Affiliate Crew has been doing affiliate management since 2003. They are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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The Good

  • Experience
  • Partners
  • Emphasis on results
  • Features
  • Client support

Affiliate Crew has more than a decade of experience, they specialize in establishing affiliate programs for advertisers (companies who want help selling their products through links on others’ websites).

Affiliate Crew has partnered with successful national brands such as RugDoctor, Bosley, FranklinPlanner, and Precor. Once an advertiser signs up for their help, they begin screening for top-of-the-line affiliates to create banners and text links on their personal websites. Those links then lead to clicks and sales that bring both advertisers and affiliates a profit.

They emphasize results. One credit to Affiliate Crew is their ultimate goal to turn a passive company into a productive, active advertiser. They can get an affiliate program up and running within 15–30 days and handle program logistics, such as tracking sales and leads and managing billing.

Features that produce results. How does Affiliate Crew yield success? For starters, they offer banners and text links for publishers and then track the pixels on those links to measure each link’s performance. Based on that performance, both advertisers and publishers are paid for every consumer’s predetermined action.

Client support. Because the main goal of Affiliate Crew is to establish productive affiliate programs, they’ve got major incentives to provide necessary support. They help find affiliates for clients by screening potential publishers by their websites, personal information, and the marketing tactics they intend to use. In addition, the company website provides a phone number and contact form to submit questions.

The Bad

  • Difficult to contact
  • Company website

Affiliate Crew does have a few cons, however.

Difficult to contact. Despite the good intentions this company has with providing their contact information, they’re incredibly difficult to get a hold of. They don’t respond too quickly to emails, and their phone number often leads to a voicemail rather than a live representative. This doesn’t bode well for any potential client, who might well need to contact the company with questions, concerns, and basic information.

Company website. In addition, the company website for Affiliate Crew may be organized and intuitive, but it’s not the most informative. While competing affiliate networks provide websites with lots of training helps and detailed information about the features they offer, Affiliate Crew’s site leaves much to be desired. Even their FAQs section provides vague information about their approach.

The Bottom Line

To their credit, Affiliate Crew has established that they want to work hard to keep both advertisers and publishers happy. With the overall goal to create successful and assertive affiliate programs, they keep up with competitors by providing features like links that will produce results.

For those who prefer a company that offers those features and specializes in building an affiliate program, Affiliate Crew is an excellent option. But for people who value ready customer support, this company is not highly recommended. Ultimately, whether Affiliate Crew can help you will depend on the status of your affiliate program and the means you need to keep it (or make it) successful.

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