WACAP stands for the World Association for Children and Parents. Based in Seattle, WA, the agency also has offices in NY and WI and is licensed to do home studies in AK, WI, CT, IA, NJ, NY, OR, and WA. The agency has international adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. They also do domestic adoptions, placing children through the US Kids and Waiting Children programs.
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The Good

  • Adoption types
  • Experience
  • Successful adoption rate
  • Education, pre- and post-adoption support
  • Adoption process
  • Fee structure
  • Financing options
Adoption Types

WACAP does adoptions of all levels of openness.


WACAP has been doing adoptions since 1976.

Successful Adoption Rate

WACAP placed just over 200 children in 2015.

Education, Pre- and Post-Adoption Support

WACAP’s online education courses cover a range of topics for both beginning and experienced adoptive parents. Most in-person events are in Washington. Live seminars, also available as webinars online, help families prepare for the adoption process. There are webinars specific to each country’s program. Trained social workers offer counseling to families and can provide referrals to specialists if further help is needed. All online and in-person support groups are overseen by a licensed counselor who can offer advice and facilitate discussions.

Adoption Process

US Kids & Waiting Children
These programs are intended to find families for children who need them and have various, sometimes significant, special needs. Families in Washington and Oregon can adopt a child age 3 or younger in US Kids (wait time 24+ months). Families living outside of Oregon or Washington should be open to children who are older, are part of a sibling group, or have more significant individual needs. Wait times can be just a few months from approval. Both couples and singles can adopt from US Kids and there are no requirements for a certain religious faith or sexual orientation. To adopt from Waiting Children, prospective adoptive parents complete an application and can find a match with the help of WACAP’s Family Finders.

International adoption programs have more stringent eligibility requirements. For example, to adopt in India, married couples should be 25-55 years old, medically healthy, and financially stable. Single women 25-50 can adopt but should be open to a child with significant medical needs. The Indian government accepts applications from heterosexual applicants only. Children are aged 2-preteen. The process involves completing a homestudy, being cleared by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and completing a dossier. After documents have been received by CARA, India’s central adoption authority, adoptive families can typically travel to bring their child home within 9-15 months, though it can take up to 3 years.

Fee Structure

Adopting through US Kids starts at around $5,000 total. Plus, families can receive monthly foster care payments until an adoption becomes final, often 6-18 months.

  • Application: $350
  • Homestudy: $2,300 + transportation (AK, WI, CT, IA, NJ, NY)
  • File maintenance: $10/month until homestudy is approved
  • WACAP Fee Part 1: $600 (due at program entry)
  • Facilitation Fee (if not OR or WA residents): $1,600 (at program entry)
  • WACAP Fee Part 2: $1,000-3,000 (at child referral)
  • Post-placement Services: $1,600 + transportation (WA, OR, AK, WI, CT, IA, NJ, NY)
  • Finalization: $100-1,800 (when post placement requirements complete)
  • Total: $5,000+

International program fees vary. As an example, the India fees are as follows:

  • Agency Fee Part 1: $3,000 (at homestudy approval)
  • Agency Fee Part 2: $1,000 (six months after homestudy or at referral)
  • Processing Fee Part 1: $3,600 (at homestudy approval)
  • Processing Fee Part 2: $2,000 (six months after homestudy or at referral)
  • Processing Fee Part 3: $3,400 (at child acceptance)
  • Post Placement Transmittal Fee: $300 (at child acceptance)
  • Total fees paid to WACAP: $13,300
  • Estimated total of other fees, including travel, legal fees, etc.: $13,840-17,640


Financing Options

Promise Child grants are assigned to children who may take longer to be placed, helping some families overcome the financial barriers to adopting certain children. These grants range from $2,000-8,000. These grants apply to children in WACAP’s domestic and international programs. The All Together Now grant of $500 per child is given when a family adopts a group of three or more siblings from Washington state. Aside from these specific grants, WACAP families can use the adoption finance coach and resources, obtain no-interest loans (US Kids), and seek out other sources of financing, like fundraising and employer incentives.

The Bad

  • Wait time

Though the ages of children in the US Kids program range from 0 to age 18, most are over the age of 5. Therefore, the wait time to adopt a younger child, especially an infant, is likely to be 2 years or longer.

The Bottom Line

WACAP subsidizes fees for families in financial need who are adopting certain children with special needs—in some cases, by several thousand dollars. The Promise Child grant in particular sets WACAP apart. WACAP keeps its adoptive families and community current with a constant stream of fundraising events and educational seminars near its home base in WA. Families wanting to adopt an infant should look elsewhere, but WACAP is a good choice for adopting an older child internationally or domestically.

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