LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Eva Air is an airline based in Taiwan, but travels to many different destinations around the world. The company began in 1989 and has since been working hard to establish an airline company unique in the industry by offering customers a comfortable, entertaining flying option.  

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The Good

  • Affordable prices
  • Baggage guidelines
  • Check-in process
  • In-flight services
  • Awards
When purchasing tickets through Eva Air for international destinations, prices tend to be slightly cheaper than tickets through larger airline companies. For example, domestic flights traveling within Taiwan are typically much cheaper. Customers can expect to pay several hundred dollars less when traveling with Eva Air than when traveling with larger airline companies such as Delta or American Airlines. With cheaper ticket prices, travelers can enjoy many benefits such as more flexibility in their destinations or more variability in when they wish to travel. Although ticket prices can vary depending on when a customer purchases their tickets and the sooner a flight is, the cheaper tickets can be found for that particular flight. This is true for most airlines, and Eva Air is still a cheaper priced airline no matter when tickets are purchased. Baggage guidelines are similar between many airlines and Eva Air follows similar procedures for all bags that need to be checked into a flight. Customers area allowed to check one bag for free that can be up to seventy pounds in weight. They are also allowed a carry-on item for any items that passengers would like to keep with them throughout the durations of the flight. For additional baggage customers can follow specific excess charges that are clearly laid out on the Eva Air website, or passengers can call Eva Air customer support for the information on how much they will need to pay for excess baggage. Eva Air suggests that customers arrive at the airport to begin the check-in process for their flights at least an hour before the plane is scheduled to take off. If a customers is flying with an airline that has stricter guidelines such as airports in the United States, Eva Air suggests arriving three hours or more in advance to the flight departure. The check-in process can begin online or through a face-to-face interaction at the airport. Once a passenger with Eva Air has check-in for their flight they can wait in the boarding area, a comfortable waiting lounge that Eva Air provides for all their travelers, and is a feature that they are very proud of about their company. Eva Air also provides the convenience of printing boarding passes at home, which allows customers to be able to complete this step of the boarding process from wherever they are able and make the airport a smoother step for both the traveler as well as the Eva Air staff. The in-flight services are really where an airline can show their customers how comfortable they can make their flying experience. Eva Air offers their passengers both dining, and entertainment options on board their flights. They provide healthy cuisine for their longer flights and promise passenger a five-star meal every time they fly with Eva Air. The company also has the benefit feature of allowing customers to select their meal in advance by pre-ordering online which meal they would like, and then having it ready during their flight. In reference to Eva Air's entertainment options they provide their travelers with a large selection of movies, TV shows and games for each customers individual entertainment preferences. The largest in-flight service Eva Air offers, however, is through their Hello Kitty Jets. These jets are specially designed for in-flight entertainment and customers can purchase flight tickets for these specific aircrafts for an extra charge if they would like to have a more unique flying experience with Eva Air. These Hello Kitty Jets from the way they are painted on the outside, to the staff's uniforms inside are designed to entertain their passengers and create a fun, unique flying experience. Many airline companies have been in business for a very long number of years. Eva Air is not a new airline but they do not have as much experience as some of their competitors in the industry. They started their business in 1989 and have now been in the airline industry for twenty-six years. Starting in 2004, Eva Air has continually been ranked one of the world's ten safest airlines by the German aviation publication, Aero International. In 2012, Skytrax gave the Best Airline Staff Service in Asia also awarded Eva Air. These awards show that Eva Air is dedicated to providing their customers with the best flying experience they can offer.

The Bad

  • Destinations
  • Flight statistics
As an airline company that is headquartered in Taiwan, many of their flight destinations travel to and from Taiwan locations. However, although they do not frequent their other destinations as regularly as cities in Taiwan, Eva Air does have one the largest destination option lists of any smaller airline company. In addition, they travel to their international destination much more frequently than other international airlines. In total Eva Air travels to over fourteen hundred cities and around one hundred and ninety countries. In North America they have seven different city destinations. These include, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Although it should be noted for customers that Eva Air does not actually travel directly to both Chicago and Cleveland but instead has code sharing connecting flights through United Airlines that connect these destinations with the Eva Air flight plans. Having this many destinations and traveling to them more frequently than other airlines, makes Eva Air more flexible and more convenient for their customers. It gives them a huge benefit and a reason that customers might choose their airline over others in the industry. The daily flight statistics are important to look at when gathering all the information about an airline and comparing it to other companies in the airline industry. Unfortunately, Eva Air does not have great daily flight statistics and they fall short in comparison to most of their competition. When looking at their on-time flight statistic, Eva Air only has a seventy percent, which is one of the lowest statistics compared to other airline companies both large and small such as Delta, or even smaller airlines such as Singapore Airlines. These stats are from Many airlines that have decent on-time statistics will range in the eighty for their percentages. A poor on-time statistic in usually in the seventy percent range but a percentage that is as low as seventy is almost one of the lowest, meaning Eva Air does not keep their aircrafts on tight schedules to get their passengers to their destinations on time. In addition, Eva Air has a fourteen percent late flight statistics, which is extremely high in comparison to other airlines. However, a great benefit to Eva Air that has been mentioned before, is when comparing their twenty most active flight routes, they have destinations listed from all over including North America locations.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Eva Air as a top airline company at this time. This is mainly due to their lack of size and consequently resources.
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Van Howell

Agreeable and easy to deal with, relaxing stopover in Taiwan airport, and a spectacular Arctic flight path.

4 years ago