years, ExpressJet has been owned and operated by a number of different partnering airlines. In 2010 they were bought by SkyWest and because of this partnership; they are the largest regional airline in the world. 36 years is not a very long time for the airline business. It is also not extremely short; they are average for the length of business. Many of the larger airlines have been in business for much longer. ExpressJet now works with those larger airlines though and has been doing so for a number of years now. ExpressJet partners with the following larger airlines:

• American Airlines, flies within their American Eagle portfolio
• Delta Airlines, flies within their Delta Connection portfolio
• United Airlines, flies within their United Express portfolio

ExpressJet has one of the strongest safety records in the airline industry and also partners with a number of community organizations to give back to their surroundings.

The Bad

  • Baggage
  • Lack of information

Similarly to the ticket prices, ExpressJet does not have their own baggage policy but follows the baggage requirements of their partnering airlines. For flights with Delta that use ExpressJet to connect, they follow Delta baggage prices. This is true for all of their partnering airlines. Beyond this, there is no information about baggage available with ExpressJet Airways.

ExpressJet had no information about their in-flight services available on their website. Because they are a regional airline, much of the information about ExpressJet depends on the partnering airline. While there isn’t information available about the services on ExpressJet flights, it is known that ExpressJet offers mainly connecting flights which are generally shorter. Because of this, the in-flight services are most likely minimal. There have also been some complaints about the size of the ExpressJet airplanes offering little leg room.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using ExpressJet. We would recommend using the website or travel agents ran by the major airlines that use ExpressJet. That way, you will get the full picture of the planes being chartered, the carriage policy of the carrier, and the options that are available on each flight.

Travel Insurance

Depending upon which flight company you use, ExpressJet advises customers to use their recommended travel insurance. Since most ExpressJet flights are Delta Connection, it was recommended that we use Allianz. Here is the quote we got for a $600 ticket purchased for the Thanksgiving holiday:

When we got a quote for a November trip over Thanksgiving, we would pay $80. This quote included the following:

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption: Up to Total Trip Cost, Max of $10,000.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation: $50,000
  • Emergency Medical/Dental: $10,000
  • Baggage Coverage: $500
  • Baggage Delay: $100
  • Travel Delay: $150
  • 24-Hour Hotline: Yes
  • Existing Medical Conditions Coverage: Yes

Baggage Guarantee

You need to declare the liability of your luggage to the air carrier that is chartered through ExpressJet. The companies that ExpressJet charters with stipulate that $3,400 is the maximum liability per ticketed customer.


ExpressJet chartered jets use assigned seating and uses a rear-to-front boarding paradigm. Delta jets chartered with ExpressJet will use zone boarding.


Most of ExpressJet’s chartered flights use Gogo flight connection. You can get a $5 hourly pass or a $16 daily pass.

Snack and Drink Selection and Quality

ExpressJet partners offer free complimentary drinks, alcoholic beverages for $6-$8. Some carriers offer complimentary meals on their flights that are longer than six hours.


Most of the flights we saw chartered do have LCD TVs for in-flight entertainment, but not in every seat. The average seat width is 17 inches and a 31 inch seat pitch on most ExpressJet carriers.

Refund Policy

ExpressJet does not process individual refunds. Clients have to go to each ExpressJet partner and be subject to their respective refunding policies. ExpressJet’s partners all have conditions that refund customers their tickets in the event of weather or mechanically related cancellations.

Rewards Programs

ExpressJet does not have its own rewards program. Customers are subject to the following carrier partners’ individual rewards perks:

  • Delta SkyMiles
  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • United Mileage Plus

Time in Business

ExpressJet has been in business since 1979.

Company Contact Info

(404) 856-1000

100 Hartsfield Center Parkway, Suite 700, Atlanta, GA 30354

Email Form on Website

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  1. User Score


    December 26th, 2015

    This airline is the worst, I accepted it as a gift from my father for a 2 day visit, well 1 1/2 days. The flight to N/C was fine, but the flight home was ridiculous, changing my 6 am flight to 8:30 am departure without changing my connecting flight. I ask the connecting flight to be changed to next available. 8:30 departure turns into 9:10, land at Atlanta concourse B at 10:42. Connecting flight is at 11:05, concourse D make it to gate at 1056, myself and some other passengers have to now wait for the 1:27 pm flight. If this airline had there crap together I could’ve been on the road in my car at 9:25 am. Let’s look at this from a military perspective, I am used to hurrying up and waiting, but at least I’m in the loop with what the hell is going on and not having a door shut in my face 10 mins before departure time. Now let’s look at this from an avionics technician perspective, I work on Airbus 319/320/321 and also Boeing 757,767,777,737. I know how simple it is to close and open a door, I’d rather a pilot have a 3 second delay than a customer have yet another 3 hour delay. Day after Christmas doesn’t excuse having to piss off a veteran, concerning his family once again another compromise that has to be made due to lack of communication and planning. Express jet delta, thank you for showing where your business lacks professionalism.
    One of many customers that has to allow more elderly customers to sit in a cushioned seat so I can sit on the hard floor for another 2 hours because you allowed this to happen

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  2. User Score


    November 23rd, 2015 Newark, NY

    I was due to fly out of Rochester, NY to see my gf in Newark, NJ on 11/19, by way of United Express/Express Jet. 2 hrs before my flight, it was cancelled due to the infamous “operational reasons”! I was automatically booked on another flight, due to leave a couple hrs later. However this ERJ145, would be destined for flight delay 3 TIMES that afternoon. The last time it was scheduled to fly, was 7pm, and I had to cancel travel plans altogether, as my ride from destination airport, could no longer commit to the 9pm arrival!! I now will not see my gf for another month, and its disheartening since we have decided to be life partners recently. The delays I experienced are unprecedented and inexcusable. The only reason this is getting a 3, is because they notified me at all!!!

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