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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Founded in 2010, Epixel MLM Software is a back office and commission software for multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. The software offers features that give data-driven business insights, ease building and managing teams, and increase distributor engagement and retention. Network marketing companies have the capacity to grow rapidly. Epixel’s software includes internationalization and scalable features to maintain and advance business growth. In addition to being a turnkey software, Epixel offers customized software solutions to fit business requirements.

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The Good

  • Data-Driven Business Insights
  • Build, Manage, and Collaborate with Teams
  • Distributor Engagement and Retention
  • Internationalization Features to Grow Globally
  • Customized Software Solutions
  • Scalable Technology

Data-Driven Business Insights

Epixel’s MLM software has data-driven business insights that give an overview of how a business is performing. The Business Dashboard provides meaningful insights such as granular and global insights, profitability statistics, low revenue alerts, and real-time statistics that help stakeholders make well informed decisions. The software also shows real-time financial data by collecting fiscal and historical data to reflect sales and the payout overview, top performers, team achievement, and payout requests.

To plan effective marketing strategies, Epixel’s MLM software also identifies Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to mobilize inactive distributors, track team performance and commissions, track new distributors, and identify geographic and demographic trends. Epixel helps detect and mitigate frauds or errors faster by spotting mistakes and taking corrective actions, detecting and blocking suspicious activity, reconciling financial data to avoid overpayment, and identifying if account balances line up.

Build, Manage, and Collaborate with Teams

As a leading MLM software provider, Expixel facilitates growth so distributors can build, manage, and collaborate with members and teams through convenient solutions.

  • Promotional tools — Epixel’s network marketing system provides promotional tools such as a replicated website, promotional landing page, ad banners, lead capture and funneling, promotional videos, and marketing materials.
  • New member onboarding — Through Epixel’s new member onboarding, distributors have more flexibility to bring in new members and structure sub-trees through spilling preference, a holding tank, e-pin and promotional coupons, and flexible payment options.
  • Genealogy tree structure — The software includes all conventional and essential features to manage team networks through an interactive genealogy tree, sponsor-team trees, downline and sponsor-line reports, and an easy overview of active distributors in a team.
  • Training and self-development — Epixel provides training and learning materials to increase understanding of business plans and develop sales strategies through videos, webinars, access to a media center, an FAQ section, and support ticketing.
  • Team collaboration tools — Team collaboration is simplified through Epxiel’s internal messages, events and conferences, group messaging, and appointment booking system. 

Distributor Engagement and Retention

To maximize distributor engagement and retention, Epixel MLM software provides user-friendly features and tools. 

  • Realtime dashboard — Epixel provides a dashboard that reflects real-time data with a complete overview of achievements and goals. Through the dashboard, distributors can see commissions, career achievements, personal sales, demographic graphs, and bonus eligibility goals. 
  • Finance overview for distributors — The software reflects accurate and transparent information about distributor earnings, payout, and projected income through multi-purpose wallets, commission history, earning analysis, sales accumulations, and multiple payout modes. 
  • Accurate and timely commission payout — The commission payout is done through an efficient, multi-processing engine that performs more calculations per second with error detection and auto rollback ensuring timely payout. 
  • Maximize distributor productivity — Epixel provides tools to maximize distributor productivity such as a mobile app for Android and iOS, goal tracking, task schedule, and customizable incentive programs.
  • Understand team performance — Distributors receive overviews of top earners, inactive team members, popular purchased packages, and team performance reports.

Internationalization Features to Grow Globally

Epixel MLM software includes internationalization features and tools to expand business globally by ensuring international network marketing regulatory policy compliance. These features include:

  • Region specific legal compliance
  • Country specific compensations
  • Multi-currency features
  • Region specific tax compliance
  • Multilingual features

Customized Software Solutions

Epixel understands that not all MLM companies are the same and offers software customization to fit business needs.

  • Software for all network marketing plans — Epixel offers software solutions for all major MLM compensation plans: binary unilevel, matrix, stairstep breakaway, and party plan.
  • Integrated e-commerce for popular industries — With over a decade of specialized experience in the MLM industry, Epixel has worked with various industries to implement effective MLM solutions such as clothing, cosmetics, personal care, healthcare, loyalty programs, and digital ads services. 
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency — Epixel works with crypto and blockchain systems through smart contract based token sales, token or Altcoin selling and trading, fintech industries and ROI plans, and Altcoin development. 
  • Integrations — Epixel MLM software can be integrated with any third-party solutions such as payment gateways, accounting systems, tax systems, and shipping platforms to maintain business stability and ensure customer trust.

Scalable Technology

MLM businesses have the potential to grow quickly. Epixel’s MLM software platform is engineered to be auto-scalable to adapt to business growth. The software ensures unlimited users and transactions along with automatic archiving.


The Bad

  • Not Installed for Windows 
  • Undisclosed Pricing Information

Not Installed for Windows

Epixel MLM software can be installed on Mac systems and accessed through iOS and Android mobile apps. The software cannot be installed on WIndows systems. Windows is a front runner operating system on desktop PCs with a market share of 77.7 percent. MacOS X, in contrast, has a 17.04 percent market share. Inaccessibility of Epixel MLM software through Windows systems may complicate access for potential distributors as Windows is a more popular desktop platform than MacOS X.

Undisclosed Pricing Information

It is unclear how the pricing of Epixel MLM software compares to other MLM software companies because the pricing information is undisclosed on Epixel’s website. Potential clients can ask for pricing information by calling or emailing customer service.


The Bottom Line

Epixel MLM software provides comprehensive features to ease management and increase productivity and growth. The software also includes two key aspects of MLM software: internationalization and scalability features. These features enable the nature of rapid growth in MLM businesses. 

Although Epixel offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS phones, the software cannot be installed on Windows desktops. Before purchasing, we recommend considering the implications from the inaccessibility on Windows systems as Windows is a more popular operating system than MacOS X.

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Hedrick James ,

The best thing about Epixel MLM Software is its support for customization and integration of several high-end features. Their team is capable of customization the system to any requirement we demand. Even though the delivery was delayed a bit, I'm ready to overlook it, as the product delivered premium and was the best available in the industry.

1 year ago

Epixel MLM Software Logo

Reply from Epixel MLM Software

Thank you Hedrick for your valuable feedback. Glad to know that we could meet your customization requirements and expectations. Your cooperation with us, even during the unexpected delay that was inevitable to assure multiple levels of testing, ensured a premium quality platform. Thank you for being a part of Epixel team.

Aug. 4th, 2020