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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Endeavor Air is a subsidiary of Delta Airlines. Endeavor Airlines was founded as Express Airlines in 1985 and changed its name to Pinnacle Airlines in 2002. The company filed for reorganization in 2012 and remerged as Endeavor Air in August 2013. Pinnacle Airlines had originally signed on with Delta to provide its connection flights between smaller regional airports. After the reorganization, Endeavor Air was a wholly owned component of Delta, representing the rich history that Delta has with Endeavor Air for passengers who need to move from a smaller to a larger airport. Endeavor Air has 114 destinations and is Delta’s largest provider of connecting flights, after ExpressJet. Endeavor Air operates 1,000 daily flights between destinations in the United States and Canada. Their jets include the Bombardier CRJ-200 and the Bombardier CRJ-900, for a total of 162 airplanes with 14 more on order. One of the nice things about Endeavor Air is that they are wholly owned by Delta, meaning that the same rates and provisions will apply with Delta, as well as carriage policy.


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The Good

  • Brand
  • Wi-Fi
  • Seat width
  • Connections
Delta has a pretty good reputation with its clients. We found that since Delta completely owns Endeavor Air, this may be the best connection service offered through Delta Connections. With ExpressJet, we did find some customer complaints that related to the lack of communication and good luggage transfer through ExpressJet and Delta. However, with Endeavor Air, we found Delta's brand maintained neatly across the system. We found that not all of Delta's connections had Wi-Fi on the go. However, in all of their CRJ-900 planes, Delta Connections have added Gogo Wi-Fi for customers. Delta is currently working on replacing the outdated CRJ-200 narrow-body plane, and in the near future, CRJ-900 will be the backbone of Endeavor's fleet. This means that in the near future, your Delta Connection with Endeavor Air will likely have Wi-Fi available. This is a plus for customers who need a little bit of Wi-Fi to surf the net or check email while they are in the air. We also liked the seat width variety with Endeavor Air. The CRJ-200 has 31" seat pitch. However, if you are on a CRJ-900, you can upgrade to a better economy seat with a little bit more pitch and elbow room for added comfort. During our call-in, we specifically asked about the timetable that Endeavor Air kept with Delta. This was a problem before Delta assumed ownership. We were assured that our Endeavor connection flight would arrive in time for us to get on our main flight to or from a major metropolitan airport.

The Bad

  • Dated planes
We were somewhat upset that we might get stuck on a Delta Connection flight without Internet. The CRJ-200 line of planes that Delta has in its connections fleet is a little out of date. However, these are being slowly grandfathered out of service. In the future, you might find yourself more likely to be on a comfy CRJ-900, with a tremendous amount of seat room and an option to upgrade to first class.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Endeavor Air as a regional carrier for Delta. Their Delta ownership and reputation go along ways. We found that before their reorganization, Endeavor Air (under Pinnacle) had some safety issues that involved fines from the FAA. In recent years, under the Delta banner, Endeavor Air has a pretty outstanding safety record, with one small incident where a plane went off the runway while taxiing. We also liked the ease of mind when flying with a Delta-family regional carrier. ExpressJet is a company for comparison, and it seems to us that Delta has done an outstanding job of rebranding Endeavor Air in recent years.
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I was on my way from YUL to LGA on June 30th I was travaling with 3 bags a carry on, a backpack, and another bag with art work on it. I resently had surgery on my knee and was walking with a cane, when I enter the plane Edwin one The Flight Attendants help me put all my bags away and help me find my seat. My knee was bothering me so much and I asked Edwin If he had something for the pain and told me I will try to find something for you. For a second I thought he forgot but He came with a ziplock bag with ice and Aspirins he asked me are you allergic to aspirins to make sure it was ok before he give it to me. I can say After drinking the asperin and applying the icebag Edwin gave me I felt much better. I will like to take this opportunity to let Delta know they should keep hiring more Flight Attendants like Edwin.

3 years ago

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Cynthia Dunbar Centralia, IL

We flew Endeavor on 11/6/18 flight 5170 from St. Louis to NY LaGuardia. Flight attendants Helena J and Marvel C were our flight attendants. They were outstanding!! The flight was a little bumpy that day, but they got up and served every passenger with ease. Please relay our highest compliments for these outstanding flight attendants at your great airline. Thank you. Gordon and Cynthia Dunbar.

2 years ago

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Salma Amrs Almghasilah Saint Paul, MN

I recently flew on this airline from Detroit to New York. I was traveling with my wife and two children. We had used a travel site to book our tickets, however when we checked in, we discovered that we were not seated together. When we met the gate agent, he was too busy to seat us together. However, a pilot in line behind us who was traveling on the flight offered to not only switch seats with us, but helped us with our baggage. He and the crew could not have been more accommodating.

