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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Austrian airline is Austria’s largest aviation carrier and is part of the Lufthansa Airline group in Europe. Traveling mostly to and from European destinations, Austrian airline provides their passengers with comfortable, convenient flying.  

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The Good

  • Affordable Tickets
  • Baggage
  • Checking In
  • Destinations
  • On-Time Percentage

As part of the Lufthansa airline group in Europe, Austrian airline provides customers with connecting flights, as well as flights across the globe and to destinations domestically located in Europe. As an airline that is a part of a larger airline, they have ticket prices that are on average cheaper than most big name companies in the airline industry. This is because, their international flights are less frequent, and they have the ability to find flights aboard many different airlines that are all part of the Lufthansa airline family. Austrian airline has a place to purchase tickets on their website but the tickets can be for any airline in the Lufthansa group. This makes most ticket prices found through the Austrian airline cheaper than with other airline companies, especially larger companies such as Delta, American Airlines, or even smaller more specific airlines in different countries like Turkish Airlines. Austrian airlines follows the Lufthansa airline groups bag check policy and procedures. They allow their passengers one free bag, depending on the specifications listed on a boarding pass as cabin classes can differ on their allowance. As a general rule and for economy class travelers, one free bag is permitted with a weight up to seventy pounds. Passengers are also allowed to bring one carry-on item for an economy class ticket, and two carry-on items for business and first class tickets. Any luggage not meeting this requirement must be called in advance to the Austrian airline customer support before a flights departure so the staff can be sure accommodations can be made. Excess baggage fees are charged to customers and are based on the weight, and amount of the extra bags. The boarding process for all Austrian airline flights follow the same procedures and policies of for all flights with the Lufthansa airline group. Customers are able to check in for their flight using an online check-in, mobile check-in, or airport check-in. As part of the Lufthansa group, Austrian airline passengers are also able to print boarding passes from any location that is convenient to them and to use the quick boarding option available on all European flights. This quick boarding process allows for a special boarding pass with a printed barcode priority boarding that makes the process much simpler and faster for travelers. Austrian airlines also has priority boarding for all business and first class passengers as well as an on-screen display of boarding waiting lists available directly at all European airport departure gates. Compared to other airlines the Lufthansa group airlines makes the boarding process much quicker and easier for their customers. The procedures are clearly laid out and travelers know what to expect before they ever reach the airport. The Lufthansa group of airlines has many destinations around the globe. Austrian airline specifically travels to one hundred and thirty destinations and forty-one destinations located within Central and Eastern Europe. However, as an airline that is part of a larger airline group Austrian airline has the ability to find flights through connecting airlines for more locations. This greatly increases their abilities as an airline and when compared to other airline companies, it expands their destination abilities so that they are able to travel to much more locations than other smaller companies in the industry. In addition, the Lufthansa airline travels to sixteen different airport locations in the United States that include, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, Tampa and Washington D.C. This list is much larger than other international airlines and is a great asset to Austrian airline as they can provide more for their customers. The daily flight statistics are important to compare with other airline companies to see how well an airline is doing at keeping their flights on a scheduled and what customers can expect when they are flying with a specific company. Austrian airline does particularly well in this category as they have an eighty-four percent on-time flight rating. This is high compared to other airline companies and shows that many of their aircrafts stay on schedule for their daily flight routines. Even when compared to their larger company Lufthansa airline, Austrian airline still shows a higher on-time flight statistic, which shows their customers that they are one of the best of the Lufthansa airline groups. However, one thing that should be noted for all customers' comparing airline companies is that when viewing Austrian airlines twenty most active flight routes, all were flights departing and returning to European destinations. This means that Austrian airlines flies mainly domestically and the international flights are not as flexible as some of the larger airline companies. As mentioned before, Austrian airline is part of the larger European airline, Lufthansa airline. As part of this group, they are one of Europe's largest airlines, and Austrian airline specifically is the largest carries in Austria. The company began in 1918 as only a way to transport post. It has since grown into a profitable airline company that rivals the best of Europe's aviation. Austrian airline has numerous domestic destinations and hopes to expand their international flights as they continue to grow their business. Being a part of the Lufthansa airline group means Austrian airline provides the best for their passengers and strives to continue providing comfortable, affordable flying options.


The Bad

  • In-Flight Services

Airline in-flight services are really where they can show their customers how comfortable their aircrafts are and why they should choose to fly with them. While Austrian airlines do offer in-flight services, this is one area that when compared to other airlines, they are lacking. Austrian airline is a small airline company that is part of a larger European airline company, Lufthansa airlines. This larger airline is where all flight meals and entertainment originate for Austrian airline. They follow the same cuisine and procedure of in-flight services. However, as a smaller airline that travels mainly domestically meaning flights are much shorter than international destinations, in-flight meals are rarely offered aboard an Austrian airline flight. As for entertainment and other in-flight services, Austrian airline provides passenger with ways to purchase as much legroom as is desired for extra charges, and seat preferences can be made easily through their online system. As with the Lufthansa airline, for domestic flights, they provide travelers with an entertainment app that is downloadable on any mobile device and allows passengers to view the available movies, shows and games for the flight durations.


The Bottom Line

We do not currently recommend Lufthansa as a top airline company. They are a good, not great, option for choosing an airline (especially if you are travelling to or from Europe).
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