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LAST UPDATED: December 17th, 2019

Publisher Discovery uses SaaS platforms to give affiliate marketing managers unique analysis and insight into their affiliate programs. Using AI, Publisher Discovery is able to rank and match affiliates so advertisers can target specific needs and markets. Being a leading developer in AI and Machine Learning technologies, they apply this technology into the affiliate marketing industry to best develop online advertising and marketing needs.

Publisher Discovery uses the SaaS Platform with analysis of affiliate network tracking to enable analysis by merchant program or affiliate ID. Machine learning helps clients to identify the ideal partner quickly to build their own affiliate program.

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The Good

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Training
  • Support

Cloud, SaaS, Web

One of the really great features about Publisher Discovery is everything is entirely through Cloud, SaaS, and Web services. You can't lose any data due to outages and everyone on the team can access the information and data from anywhere. By having affiliate management available online and through cloud servicing, 24/7 access is available and sharing is made easier than ever before.


Learning to use this tool and having your team use this tool is made easy through Live Online Trainings. With training accessible to anyone and available at any time, there is no excuse for not understanding how to use Publisher Discovery products. Live webinars and recorded webinars also help users to understand and identify how to use such products and be successful in their affiliate marketing needs. Documentation helps provide an excellent extra resource to troubleshoot and learn more about Publisher Discovery’s affiliate management.


Customer support is always a huge concern for those looking into new products and services. Luckily, Publisher Discovery has full support online as well as support during business hours. Get the answers and troubleshooting you need to be successful in your business and promotions all throughout the day. With speedy and amazing customer service, you are bound to be thrilled with the help and advice you received. Many current clients agree that the support is excellent and the software is incredible and fast in pulling in data.


The Bad

  • No Free Trial
  • No Scheduled Reporting
  • Too Much Data

No Free Trial

A big downer can be the lack of a free trial. This can be a huge turnoff for many businesses who want to ensure that they will be happy with where their time and money is going. However, Publisher Discovery provides a free demo available to anyone to see how the user interface works and what to expect after signing up for product usage. Even though the company doens't offer a free trial, check out the free demo to get an idea of what to expect.

No Scheduled Reporting

No scheduled reporting can be frustrating for executives who need to understand how their business and marketing needs are going. Scheduled reporting can help see the data trends and inform where systems need more help and where strategies are not working. However, clients have mentioned a huge amount of data is available, which can lead to the answers and strategies that businesses need.

Too Much Data

Sometimes having too much data can be a big issue. Publisher Discovery has been known to have slower usage times because there is so much data available to business representatives. A client mentioned that the concept is fantastic, but that large amounts of data takes a long time to load, especially when you want to know what is going on in the business and marketing world right then and there. Other clients mentioned that Publisher Discovery had a great system to distill the data.


The Bottom Line

Publisher Discovery is a great company to go with for your business and marketing needs. With amazing customer service  you can get your answers and data issues resolved immediately. With live webinars, documentation, and live training, the Cloud, SaaS, and Web systems are easy to use and navigate through. Pricing is not a bad deal either, making Publisher Discovery a great choice.

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