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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Air Europa was created in 1986 and began operating scheduled domestic flights in 1993. Two years later, in 1995, flights were established to London and New York, which opened Air Europa to the scheduled international flight market. Within a year, the company operated over 750 scheduled flights each week. Later, in 2005, Air Europa became the first Spanish airline to make direct flights to China. By the end of 2006 the company had acquired 37 aircraft and had carried over nine million passengers. Today Air Europa’s fleet is made up of 45 aircraft—14 Airbus, 20 Boeing and 11 Embraer—and is considered to be one of the youngest fleets in the world. 

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The Good

  • Ticket Prices
  • Baggage
  • Check-In
  • Destinations
  • Flight Statistics
  • In-Flight Services

Air Europa has ticket prices in the average range. Their prices are generally on the lower end of the price scale but are not always the lowest available. They are not a low-fare airline so are sometimes priced higher. For the nicer airlines with more amenities though, they are very well priced. Air Europa also has specials and promotions constantly running on their website that can make their ticket prices even lower. There is also the opportunity to earn frequent flier miles which can help earn discounts on flights. Because Air Europa is a part of the SkyTeam, there is also the option to earn miles on other airlines which can greatly help passengers use those miles to their benefit when flying with Air Europa or another SkyTeam airline. Air Europa flies in and out of Spain which makes them a bit more specialized than other top airlines and lessens the amount of tickets they have to offer. Air Europa does offer free checked baggage for their passengers. This is standard for a number of airlines and better than others. There are airlines that charge for any checked baggage. Air Europa comes out better than these airlines as they offer economy one free piece, and business two or three free pieces. There is also a size restriction of 158 cm when adding width, length, and height. There are fees for baggage that exceed these allowances. When baggage is over the weight limit there is a $60 dollar fee. When there are more bags than are allowed free there is a $50 fee for the next bag and a $150 fee for each bag after that. Seats are reserved using Air Europa's map during the check-in process. This helps the boarding process run smoothly as passengers know where they are to be seated on the plane before they board. Check-in can be completed in a few different ways for Air Europa. They include: • Online check-in • Mobile check-in • Airport counter check-in • Airport self-serve kiosk check-in When using the online and mobile check-in, passengers can obtain their boarding pass before going to the airport. Online and mobile check-in can be completed from 48 hours to one hour before the departure time, or 24 hours to one hour before departure time on U.S. flights. These forms of checking in are standard for most airlines. The Air Europa site had little information regarding their boarding and check-in procedures. It looks as though there is a fee for passengers to reserve certain seats. Air Europa does offer some of the newest planes in the airline industry and as such are able to offer more spacious and comfortable seating than some of the older planes. Air Europa is a member of SkyTeam and as such has partnered with a large number of other airlines. This makes it so that they can offer over 1,000 locations. When looking at just Air Europa they serve 134 destinations globally. This is an average number of destinations for an airline of their size. When compared with the major airlines that serve over 300, this is a small number of airlines. But when compared to other small airlines that only fly out of one country, in Air Europa's case, Spain, this is a large number of destinations to serve. It is also nice that they are able to serve locations across the world and not just locations near their headquarters. When it comes to on-time performance for Air Europa daily flights, they were very comparable to other airlines. They were on-time 83% of the time (according to Late 8%, very late 3%, and excessive 4%. Many of the top airlines had on-time percentages in the 80% range as well. They look similar to the Air Europa performance. When looking at the most active routes for Air Europa, they also are very comparable to the top airlines. Many of their flights received high ratings in the four star range. Their top flights include: • Madrid to Vigo (4.7 stars, 94% on time) • Palma Mallorca to Madrid (4.3 stars, 91% on time) • Paris to Malaga (4.2 stars, 90% on time) The majority of the active routes on Air Europa scored similar ratings. These are higher than a number of the similarly sized airlines and are comparable to the top airlines. Their lowest route is Madrid to Tenerife with 2.8 stars and 79% on time. Air Europa offers a number of different in-flight services. They offer food and dining options, entertainment and special premium economy features. Some details of their services include: • Menu: Air Europa offers a variety of options for food on every flight. There is freshly cooked food, snacks, and beverages available for purchase on flights. There are also special promotions on every flight including a Sandwich of the Month. On transatlantic flights, Air Europa offers a complimentary meal for their passengers. Special meals can also be ordered at least 48 hours in advance for those with dietary restrictions. • Entertainment: On short flights, Air Europa dos not offer entertainment. On long flights there is a variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries and national and international newspapers. Air Europa had less entertainment options than many other airlines. Especially when compared to top airlines, there were not as many options for flight entertainment. They also do not offer any Wi-Fi on their flights. • In-Flight Shopping: Air Europa offers duty free shopping similar to many other airlines. A nice feature of Air Europa is the ability to shop and choose items even before the flight is boarded. From 30 days before the flight, items can be chosen and reserved and then purchased on the flight. They offer a variety of cosmetics, jewelry, perfume and accessories. • Premium Economy: On certain flights, and for $190, passengers can choose to be premium economy. They can enjoy having more space on the plane, a personal screen for in-flight entertainment, an on board menu with drinks included during the flight, a travel kit, and headphones. Air Europa joined the SkyTeam and as such have partnered with a number of other airlines. Some of them include: • Aeroflot • Air France • Delta • China Airlines • KLM • Vietnam Airlines Last year, Air Europa carried 9 million passengers which makes it the second largest Spanish airline. They are committed to the environment and their sustainability. They also make safety one of their top priorities.


The Bad

  • Time in Business

Air Europa began in 1986, which means that it has not been in business for as long as many of its competitors.


The Bottom Line

There are many more pros to flying with Air Europa than cons. This airline offers an impressive number of destinations, a menu with plenty of tasty options, and a free-to-join rewards program. Not to mention free checked baggage as a huge bonus in value to your flying experience. There is no reason to believe a flight with Air Europe would be anything but comfortable and hassle-free.
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