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Cathay Pacific Airways is an airline company that is designed to best-fit business customers needs. Although they are not specific to this group of clientele, they do base many of their amenities from the needs of the average business traveler. Cathay Pacific Airlines has been an airline that (like many of its competitors) has been in business for a long amount of time.  

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The Good

  • Affordable tickets
  • Check-in
  • Time in business

This airline focuses mainly on trips to Asia and its surrounding areas. They have flights from all around the world and work hard to provide fast, comfortable travel. As a company that has a more specific route outline, their ticket prices are generally cheaper than some of the big name competitors, such as American Airlines. The same flight, on the same day using American Airlines would on average cost twice as much as a ticket through Cathay Pacific Airways. Of course, Cathay Pacific Airways has specific destinations and routes and do not have the flexibility that some of the bigger name airline companies provide their customers. Along with the cheaper ticket prices through Cathay Pacific Airways, the company has tried and succeeded in keeping up with the modern day online world and has a very easy to use website where all tickets can be purchased for flights. This provides ease for customers, especially busy business travelers who can quickly view the cheap ticket prices through Cathay Pacific Airways and then purchase them within minutes.

As with most other airlines, customers can check-in for a flight through their mobile devices, online or in person at the airport. Recently, Cathay Pacific Airways launched its self-print boarding pass which allows them to simplify the boarding process for their passengers. Customers who have already checked-in online can print the self-print boarding pass wherever is most convenient for them, and use it for more a more simple boarding process. Many other airline companies have this feature and it is not new to the industry. However, the fact that Cathay Pacific Airways has launched this service shows they are keeping up to date with the airline industry and trying to best help their customers reach their destinations with as little problems as possible. Cathay Pacific, like many other airlines also has lounge areas for higher cabin class members that offer many more benefits such as food and more comfortable waiting areas. These lounge areas come with a higher price ticket but can be worth the extra cost for travelers looking for a more comfortable experience.

Many airline companies have been in business for a long time. Cathay Pacific definitely falls into this category as their company was started in 1946. It was not until the 1960's however that Cathay Pacific Airways really started to see their business develop. During this time the company grew by twenty percent each year and they blossomed into the airline that they are today. They are now headquartered in Hong Kong and have over one hundred and fifty aircraft carries. Their mission is simple, to put safety first, provide outstanding products and services, and to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

The Bad

  • Baggage
  • Destinations
  • Flight statistics
  • In-flight services

The allotted baggage limits often are standard and many companies follow the same guidelines. This is because the guidelines come from the different countries that a customer might be traveling to, instead of the airline company itself. However, while Cathay Pacific Airways does follow the majority of the same guidelines as other companies in the industry, they do have some stricter baggage policies than other airlines across the board. Customers can expect to be allotted a smaller baggage limit than with other airlines and to pay more for excess baggage. With the standard seventy-pound bag limit, any customer who exceeds this must break down the luggage into smaller compartments and then will be charged extra. The formula for the extra baggage charge with Cathay Pacific Airways is as follows, subtract the weight of the free luggage, then each kilogram that is extra will be charged. However, one benefit Cathay Pacific Airways does offer to their customers is through their club membership. Travelers, who belong to the Marco Polo membership club through Cathay Pacific, have more baggage allowance and smaller price tags of extra.

Cathay Pacific Airways travels to over one hundred and ten destinations across the globe. Although their aircrafts more often travel to Asia than to any other location, they do have flight options for many more locations around the world. Some of those areas are located in Asia and China, the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East. All of these locations have several different cities that Cathay Pacific Airways has the ability to bring passengers. In the Americas, flights go to Canada, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Although this does not reach across the entire country of the United States, it does reach the more popular destinations within the country. When compared to other airlines, Cathay Pacific has much fewer destination sites but tries very hard to fly their customers to the most popular locations across the world, especially for business travelers.

Unfortunately, the daily flights statistics is not an area that Cathay Pacific Airways excels. The airline only has a seventy-four percent on time average which although sounds like a good statistic when compared to other airline companies such as Delta, or American Airlines, it is significantly lower. Most other airlines have an on time average percent for their flights in the eighties or even low nineties. This means that Cathay Pacific has more flights that are late than many of their competitors. In addition, as mentioned before Cathay Pacific Airways has destinations across the globe, but when comparing their twenty most active flight patterns, they travel to Hong King and other parts of Asia far more often than any other location. This is not a negative for customers especially if flights in this direction are what they are looking for, because Cathay Pacific can offer much cheaper flights to their destinations (although they are not widespread).

In-Flight Services are a category that many airline companies do not dare to fall short because it is often what customers look at more closely when choosing their airline. Cathay Pacific holds up well in this category when compared to other companies in the industry. Although they are not a large airline, they still offer their customers the best in-flight service that they can. They have food, beverages, entertainment, and shopping and even electronic devices on board to help make their passengers flight more comfortable. The food that is offered on Cathay Pacific Airways has a special menu option where guests with specific dietary requirements can find choices for their in-flight consumption. However, the Cathay Pacific staff asks all these special menu selection to be pre-ordered at least twenty-four hours in advance of the flight. In addition, when compared to other companies, this airline does have all of the basics; they lack the extra detail that many other big name airlines have to provide their customers. Meaning they have fewer menu choices, much fewer specialty menu choices, less entertainment options and not as many luxurious added features to make their flights a better experience.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Cathay Pacific as one of our top airline companies at this time. The main reasons for this are their lack of destinations flown to, their only being on-time to 74% of flights, and their lack of in-flight service options.