4 years ago

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I Was Ripped Off On My Last Endeavor Air Flight #DL5085! I had bought a one (1) way ticket using my Delta Skymiles going from Los Angeles, California on Delta Flight Number: #DL1421 back on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 @11:25 p.m. which was fine, however, once I boarded the Endeavor Air Flight Number: #DL5085 back on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 @6:50 a.m., Things Just Were Not The Same! First of all, the hallway that You take just before You Board The Plane was So Narrow that if You are Overweight, You Will Have Problems Getting Through! Even on the plane, the Space In The Aisle Was As Well Very Narrow And Limited. Just before I boarded the plane, I was informed that My Luggage (That Is Made For The Airplane) Would Not Fit In Their Onboard Luggage Compartment And So They Gave Me A Pink Tag, however, they were Totally Wrong! It Barely Fit, but Thankfully It Did Fit! However, the situation gets Worse because when I sat down in my seat, there were Not Only Missing Screens To Watch Videos/Movies/Listen To Music, etc., but they also had No Usb Outlets In Order To Charge Your Cellular Phone as well as No Wi-Fi on the planes to go with it! I did Complain About The Missing Usb Outlets and was Informed that they are Only For Their First Class Passengers and Not For Anyone Else! That does Not Make Any Sense To Me! I just got off a Delta Flight and in my Coach Seat, I Had A Proper Plug Outlet and Usb Outlet To Charge My Phone and on Endeavor Air, I Have To Be In Their First Class Seats In Order To Use The Same, Exact Service! This Is A Scam and Very Selfish, Disgusting And Ridiculous! Please Note: After I had Complained About The Missing Usb Outlets, one of the Flight Attendants Told ME that They could take my Lg Stylo 3 Android Phone Towards The First Class Area and Charge It For Me There, but sadly when I asked about it a little later on one of the other Flight Attendants Came Up To Me And Told ME That All Of Their Usb Outlets Are Now Not Working! I Honestly Do Not Know If That Was True Or Not, but I am the Customer On My Watch and The Last Time That I Checked My Bills since My Name Is On All Of Them and I Therefore Deserve Much Better And More Honest In-Flight Service in which I Was Missing By A Landslide! There is absolutely No Way That I Can Give Endeavor Air A Five Star Rating based on this Very Horrific Experience! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find pictures to show You Their Very Narrow Hallways Both OnBoard and OffBoard their planes, as well as showing You That They Have No Usb Proper Outlets In My Seating Area, Including A Copy Of My Boarding Pass For This Particular Flight for your reference and further review. I seriously doubt that I will be using Endeavor Air's Services Anymore since my Hard Working Delta Skymiles Have Gone To Complete Waste at least On That Particular Flight. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Delta Skymiles Member And Passenger /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments Showing You Pictures Of Their Very Narrow Hallways Both OnBoard and OffBoard Their Planes, As Well As Showing You That They Have No Usb Proper Outlets In My Seating Area, Including A Copy Of My Boarding Pass For This Particular Flight For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

3 years ago

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Dennis Crosby Durham, NC

I had a flight from Atlanta to Columbus Mississippi and I was scheduled to ride on the shuttle service. To my hotel The crew was also supposed to ride on the same shuttle. They told the driver they didn’t feel comfortable with me in the vehicle and asked me to leave. It’s 1230 at night and the airport is closed and I’m still waiting for a ride. I have over a million miles on Delta I will make sure I never fly endeavor again

3 years ago

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Barbara Hall Johnson Creek, WI

The dated planes are catching up to Endeavor. I had 9 out of 12 flights delayed or cancelled in 2 months. I love Delta but will never book a flight operated by Endeavor again. I'd give them a zero except they might have the best flight crews in the sky. Most flight crews are outstanding on most airlines but Endeavor crews are always outstanding.

4 years ago

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Mark Canfield

Dallas flight on Monday 2.5 hours late. Return flight today already delayed 2 hours (and counting). All this for the smallest most cramped planes flown commercially. Delta you have to do better than Endeavor

5 years ago

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Andy La Susa Saint Paul, MN

Great flight! Staff was amazing and service was perfect!

3 years ago

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Dave Chidz Anoka, MN

Stillllllllllllllllllllll waiting for the plane. NEVER on time. Small uncomfortable no frills plane.

5 years ago

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Evan Behrens New York, NY

Just not that good. Late, dirty and inefficient .

5 years ago

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