Tradedoubler is very unique in the realm of affiliate marketing services. They can help a publisher set up a profitable website. They can give insight to a merchant to make a campaign more profitable. They can even provide advertising agencies with tools to help their current campaigns be better run and see more results. Tradedoubler provides a range of services wide enough to be a great option for anyone looking to enter into affiliate marketing. What sets them apart most however, is the amount of involvement that the company takes in each of the campaigns it is involved in.


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The Good

  • Help for anyone
  • Behind the scenes work
  • Several options
  • Involvement

Tradedoubler can help anyone. They have designed and built a company that can provide useful services to any affiliate or merchant no matter their previous exposure to, and experience in affiliate marketing. They offer design services to merchants just starting out. They offer web development and formatting to new affiliates who are looking to monetize their websites. Both affiliates, and merchants, are able to search for and select partners with which to advertise.

In addition, to these services Tradedoubler takes care of all of the behind the scenes administrative work. They take care of all billing and payment, as well as provide a data suite, which displays the real-time results of any advertising campaigns.

The options are almost endless for merchants looking to fine-tune their campaigns. They can dictate the terms required for affiliates to earn a commission. This means that they can focus on more lucrative models that pay commission on sales rather than on clicks. They can also the link through ads and precisely dictate where any ad should send a prospective customer.

The most impressive offering of the company is not just the array of services, but it is their involvement in helping make sure that all of their customers are seeing the best results possible regardless of the services they are using.

The Bad

  • Nothing

There really aren’t a lot of negative points in regards to Tradedoubler.

The Bottom Line

If affiliate marketing is a central part of your marketing plan, they Tradedoubler is the best choice. Using their know-how, and software they can maximize results better than almost anyone else. Especially for firms who have never invested a lot of time or resources into the area, using Tradedoubler can make up for a lot of inexperience, as you will be able to piggyback onto their wealth of knowledge on the subject.

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