LinkConnector would be best described as an online marketplace that brings together affiliates and merchants into a consolidated pool making it easier for merchants to find affiliates they would like to work with. While many of their competitors focus on full service campaign help and online marketing, this company is more focused on simply helping merchants looking to advertise get into contact with affiliates looking to earn some revenue. LinkConnector is a no frills network, that offers everything the client needs, and nothing that they don’t.


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The Good

  • Simple
  • Free signup
  • Large pool of affiliates

As mentioned, LinkConnector is wonderfully simple. They offer the essential elements of an affiliate marketing firm. They offer software that monitors campaign results in real-time, and provides full analytics and statistics. The company also takes care of the majority of the administrative work behind the scenes including payment for the affiliates, and account monitoring for merchants.

It is free to sign up for affiliates, and once members they must only deem which areas of their web pages are available for advertising space. Once completed, an affiliate is ready to begin earning revenue.

A merchant is able to look through a large pool of affiliates, and choose which ones they think would best fit their business model. They can also decide how they want their ads to interact with customers, choosing from several options including click-through, and pay on sale. The final option available to merchants is what they want the ads to link to. They can lead to the main website, or a specific product page.

The Bad

  • Lack of complete account service

LinkConnector is incredibly simple. It is designed and run in such a way that it is best suited for merchants who are somewhat well-versed in affiliate marketing and have a brief understanding of what it is.

Its shortcomings come from its lack of complete account service. They do not offer design service, and they do not allow affiliates to directly contact merchants and choose which ads they want on their websites.

The Bottom Line

If you have clear goals outlined for your desired affiliate marketing campaign, LinkConnector is likely your best choice. It will not bog down your campaigns with different packages and options, it simply allows the right merchants, and the right affiliates to find each other and begin mutually beneficial arrangements.

If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing all is not lost. They do offer account management, to help in the setting up of campaigns, but you will still be faced with a lack of resources and services that other companies may be better able to offer.

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