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The Gladney Center for Adoption specializes in domestic infant and foster care adoptions in most U.S. states as well as international adoptions through China, Taiwan, and Colombia. The agency based in Texas but maintains a presence across the United States and is fully licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.  

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The Good

  • Adoption education
  • Residential program (domestic)
  • International program
  • Professional affiliations
  • Office locations
Adoption Education

Adoptive couples can attend an orientation on Gladney campus with presentations from the legal department, adoption services, birth parent services, and post adoption services, as well as from other adoptive and birth parents. The international adoption curriculum includes Pathways Training among other adoption training requirements for both international and domestic. All video trainings are accessible in each family's online account.

Gladney is unique in that it provides adoption education not only for adoptive parents, but also for other members of the community. They offer adoption presentations for youth groups, birth mothers who might consider adoption, and health professionals. The medical professional presentations aim to help social workers and nursing staff in clinical settings know how to be advocates to clients and patients in sensitive situations specific to adoption.

Residential Program (Domestic)

Gladney's residential program is made to be very attractive to birth mothers. This Texas program includes modern dorm rooms, a swimming pool, prenatal care and delivery at the nearby hospital, group activities like movie nights and activity nights out, and career development classes (including computer skills and a pathway to begin nursing education). Counselors work with each resident to make an adoption plan and are there to support birthmothers for lifelong post-adoption services. Birthmothers can also choose to live at home and receive support remotely.

International Program

Gladney's international program has been operating since 1992 with waiting children currently in China, Taiwan, and Colombia. The process for adopting internationally begins with searching child profiles, submitting an information sheet and attending orientation, and beginning the Pathways Training. After application and home study approval, a couple (or individual) can submit their home study on select children. Final steps involve the matching process, placement, supervisory visits, and finalization. Wait times vary, but the average wait time from dossier submission to referral for the China program is 2-12 months.

Professional Affiliations

The agency is connected with several adoption groups, including the National Council for Adoption, Texas Association of Licensed Child Placing Services, Coalition of Licensed Child Placing Agencies, Joint Council on International Children's Services, and Children's Home Society.

Office Locations

Texas locations include Austin, Greater Dallas, East Texas, Fort Worth area, Houston area, Panhandle/West Texas, and San Antonio. Other office locations are in Arkansas, Delaware Valley, National Capital Area, Louisiana, New York Metro, North Carolina, Oklahoma, the Pacific Northwest, Pittsburgh, and South Florida.

The Bad

  • High fees
High Fees

Not surprisingly, Gladney's extensive residential program contributes to very expensive agency fees. The agency's base fee is one of the highest in the industry, especially for those with more income.
Fees for the domestic infant program:
Application fee: $300
Home study fee: $2,500
Program fee range based on income:
Less than $75,000 → $27,500
$350,001 and over →$49,500
(Average $39,833)
Post placement supervisory visit fees: $750
Subtotal paid to Gladney $31,050-53,050

Adoption fees paid to others in domestic adoption are:
Profile creation and production: $400
Finalization: $1500

International totals are estimated at:
China: $32,000
Taiwan: $32,400
Colombia: $38,000

On the less expensive side, Gladney's New Beginnings program for adoption of older children and those with medical needs, costs around $10,000. All fees are waived for adopting an older foster child through a state program in Texas, Arkansas, or Oklahoma.

The Bottom Line

Gladney has the experience, credibility, and broad national presence that many families are looking for. However, higher income families can pay almost twice the expenses (up to $53,000) for a domestic adoption with Gladney than they would with another agency. For better or for worse, Gladney's set-by-income program fees cover agency and birth mother expenses across all situations. So while it can be costly, adoptive families are not investing money in third party for a specific birth mother's fees - if an adoption doesn't work out, their money hasn't gone to waste, as it can be rolled over to a new match.

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    August 23rd, 2016 Little Elm, TX

    We chose Gladney for what we thought was an adoption agency with good people, processes, and technologies to do the right thing for the birth mother and the couples looking to adopt through Gladney. Their fees were high, due to our combined income levels, which we chose to accept as our impression was that it went to help the birth mothers. It seems they spending more on marketing and slick brochures than needed. In summary, we were notified after more than six months, that we were not selected as adoptive parents by Gladney as they felt our parenting style was too authoritarian and rigid, which we took to belief that my military background and our religious beliefs/ values as Catholics were not a good fit for Gladney. We're disappointed, but more upset we wasted over six months of gathering paperwork, and resubmitting paperwork to get to the stage to be told this. Plus they had us take of time from work to drive down to Fort Worth, TX to tell us we were not selected. I asked them, why waste our time, and their reason was a bit flawed. I think they have plenty of adoptive parents applying, and they can choose to be extremely selective. I question their decision making process on how they arrived at their decision, but in hindsight and looking at reviews of Gladney online, I agree with their assessment that Gladney is not a good fit for our adoption agency needs. I just wish we hadn't wasted our time and effort with Gladney.