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CJ Affiliate By Conversant was originally called Commission Junction. They were founded in November of 1998. They consider themselves the number one affiliate marketing provider in the world. CJ offers an affiliate conference every year called CJU. CJ Affiliate by Conversant has become a very strong leader in affiliate marketing. They have a solid approach to marketing and provide features that benefit both advertisers and publishers.

The Good

  • Website
  • Publisher Features and Reports
  • Links


While a website is not the end-all, be-all of a company, it does make a first impression. And for CJ Affiliate, they make a fantastic first impression online. Their website is incredibly informative, with detailed information about their features, contact information, the company's approach, and more. It's very organized and easy to navigate.

Publisher Features and Reports

They have many options for making the most of your links, including:

  • Deep linking
  • An affiliate links search
  • Get code options

What's more, they offer real-time transaction monitoring, which is updated every one to two hours! That means you can view the progress and performance of your links as often as you want. Specific to CJ Affiliate is also their ViewThrough feature, which allows advertisers to see how consumers are interacting with their links even if consumers don't actually click on them.


They offer a variety of links to make you money. These include:

  • Banner ads
  • Flash links
  • Text links
  • Content links
  • Product links
  • Advanced (such as pop-ups) links

There's also an option to schedule your links so they become most profitable.

The Bad

  • Pay per Performance
  • Check or Direct Deposit Payment

Pay per Performance

Whenever you make money off of your links through CJ Affiliate, they'll pay you a commission for every sale that your links lead to. In other words, they pay per performance and not per lead or per click. That alone might deter you from partnering with this company, despite their many other attractions.

Check or Direct Deposit Payments

In addition, they pay their clients by check or direct deposit. While this isn't a grievous negative, there are many other ways to pay clients, such as through PayPal or other online mediums. Admittedly, there's not much to criticize about CJ Affiliate, but of course, as a publisher or an advertiser, you'll need to see if their features meet your specific goals.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this company has an excellent reputation and plenty of experience in their industry. What's more, they provide a variety of tools for their clients to be well informed. On their website, you'll find an excellent Support Center tab that will lead you to most answers you're looking for. Aside from answers to FAQs, they offer tutorials for publishers-in-training and explanations about the basics of affiliate marketing. All of this, speaks well of the company's relationship with their clients. Not only do they want you to make a profit; they want you to feel educated about and in control of your approach to affiliate marketing. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is easily a recommended partner.

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Island Girl

October 20th, 2015 Providence, RI

If you do not make enough sales, they will take the little money you made sitting in your account and then spank you to make more money ....You must start over from $0.00




July 23rd, 2015

The system and service provided is good. The slow and crazy bureaucracy is just what you expect from an American company. Support is the slowest ever of any affiliate network I've experienced. It can take months for an issue to be dealt with.