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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Affilorama is a division of Doubledot Media Ltd, and headquartered in New Zealand. They have a membership of over 250,000 people worldwide and offer free introductory video lessons as well as training tools for those interested in affiliate programs. 

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The Good

  • ClickBank
  • AffiloTools
  • Training

Headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, Affilorama has been in business since 2006 and works with affiliates in more than 100 countries. They work primarily through ClickBank, a fellow successful affiliate marketing network, and emphasize educating affiliates about their industry.


Affilorama works with ClickBank, which was founded in 1998 and has a strong reputation in affiliate marketing. Among other things, ClickBank helps Affilorama track the progress of their affiliate links and other helpful information that will show up in affiliates' reports. Affiliates and advertisers alike can then use these reports to adjust their websites and links to be even more profitable. While ClickBank tracks this information, Affilorama sends the reports. When you work with Affilorama, you have access to some of ClickBank's advantages, including their link types. Primarily, Affilorama provides a variety of banner links and email swipes.


Another main benefit of partnering with Affilorama is their uniquely named resource AffiloTools. With this bundle of resources, you can track progress you're making through search engine optimization, view your most profitable keywords, identify trends for indexed pages, and see which of your material has been retweeted or liked through social media. Essentially, AffiloTools helps you evaluate how well your website is running and enables you to view long-term data to improve the performance of your affiliate links.


Perhaps the company's strongest point of emphasis is the importance they place on affiliate training. From the start, Affilorama has focused on giving affiliates of all backgrounds lots of resources so they can become proficient in affiliate marketing. For example, they provide online lessons about various aspects of the industry and have created a forum and support center for affiliates to network and learn from each other. These resources, combined with their accessible contact information, conveys that the company has a positive view of affiliates and ultimately strives for their success-a major draw for potential clients.


The Bad

  • Limiting Website
  • Cost-per-Sale Approach

Limiting Website

In a lot of ways, Affilorama's company website is incredibly helpful (considering their plentiful affiliate resources). However, for customers that need more basic information about the company itself and the features they offer, the website can be rather vague and limiting. For example, they don't make it crystal clear what types of links and publisher features they provide; they focus instead on aspects like AffiloTools and actual affiliate education. For people wondering whether Affilorama meets their personal goals as an affiliate or advertiser, this can be a bit frustrating.

Cost-per-Sale Approach

Perhaps of more importance, though, is the fact that Affilorama takes a cost-per-sale approach, which means affiliates earn a commission from their links only when they lead to an actual sale. This can be a deal breaker for affiliates who prefer a cost-per-lead approach or something with more flexibility.


The Bottom Line

Affilorama is clearly a company that values their affiliates and works hard to educate and assist their marketing partners. That being said, Affilorama is recommended for people who value strong customer relations and access to a variety of tools (such as the tools that ClickBank offers through Affilorama). But it is not recommended for those who dislike a cost-per-sale approach to affiliate marketing. Overall, whether Affilorama is the right marketing partner for you depends on what you need as an affiliate or advertiser.
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