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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Founded in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and tech experts, Impact uses a SaaS technology platform to grow and manage revenue generating partnerships for clients. Its products follow engagement from ad impression through acquisition across all devices and channels. Impact offers three software products, forensiq, altitude, and radius, which can be purchased separately or together.

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The Good

  • Ad Fraud Detection
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Performance Partnership Marketing

Ad Fraud Detection

Forensiq, Impact’s ad fraud detection product, uses machine learning and advanced bot fingerprinting to identify and block ad fraud, eliminating costly, ineffectual marketing spend and keeping your ad inventory safe. The technology does this while ensuring ad viewability, domain and app placement integrity, and brand safety. Forensiq includes the following suites:

  • Ad Verification: post-bid analysis of the user and placement of ad impressions
  • Performance: analyzes whether a click, lead generation, or conversion event is fraudulent
  • Firewall: provides a risk assessment in real-time based on user level and global signals
  • Install: analyzes whether the installation of a mobile app or post install conversion is fraudulent and whether the impression or click events were fraudulently generated

Marketing Intelligence

Altitude, Impact’s marketing intelligence software, tracks, records, and standardizes data into a single record system.  Elements of this product include the following:

  • Omni-Channel Insights: Learn how customers engage with media.
  • Custom Report Builder: Offers drag and drop report-building and visual time comparisons.
  • Real-time Analysis: Offers in-depth analysis and measurement of performance and spend across all channels, devices, and platforms. This insight can guide budget and campaign optimization.
  • Flexible Attribution Modeling: Clients can choose between rules-based or machine learning attribution modeling.
  • Customer Behavior Analytics: You can compare factors like latency and steps to conversion to identify most effective paths to conversion.

Performance Partnership Marketing

Radius, Impact’s performance partnership marketing tool, manages partners and affiliates by consolidating them onto a single platform. It streamlines the processes of contracting, tracking, paying, commissioning, and evaluating performance for each partner. Radius assists clients in the following ways:

  • Contracting: Advertiser and partner negotiate and agree to terms and updated terms are sent directly to partners for acceptance.
  • Tracking: User traffic and conversion events are tracked between advertiser and partner and custom parameters enhance data for better reporting and targeting.
  • Crediting: Advertiser sets its own rules on how to allocate credit to partners and the program allocates credit to the appropriate partner once the terms of contract are met.
  • Marketplace: Clients can find and recruit partners with 800,000 potential partnerships available across the globe. Browse recommendations or search by category, region, and competitor. The flexible tracking and open platform make it easy to onboard and work with any partner, including those not in the marketplace.

The Bad

  • No Pricing Information 

No Pricing Information

The price ranges for Impact’s product suite are not listed on its website. Though users can obtain pricing information by contacting the sales team, that is one extra step that other companies in the industry don’t require prospective clients to take.


The Bottom Line

Impact’s “Stack Harmony” product suite that includes forensiq, altitude, and radius, provides a complete set of marketing tools that come highly recommended for marketing leaders and analysts. It’s nice that the company sells each product separately, though, to cater to each client’s needs and presumably fit a variety of budgets. However, without pricing information, it’s difficult to see how Impact’s product line compares with competing affiliate marketing software.

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