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Asiana Airlines was established in February of 1988 with the management ideology, “maximum safety and customer satisfaction through service.” After being in business for 27 years, the airline has grown into a global airline. The company operates 86 planes in their current fleet, which is made up of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. They offer over 100 routes in 93 cities around the world. 

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The Good

  • Ticket prices
  • Baggage
  • Check-in
  • Destinations
  • In-flight services

When it comes to ticket prices, Asiana Airlines comes in on average. They are generally not the highest or the lowest priced ticket. They do have a number of destinations worldwide that may be able to get a customer everywhere they need to go, however, they only have a total of 98 destinations. This shows that while their ticket prices may be on the lower end when compared to other airlines, they may not have as many flight options to choose from. Asiana has a rewards club that customers can join to earn miles and make their ticket prices even cheaper. They also offer different specials and deals that are going on at their website. Using these features can help take Asiana's ticket prices from average to the lowest.

Asiana does allow having free checked bags on their flights. This is a nice benefit of using Asiana Airlines. A number of other airlines do not allow any free checked baggage on their flights. For any more than the allowed free two pieces of luggage, there is a $200 fee attached. For any bags that exceed the weight limit but are still less than 32kg per piece, an extra $100 will be fined. For bags that exceed the width, depth, and height restrictions, there is an extra $200 charged.

Asiana Airlines offers passengers who purchase their tickets online the chance to choose their own seat on the plane. If a seat is not chosen, one will be assigned. This makes the boarding process run smoother as passengers know exactly where they are headed when they enter the airplane. Asiana also offers mobile boarding passes when check-in is done online or via a mobile phone. This allows passengers to not need to stop at the counter at every domestic and major foreign airport. Check-in can be completed in the following ways:

• Online
• Mobile phone
• At the airport counter
• At an airport kiosk

Check-in must be completed at least one hour before departure. If a passenger does not check-in their reserved seat may be given away to another passenger. These are fairly standard procedures when it comes to boarding and checking in for flights. Most other airlines offer the same policies although some do not offer a mobile way to check-in or receive a boarding pass and some do not allow seat reservations which Asiana does.

Asiana Airlines is a global airline that provides 98 different destinations to 26 different countries. Some of their larger countries include:

• China: 24 destinations
• Japan: 16 destinations
• United States: 10 destinations

This is a fair amount of destinations for a smaller airline. When compared to major airlines that have over 300 destinations, Asiana is still one of the smaller ones. It is nice that they serve destinations across the world. Many airlines their same size only serve destinations near their hub city. Asiana is able to serve across the world making them much more diverse. The destinations offered by Asiana are not always guaranteed. They are constantly growing and changing their routes. Often they are opening new destinations and are sometimes closing some. They also offer certain seasonal destinations.

Asiana follows their commitment towards quality customer service with their available in-flight services. They provide a number of standard services offered on other airlines. They include:

• Food: Asiana Airlines offers complementary in-flight meals on their long-haul flights. There are varying degrees of options to their menus based on the class of flight. Although they all offer different western and Korean dishes as well as multiple options for beverages including a selection of wines.
• Entertainment: There are many different options for entertainment onboard Asiana flights. They include a wide variety of current movies, TV shows, music, and children's media. There are also multiple options for viewing the media provided depending on the plane being used. There are Audio/Video On Demand, a personal TV that can be operated by touching the screen or the available handset, a games handset, and a main screen located throughout the plane. Unfortunately, there was no mention of any Wi-Fi available on any Asiana flights.
• Special In-Flight Service: Asiana also provides a number of special services not often seen by other airlines. Most of these services apply to all classes on special flights:
o Magic Service
o Illustration
o Chalk Art
o Barista
o Child Service
o Cocktail Service
o Traditional Culture Experience

The Bad

  • On-time percentage
  • Time in business

Asiana had lower on-time performance when compared to other airlines. They were only 75% on time, 13% late, 5% very late, and 5% excessive. Many other airlines are in the high 80 percentages for being on time. 13% late is also very high compared to other airlines. This is disappointing since being on time is very important for an airline. Their most active routes have been rated much lower than other airlines as well. They have a few that are highly rated, and the rest received mainly one to two stars. There is even a flight that received .5 of a star, it is the Seoul to Los Angeles flight. That flight is recorded to be only 45% on time. More than half of the time that flight was late. Their top flights include:

• Seoul to Fukuoka (4.1 stars, 85% on time)
• Fukuoka to Seoul (4.1 stars, 82% on time)
• Seoul to Hanoi (3 stars, 77% on time)

After these flights, all of their active routes only received two stars or less. This is a very poor on-time performance for Asiana's daily flights. They received much lower percentages and ratings than most other airlines.

Asiana Airlines was established in 1988. For the past 27 years, they have grown to serve a number of destinations across the world. 27 years is not an extremely long time for the airline business. Many of the larger airlines have been around for over 80 years. When compared to them, Asiana is fairly young. However, there are also other airlines that have been around for an even shorter period than Asiana. 27 years is still long enough for the company to have grown and expanded. It is also long enough for them to have realized different needs and standards that should be met in the airline industry. Their ideology is to provide "maximum safety and customer satisfaction through service". They put their 84 plane fleet to work in providing the best customer service as well as safety. Unfortunately, although this is their emphasis, they have not proven to be one of the safer airlines. There have been multiple crashes resulting in fatalities, the most recent being in April of 2015 when an Asiana Airbus crash landed in Japan.

The Bottom Line

Asiana seems to really care about their customers. A Frequent Flyer program, complimentary in-flight amenities, and free seat selection proves this. Still, the fact that they have so many safety issues in the past is enough to make potential passengers nervous. Although the freebies may invoke feelings of excitement, the feeling of safety are more important. We do not recommend flying with them at this time.