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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Headquartered in Madison, South Dakota, Commission Soup Affiliate Network (also known as Bulldog Media Group, Infusion Strategies, and the Rewards Runner Network) was founded in 2000. 

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The Good

  • Links
  • Tracking Features
  • Reports

Commission Soup has fifteen years of experience. They offer unique benefits to both publishers and advertisers.


When you partner with Commission Soup, you can expect to make money primarily off of banner ads, text links, and some email links.

Tracking Features

As an affiliate, you need links that produce results, and Commission Soup helps you see exactly what your links lead to. Their primary tracking features use pixel tracking and ID tracking. Each link on your website will have its own unique ID, which can be tracked to let you know what traffic that link elicits. What's more, though, this company also offers what they call the QResults System. This system monitors your links' progress as well.


Possibly the most attractive benefit of working with Commission Soup is their reporting options. With 47 different reports to choose from, you can view almost any aspect about the progress of your links, including clicks, impressions, and conversion rates. You can also view sales and detailed information about the relationship between your links and your earnings. Furthermore, you can view these reports as often as every day but track your progress however often you'd like-viewing weekly trends, monthly trends, and more.


The Bad

  • Lack of Publishing Features
  • Payment Options

Lack of Publishing Features

Despite this company's excellent tracking features and reports, it leaves a bit to be desires in terms of other publishing features. For example, they don't offer web page building, deep links, or redirects. In addition, their three types of links are helpful and will still produce results, but they lack the many other types of links available, which limits what you can do with your site.

Payment Options

Commission Soup's payment options are a bit subpar as well. Once you've earned at least $100 in commission, you receive a paycheck once every month. But here's the catch-they pay per performance, not per click. So even if your link is producing minimal traffic, you won't get paid unless a consumer follows through with a purchase. Any payments you do make are then received by check or direct deposit.


The Bottom Line

On the whole, this company has done well to stay in business for 17 years, and provide just enough features to bring success to their affiliates. Admittedly, their own website is not so intuitive and lacks clear answers to questions clients might have. But to their credit, they provide a decent amount of helps, a FAQs page, and education about affiliate marketing itself for beginners in the industry. All these factors combined, Commission Soup could be the right company for affiliates whose needs they match. They are recommended for people who especially value tracking features and reports, but they are not recommended for those who need more extensive features or who dislike their payment approach.

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