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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Dragonair has few destinations and high ticket prices. Their flights are often late and they have only been in business for 30 years. They have standard in-flight services and baggage restrictions as well as a standard boarding process.  

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The Good

  • Baggage
  • Check-In
  • Awards
  • Hospitality

Dragonair has similar baggage allowances as other airlines. They allow one carry one and one checked bag on their flights at no extra charge. When traveling to or from the America's on Dragonair, they do not allow bags that exceed the weight limit set in place. Instead, bags must be repacked or split into lighter bags or they will not be accepted as baggage for the flight. There are certain exceptions to this rule for items such as sporting equipment, medical equipment, musical instruments, mobility aids, diplomatic baggage, or pets as baggage. There is a charge for each bag that exceeds the two free bags allowed with each ticket. The fees range from $100 to $230 depending on the other destination on that particular flight. Dragonair allows seats to be chosen by passengers when they check in. There is an advance seat reservation option; they can also change that seat during the check in process if they want. As passengers check in, they are shown the seat map and can clearly see where their seat is before they board the plane. This helps minimize hassle while boarding and allows passengers to know exactly where they are headed on the plane. Dragonair has many check-in options available that are similar to those offered by the top airlines. They allow passengers to check in at the airport, they have a separate counter available for first class check-in and a separate counter available for business check-in. Their economy check-in has a single que designed to help passengers get through the process quickly. There is also the option to check-in online or via a mobile device. This option is available for 48 hours before the flight departure. This is a longer period of time than a number of other airlines offer for their online check-in. Passengers need to be checked into their flight at least 90 minutes prior to departure time. Along with mobile check-in, Dragonair passengers can also receive a mobile boarding pass which puts their boarding pass directly on their smart phone. This makes the number of items needed to board the plane smaller and easier to manage. Dragonair has been in business for 30 years. They are an affiliate member of Oneworld, which is a Honk Kong based international airline and a member of the Cathay Pacific Group. They were established in 1985, giving them 30 years of experience. This is not an insignificant amount of time but is also not as long as some of the other airlines that have been in business for closer to 100 years. Dragonair operates about 400 flights a week across China and have received multiple Skytrax awards for their services. They include: • Best Airline (China Category) for six consecutive years • Best Regional Airline Asia (2011, 2013, 2014) • World's Best Regional Airline (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014) Dragonair serves its passengers with the best traditional Asian hospitality through their attention to detail and hard work of the cabin staff. Their motto shows their commitment to excellence, "To be, rather than to seem to be".


The Bad

  • Ticket Prices
  • Destinations
  • Flight Statistics
  • In-Flight Services

Dragonair flies passengers in and out of Hong Kong. They are one of many companies that flies these routes so the tickets were competitive. When searching for flights, there were not as many ticket options through Dragonair as other airlines that fly in the area. Because of this, there were not as many options in terms of dates and times for flights through Dragonair. Dragonair was also not one of the better-priced ticket options. For one of their more popular flights, Hong Kong to Phuket, Dragonair was tied for the third most expensive ticket. Airlines such as Air China or Hong Kong Airlines were much cheaper options than Dragonair. With less flights and at more expensive prices, Dragonair may not be the flight that passengers will choose when looking at ticket prices for flights in and out of Hong Kong. Dragonair flies to 44 destinations in 13 different countries. This makes them a very small airline when comparing to other options. Many airlines offer hundreds of destinations worldwide and have many planes and options available for different flights. Dragonair has so few destinations; they would not be able to serve many passengers on a number of different flights to destinations worldwide. They are very concentrated in Asia and have most of their destinations only on that continent. When Dragonair is compared to some of the top airlines, they are in comparison much smaller and much less able to fly passengers everywhere they may need to go. A few of the 44 destinations that Dragonair flies to are cargo service only flights making the number of flights that passengers can use even smaller. Dragonair has 41 aircrafts to serve their destinations which is again, much smaller than some of the other top airlines in the industry. Dragonair does not have the best history of flights arriving on time. In the last month, looking at their most active flights according to Flightstats.com, only 60% of them were on time. 15% were late, 7% were very late and 15% were excessively late. When comparing to other airlines, Dragonair does not come out as one of the better airlines. A number of the other airlines had high 80% of their flights on time and a much smaller number of excessively late flights. A lot of their most active flights also received very low ratings, many of them got a zero out of five stars. Their highest rated flights include: • Hong Kong to Phuket (2 stars, 77% on time) • Quingdao to Hong Kong (2 stars, 71% on time) • Shalu to Hong Kong (1.8 stars, 78% on time) The flight Nanjing to Hong Kong had their lowest on time rating at only 37%. Based on these numbers, it shows that Dragonair is not the most competitive when it comes to daily flights being on time. They have a much lower percentage of on time flights than many of the other top airlines. Dragonair offers a number of inflight services that are found standard on many airlines. Some of the services that can be expected on a Dragonair flight include: • Dining: Dragonair offers cuisine authentic to the destinations in Asia on their flights. A few flights have western dishes as well for those that would prefer, however the majority of the dishes are authentic to the Asian experience of Dragonair. Certain flights offer desserts and light snacks as well as the meal and there are always a number of drink options available ranging from alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juice. • Entertainment: Dragonair is again compatible with other top airlines in terms of their inflight service entertainment options. They include a large number of movies, TV shows, music, or magazines. Onboard the Dragonair A320 aircraft, there is a Wireless Inflight Entertainment System in place. This means that passengers can use their own smartphones or tablets on the flight to wirelessly access the Wireless Inflight Entertainment System's library. The library includes movies, music, TV shows, and a moving map. However, to use the system, The Studio Application needs to be downloaded on the device before boarding the plane. • Shopping: Dragonair offers passengers the chance to shop while on their trip and even offers certain reward card members to earn miles for their purchase.


The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Dragonair as an airline company. They only offer 44 destinations for flights and are on the high-end for price compared with other airlines. They have also had issues arriving on-time.
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