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LAST UPDATED: January 21st, 2021

Ingenious Technologies is a Berlin-based company founded in 2012 by passionate technology experts looking to provide a revolutionary way for companies to manage and optimize their partnerships. 

Made for enterprise brands, the Ingenious Partner Management Platform (PMP) helps you to track, analyze, and manage your partner marketing activities to increase your return on spendings. With the pure SaaS platform, brands across all industries can enrich their traditional CRM with sales tracking and automated partner billing. Thanks to real-time processing and a high level of automation, reliable data sets are available for clients to make agile marketing decisions.

Ingenious Technologies’ platform has recently been honored at the International Performance Marketing Awards, winning the award for Best Performance Marketing Technology in 2016, and being recognized as a finalist for Best SaaS Platform in 2018 and Best Technology in 2020.

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The Good

  • Customer Service
  • Range of Services
  • Available Resources
  • Company Values

Customer Service

Ingenious Technologies commits to being with its clients every step of the way as they navigate its platform and have questions. Its customer support team can address issues at all levels of skill, knowledge, and expertise.

Ingenious Technologies offers two levels of customer support: default and premium. Default support is for teams that need help only with operational tasks. It is the standard level of support and you can expect a reply from the company within two days max of your original question or request. You work through the company’s main service desk to make such requests.

Premium support is much more hands on and is meant for teams looking for additional advice that want to get more out of their platform. Ingenious Technologies also offers consulting services with its premium support, so your team can learn to use the company’s platform more strategically. Your requests take priority in the service desk queue, and you can also use Slack or Google Hangouts to make such requests rather than going through the service desk.

Range of Services

Ingenious Technologies’ platform is robust and can fulfill a variety of needs that you may have as a company when it comes to partner relations. It also functions in a variety of different industries, making it worth considering as an option regardless of the type of company you are or the industry in which you work.

The platform itself is designed to help clients manage all of the following and more: partnerships, insights, finance, access, trail, creatives, integrations, and messaging. You can manage this all in one place rather than having multiple platforms to navigate between.

Plus, the Partner Management Platform (PMP) is a powerful solution for industries including retail, finance, TMT, and travel. It works with all types of businesses, from merchants/advertisers to agencies, performance networks, and portals/marketplaces. The goal is to connect you to your various partners without you having to put in a ton of effort and constant communication to stay on top of every partner relationship.

Available Resources

Ingenious Technologies’ website is full of resources to help you understand its platform and get the most out of it. These resources include case studies, infosheets, webinars, and whitepapers. Plus, the company’s blog is one of the more robust we’ve seen, with different categories you can pick from based on your interests.

These categories include the following:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Customer stories
  • Data driven marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Events
  • Financial services
  • Market insights
  • Partner marketing
  • Podcast
  • Product
  • Technology
  • Tracking

Company Values

Ingenious Technologies lists the following six core values that are important to the company: feedback, passion, diversity, continuous learning, partnership, and customer centricity. These values apply to both customers and colleagues, and have helped Ingenious Technologies become the #1 partner management platform in Europe.


The Bad

  • Mistakes on Website
  • Pricing Not Listed

Mistakes on Website

Ingenious Technologies has a number of inconsistencies and typos on its company website. We think this is due to the fact that the original website is in German and most of the content is just a direct translation into English, so sometimes the meaning is not well preserved. This fact takes away from the professional feel of the website and company.

We also noticed that sometimes, the website will switch from English to German in random places, making it more difficult to navigate with confidence.

Pricing Not Listed

We don’t know how Ingenious Technologies’ pricing compares to its competitors in the industry because pricing is not listed on its website. Other than the fact that customers have the option to request a free demo, we don’t know anything about the company’s pricing structure.


The Bottom Line

Ingenious Technologies’ website is a little confusing and hard to follow at times because the German-English translation is very user friendly. 

However, the company offers a top-notch Partner Management Platform that is highly ranked and has received numerous recognitions and awards, so it still might be worth looking into if you have the patience to navigate the website.
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