FlexOffers is a web based interface for matching advertisers with publishers. I is an extremely user based system, where both the advertisers and the publishers have control over who they will be partnering with. FlexOffers most resembles a marketplace where merchants post details about the campaigns they are looking to run, and then publishers essentially shop for the campaigns that their viewers would be most likely to click on.


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The Good

  • Several services

FlexOffers offers almost every service available to both publishers and merchants that is available in the online advertising sector. They bring together interested parties, and provide the interface in which they can begin doing business. FlexOffers takes care of payments, as well as offers real-time data so results can be tracked. Most of the benefits of FlexOffers comes on the publisher side. They have a substantial amount of control over how their website will look, where the advertising will be located, and who and what will be advertised. The biggest benefit to the merchants is that they only pay when ads are clicked on, or sales are made. It is commission based, so there is no start-up fee for either party.

The Bad

  • Lack of personal involvement

The largest downside to FlexOffers is the lack of personal involvement. They do not offer account management or support teams, they just provide the tools, and then it is a largely a do it yourself kind of site.

The Bottom Line

As previously mentioned, FlexOffers does almost everything that is needed in online advertising. What makes it a difficult site to recommend is that while they do everything, they don’t do anything well. The system requires extensive time and involvement from both parties, and the software and website themselves are extremely difficult to navigate and make sense of.

It should not be forgotten that FlexOffers has by far the greatest levels of control if you are a publisher who is critical of the content on your site, or a merchant who is picky about where your products appear. This in mind, it could still be a good choice for some. Those who are looking for a simple way to get ads on to their site and start earning money would be best served by looking elsewhere.

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    December 24th, 2016

    For anyone who doesnt do their homework and just joins “Flexoffers” cuz they present an impressive site, the headache aint worth it. They do not follow the guidlines of publishing of any “Terms and Conditions” OR, “Registration Requirements”
    They make them up as they go. If your looking for a reputable affiliate source,,,do your homework cuz “Flexoffers” aint gunna cut it. Do a search for “flexoffers review”.

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