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Pepperjam (formerly known as AffiliateTraction) is one of the few affiliate marketing sites that aims to not just increase traffic, but to increase sales. For them the affiliate marketing process does not end when a prospective customer clicks through an ad, but with the actual purchase of goods or services, whether it be online, or in a physical brick and mortar store. Pepperjam has positioned themselves to be the first full service all inclusive web source for increasing sales on websites, and in physical stores by using extremely innovative methods. 

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The Good

  • Creative Services
  • Commission Based On Results
  • Reports and Analysis

Creative Services 

Pepperjam operates a well-run, well-monitored, and very successful affiliate marketing program. From the very beginning they offer creative services to help aid in designing high quality artwork for the advertiser. They offer their services free to all publishers looking to monetize their sites while offering a more secure way for merchants to get their products sold.

Commission Based On Results

Pepperjam pays commission not on clicks, but on results, it even offers commission repayments for items that are returned after the sale. In this way they protect merchants and offer them a system where they only pay for confirmed and finalized sales.

Reports and Analysis 

Pepperjam offer detailed reports and analysis of the real-time results from all of the campaigns running. If the online analysis is not enough, Pepperjam offers account managers to provide personal service and support as well as original training for new clients.

The Bad

  • Payment Structure

Payment Structure

It is hard to find fault with anything done by Pepperjam, however those on the publisher side may be less than satisfied with the payment structure, and the rigid requirements in place before they can receive payment on ads. There is also a lack of control on the publisher side having little to no say in what ads are run or where they appear.

The Bottom Line

For most publishers and advertisers, Pepperjam is the way to go. They lead the trend in abandoning the pay per click, or cost per thousand pricing method. They instead focus only on sales results, and they provide an array of services to help achieve those results. Pepperjam strives to be more than a service that a publisher or merchant buys, but rather an employee that they hire.

Once hired, Pepperjam goes to work for both the publisher and the merchant in designing attractive ads and positioning them in places where they are most likely to be seen and acted upon.

In few cases Pepperjam might not be the best option because of its restrictive requirements, but for the vast majority, Pepperjam will provide the great results.

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Todd Westby

June 22nd, 2017 Omaha, NE

I have been involved with eCommerce for over 15 years and I have never had a worse experience dealing with a company than I have with Pepperjam. Our contract stated that we were to maintain a minimum balance. Pepperjam tripled that minimum without our authorization or a written right to do so in the contract. Then they started taking a monthly "network fee". Again - no mention of this in the contract. We simply wanted to end our affiliate program, close our account with Pepperjam, have our $3,000 balanced return and stop them from take $50 from us each month. They refused, hiding behind the Evergreen clause in their contract. When I asked for clarification on where they had the right in the contract to triple our minimum and charge a network fee, crickets... They are forcing us to take legal action. Do not do business with this company!