ShareASale is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and has been in business since 2000. They work exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network.


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The Good

  • Experience
  • Customer support
  • Helpful reports

ShareASale’s motto is true performance marketing. With 15 years under the belt, a review like this speaks very highly of ShareASale’s customer relations and business approach.

That’s not all though. As just one competitor in the affiliate marketing industry, ShareASale stands out through some of their other features:

Excellent customer support. This company follows through with reliable and plentiful means of customer support. Not only is their website incredibly informative; they also provide everything from a welcome kit for affiliates-in-training, training webinars, and online explanations about affiliate marketing itself. They also give phone numbers and email addresses to contact representatives from the company and respond fairly quickly to questions and concerns that people send in.

Helpful reports. Another attractive feature of ShareASale is their many types of reports. As an affiliate marketer, you expect to post links from a company like ShareASale and then make money off of the online traffic those links produce. But access to reports about the progress of those links is just as crucial to your success as an affiliate. ShareASale knows that and provides reports about link tracking trends, real-time tracking for actions like clicks and sales, custom linking, and reports for program diagnostics (which enable you to discern the weaknesses of your website and its links). Their clickstream attribution feature also allows you to see the series of clicks a given consumer made that led up to a purchase.

The Bad

  • High merchant fee
  • Lack of links

Admittedly, however, ShareASale has its limitations too.

A high merchant fee. The two primary parties in affiliate marketing are the affiliates (the people posting links on their websites) and the merchants (or advertisers—the people selling products through those links). With ShareASale, merchants are charged a one-time fee of $550 and a $100 deposit, which might be a pricey deterrent for some.

A lack of links. ShareASale also leaves something to be desired in their selection of links. Despite the many types of reports they offer, they mainly provide banner ads, text links, and product links to their affiliates. The types of links available depend on the merchant program an affiliate joins.

The Bottom Line

Another factor that can makes or break your deal with a company is the way they pay. ShareASale pays a commission for every sale or lead generated by a link, depending on the merchant program the affiliate is part of. And whatever money those links do earn can be paid through a mail-in check, direct deposit in some countries, or even direct deposit through Payoneer if a bank deposit isn’t possible. This approach can be seen as either a pro or a con, though, depending on what you need as an affiliate or merchant.

Ultimately, the satisfaction you’ll have with an affiliate marketing company will hinge on your preferences as an affiliate or merchant. ShareASale is recommended if reports and customer service are crucial for you, but it is not recommended if you prefer a wide variety of links or lower merchant fees.

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