Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) was the predecessor of Air Canada and inaugurated its first flight in September 1937. In 1964, TCA had become Canada’s national airline and changed its name to Air Canada. Today Air Canada is among the 20 largest airlines in the world. They have a combination of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft and 27,000 employees. A founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s most comprehensive air transportation network, they fly to over 190 destinations across five continents. Between Air Canada and their partner airline, Air Canada Express, they served over 38 million passengers in 2014 alone.


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The Good

  • Entertainment
  • Travel insurance

Available in-flight entertainment is a real crowd-pleasing amenity that airlines can offer. Air Canada provides this enjoyable feature completely free of charge. Every seat has a personal touch-screen TV with access to hundreds of hours of on demand audio and video entertainment. To be more specific, Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment includes up to 150 movies in all genres and offered in over 20 different languages, up to 200 TV shows including documentaries and top rated TV series and more than 100 albums and playlists in many musical genres. Audio books and podcasts are also available for travelers’ entertainment. Get full Internet access using Gogo Inflight Internet service for only $9.95, and connect handheld devices for only $7.95.

RBC Insurance is the travel insurance provider for Air Canada. Detailed insurance quotes may be easily generated and purchased online after providing certain travel specifics including destination, number of travelers being covered under the policy and the current age of all travelers covered under the policy. With five comprehensive packages available, passengers are sure to find a policy that meets their travel insurance needs.

-Deluxe Package: This package includes emergency medical insurance, cancellation and interruption insurance, flight accident and travel accident insurance, baggage and personal effects and coverage for travel outside of Canada. This package is available for individuals 74 and under.

-Travel within Canada Package: This package includes emergency medical insurance, cancellation and interruption insurance, flight and accident travel accident insurance and baggage and personal effects. This package is available for all ages.

-Non-Medical Package: This package includes cancellation and interruption insurance, flight accident and travel accident insurance, baggage and personal effects and coverage for travel outside of Canada. This package is available for all ages.

-Classic Medical Plan: This package includes emergency medical insurance and coverage for travel outside of Canada. This package is available for individuals 59 and under.

-Cancellation & Interruption Plan: This package includes cancellation and interruption insurance and coverage for travel outside of Canada.

Although Air Canada does have policies in place to assist passengers after a flight has been cancelled or extremely delayed, this assistance is only offered under specific circumstances, like severe weather conditions. Thankfully, they also offer a program called On My Way. This program is a great benefit to passengers in the event of any airline initiated flight cancellation or extreme delay. Rebooking with On My Way entitles distressed passengers a seat on the very next available flight of their choosing with Air Canada, one of its partners or any other North American airline. (Some of these available North American airlines include Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Alaska Air.) Paying for meals, hotels and rental cars in the event of a flight cancellation or major delay is something passengers dread; with On My Way, not only are those things paid for, the On My Way agents even make the arrangements for you. Lastly, On My Way agents are available 24/7 to assist distressed passengers with any unexpected travel needs that may arise. The cost for On My Way service on short-haul flights (up to 1,000 miles) is $25 per one-way trip, and $35 per one-way trip on long-haul flights (1,001 miles or more.)

The Bad

  • Limited rewards
  • On-time percentage

While it’s nice that Air Canada participates in the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards program, the benefits with this specific airline aren’t really anything to be excited about. The awards can only be redeemed on certain flights, which make it quite a hassle for travelers to actually use. These awards can be used toward marketed and operated Air Canada or Air Canada Express flights but only if passengers purchase a Latitude fare (booking Y or B) or Premium fare (booking class O). Awards may not be used on codeshare flights, flights operated by Air Canada rouge and flights departing from various airports around the United States and Cuba.

Being on time is a core characteristic of a good, reliable airline. With the schedule-oriented travelers of today, the fact that Air Canada is on time with only 76% success is far less than appealing. Records show that flights were late 9% of the time and excessively late 8% of the time. The inconvenience of a late flight is something no traveler, whether for business or pleasure, wants to be bothered with.

The Bottom Line

Air Canada has been in business for 78 years and has had plenty of time to iron out a few kinks. They offer a fair amount of destinations, impressive in-flight entertainment, and multiple more than adequate travel insurance options. With competitive pricing and an honorable mission to provide “safety first and last” and “make every Customer feel Valued,” there really is no reason not to book a flight with Air Canada.

Bag Check Prices

All flights allow for one standard carry-on item and one personal item to be transported at no cost. The maximum weight for a carry-on item is 22 pounds (10 kg) and size of 9”x15.5”x21.5” (23cm x 40cm x 55cm). The maximum weight for a personal item is also 22 pounds (10 kg) with a maximum size of 6”x13”x17” (16cm x 33cm x 43cm). Pricing, maximum weight and maximum sizes for checked baggage varies depending on flight route. For instance, some flights from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Barbados are subject to local sales tax, which may be added to baggage fees.


Travelers can select their own seats when flying with Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or Air Canada Express. This can be done online or by contacting the Reservations Desk. Customers can choose between standard seats and preferred seats. Making your own seat assignment is complimentary on all flights except those booked with Tango flying within Canada, or between Canada and the United States; those standard seat fees range from $10-$40. Preferred seats for North America and the Caribbean flights range from $19-$99 and for International flights range from $69-$199. All seat fees are charged each way. Passengers may select a standard seat from the remaining available seats within 24 hours of departure at no cost.


Air Canada provides direct passenger service to more than 190 destinations.


Flights with Air Canada arrived on time with 76% success from May 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.


Free in-flight entertainment, with a touch screen on each seat, is available on every Air Canada flight. Options include movies, TV shows, music, audio books and podcasts. Other features include a moving map with flight path information, audio jacks in each seat for earphone connection and access to in-seat power and USB ports. Size of touch screen and remote control options vary depending on flight class. Meals, snacks, and beverages are available through the Air Canada Café. Complimentary items are dependent on type of fare (Tango, Flex and Latitude) and duration of flight. Soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea, and milk are available on all flights for no charge. Wi-Fi is complimentary in Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounges, and on select flights using Gogo Inflight Internet service for $9.95 for full Internet access and $7.95 for handheld devices.


Meals are available through Air Canada Café with complimentary items depending on type of fare (Tango, Flex and Latitude), duration of flight and flight class.


Contact Information


Air Canada-Customer Relations

PO Box 64239

RPO Thorncliffe

Calgary, AB, Canada

T2K 6J7


Air Canada’s predecessor, Trans-Canada Air Lines, inaugurated its first flight on September 1, 1937. The company has been up and running for 78 years.

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    June 5th, 2017

    The flight was very comfortable. They have individual TVs and USB ports. They bring around drinks and food on longer flights. I really enjoyed the flight!

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