AffiliateWire is a fairly recent entrant into the affiliate marketing industry. They go after the tech segment, catering and tailoring their resources to fit the demands of the software and technology sector. The company has adapted their product offering so that it cuts out some of the frills, and streamlines the process for software developers to get their product downloaded onto as many computers and mobile devices as possible. They are largely a full service company meaning they take care of almost everything, aside from designing the ads themselves. Publishers just sign up and wait for revenue, while merchants sit back and wait for customers.


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The Good

  • Few options for publishers
  • Administration and behind the scenes work
  • Level of service

AffiliateWire offers very few options for publishers. They simply sign up, and begin receiving payments based on various categories of click-through and sales. The greatest area of flexibility is for the merchants. AffiliateWire excels at offering different options for placement. Merchants can run ads in a traditional click-through method, but they can also go as far as making ads directly downloadable, where the merchants software can be downloaded directly from the page they are visiting.

AffiliateWire takes care of almost all of the administration and behind the scenes work. They take care of payments, track results, and make them available to both merchants and publishers with real-time data analysis tools.

What they do best may be the level of service they provide. Personal account managers are available to all clients as well as initial training seminars to educate clients on how to best take advantage of all of the products and services offered by the company.

The Bad

  • Lack of flexibility

AffiliateWire lacks a great deal of flexibility in terms of which ads run where. Once clients sign up for the system almost all decision making is out of their hands, with publishers having little control over what is advertised, and merchants having little control over where it is advertised.

The Bottom Line

AffiliateWire has a narrow customer base. If you don’t sell software, they are not for you. If you do sell software, then this is the way to go. The only exception would be those that want to maintain a higher level of control over the ad content on their sites. But for the masses, AffiliateWire offers an excessively simple and effective way to advertise tech and software products to new customers.

The simplistic interface is also incredibly effective. AffiliateWire has many different options and offering that it uses to get the best content onto the best sites in the best way.

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