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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Periodically, the Review Team audits reviews for accuracy. At the last audit (February, 2016), The Review Team could not contact the company to verify any information. The information contained in this review reflects information when we were able to verify information regarding New Horizon's service, but the Overall Score reflects that no information could be verified. 

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The Good

• Different type of adoptions • Choices Like many adoption agencies the best qualities they possess are their ability to place children looking for permanent homes with loving, caring families. Some things that set New Horizons apart from other agencies are their different adoption options and their specific choices that help place children in the best possible homes. At New Horizons adoption agency, families who are searching for a child to complete their family have the ability to choose between domestic and international adoptions. They also offer open adoptions, semi open adoptions (which are the most common type of adoption), and closed options. Their counselors and staff work closely with searching families as well as birth parents to find what option creates the best possible choice for the child and each unique situation. A questionnaire is given to families looking to adopt in the form of their application that helps narrow down what a family is searching for in their specific adoption process. On this application people are able to go through choices including gender and age preferences. Counselors and staff are also available to discuss these different choices and to help families and children find the best possible permanent home.

The Bad

• Select areas • Limited information • Christian families only New Horizons adoption agency, although a helpful and wonderful agency, are very limited in the services they provide and in the areas in which they provide it. As mentioned above, New Horizons is only licensed to complete home studies and the entire adoption process in three out of the fifty states in America. Although their home page states that anyone outside these areas is welcome to call and talk about their options of adopting, they are only able to help families and children within these areas. This limits their ability to help a wider range of people and instead gives them a small box of clientele to work with. While the website offers general information about this adoption agency, such as their background information and the general information needed to quickly glance over and see if this agency fits a family's needs. However, any information beyond this is not found on their website. Clients are encouraged to call or inquire within the agency for more information. Information such as cost, financing options, and the time it takes to complete the adoption process. These are all questions that potential families would generally need answered while trying to find the best agency to fit their needs. The other negative about New Horizons adoption agency is they are only a Christian based agency. This means they look to place children into Christian homes only. While for many this is a positive, it can be considered a negative since it limits the amount of people that will be able to utilize their service.

The Bottom Line

New Horizons is a Christian based adoption agency that is licensed to assist in the complete adoption agency in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota. This limits their ability to help clients in other areas. They do however provide many different adoption type options such as domestic or international, as well as closed, semi open and completely open adoptions. Their goal is to closely work with families to find what best fits their specific situation and adoption goals. Their website does not offer a lot of the information needed to make an educated decision on whether or not to choose New Horizons as the right adoption agency for a prospective family.

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monica bjork Raleigh, NC

we adopted with this agency and they are awesome. limited by geography, yes, but if you reside in these 3 states check them out.

5 years ago