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LAST UPDATED: June 13th, 2022

American Adoptions is one of the largest domestic adoption agencies in the United States. The agency is a fully licensed, non-profit domestic adoption agency that works with pregnant women and adoptive families across the nation. 

American Adoptions completes over 300 domestic adoptions per year. The company proudly boasts that it employs a large, qualified staff, with many of its employees being birth mothers, adoptive parents, or adoptees themselves. As a full-service adoption agency, American Adoptions works with clients (both mothers and adoptive parents) throughout the entire process. 

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The Good

  • Free Information and Resources
  • Video Profile Services
  • Services and Resources for Birth Mothers
  • Clear Expectations for Adoptive Parents
  • Reasonable Adoption Costs
  • Adoption Disruption Insurance
  • Birth Parent Scholarships

Free Information and Resources

The sheer amount of free information that’s available on the American Adoptions website is astounding. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of articles written for just about every topic you can think of relating to adoption.

The articles are about things to consider if you are thinking about giving your baby up for adoption, what to do in the instance of an unplanned pregnancy, what financial help is out there for expectant mothers. 

There are also articles for adoptive families and what to do if you’re thinking of adopting, what financial things to consider, how to bond with a child, and more. 

American Adoptions also includes information on what you need to know about adopting in each state. 

We appreciate American Adoptions' dedication to helping people understand the process of adopting (no matter which side you’re coming from).

Video Profile Services

American Adoptions boasts that through its extensive advertising efforts, networking avenues, and national exposure, it hosts shorter adoption wait times. The company even goes as far as to say most families have a child within 1 to 2 months after joining the agency — of course, there are a significant number of factors to consider and it is somewhat dependent on the family's openness to certain situations.

The agency believes that its video profiles are responsible for the shorter wait times. 

While most agencies simply have adoptive families fill out a paper form, American Adoptions has each family create a video profile. The video profile is supposed to help birth parents get a more intimate picture of the adoptive family.

Services and Resources for Birth Mothers

American Adoptions offers a lot of services to help adoptive families, however, there are also a lot of services available to expectant mothers. 

One service American Adoptions offers is 24/7 support for prospective birth mothers. In this program, there are adoption specialists available to talk to 24/7. These specialists can help answer questions and provide support. 

If you’re an expectant mother and want to consider putting your child up for adoption, American Adoptions provides no-obligation adoption counseling, financial assistance for pregnancy and living expenses, a variety of pre-screened adoptive families, references to additional professionals (counselors and lawyers), contact mediation with adoptive parents, post-placement support, and counseling. 

Not knowing or understanding what resources are available is something that too many expectant mothers have to deal with. The fact that American Adoptions goes into detail and provides so much information (for free) is truly underappreciated. We applaud the agency’s focus on helping new mothers understand what resources are available to them and helping them feel comfortable and supported no matter what their decision is.

Clear Expectations for Adoptive Parents

If you’re considering adopting a child, you should know that American Adoptions has several eligibility requirements families must meet:

  • Legally married for a minimum of 2 years
  • Between 25-50 years of age
  • At least one or both spouses must be a U.S. citizen
  • Couple has no more than two children and no child under the age of one year old

If you are not married, you can still work with American Adoptions, simply contact the agency directly and ask about its exception process. 

We also highly recommend reading through American Adoptions' free adoption guide. The guide helps explain the differences between adoption professionals and their services, what to consider when choosing an adoption professional, and what types of questions you should be asking. The guide also provides more information about American Adoptions and its services.

Reasonable Adoption Costs

Adoptive families can expect to pay around $50,000-$60,000. This may seem like a lot but this includes everything, such as national networking and marketing, video and print profiles, support, education and counseling, legal fees, medical and living expenses (if applicable), and fee protection.  

Adoption Disruption Insurance

American Adoptions takes every possible precaution to prevent adoption disruptions. The agency boasts it has one of the lowest disruption rates among all adoption professionals because it carefully measures each expectant mothers’ commitment level before creating an adoption plan and provides 24/7 support throughout the entire adoption process. 

However, in the case that a birth mother changes her mind and decides to keep the child, American Adoptions developed the Risk-Sharing Program. The program ensures that any money spent on adoption is refunded back to the family, so they can adopt again or take a break from pursuing adoption.

Birth Parent Scholarships

Not only does American Adoption help expecting parents throughout the entirety of the adoption process, but the company also offers a potential scholarship for every birth parent. Of course, birth parents will need to fill out the application, but if they do, they are considered for a financial scholarship to assist with the costs of furthering their education. 

This demonstrates American Adoption truly cares about each and every person that comes through its doors and the company strives to help the people it works with even after families complete the adoption process.


The Bad

  • Not Available In All States
  • Adoption Age Limit

Not Available in All States

On American Adoptions' website, the agency states it is not available to serve residents of Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, or Oregon.

Additionally, American Adoptions cannot serve families residing outside the United States.

Adoption Age Limit

Very few states have laws against older people adopting. However, American Adoptions restricts anyone older than 50 from adopting. 


The Bottom Line

American Adoptions' focus on people is what truly sets it apart. The agency is not only a great resource for adoptive families but an excellent resource for birth mothers. The company website is straightforward and displays information clearly but does not convey a sense of judgment or persuasion. There are a few things to be aware of, such as the fact that American Adoptions is not able to serve residents of Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, or Oregon. Also be aware that the agency’s upper age limit is 50, so if you’re older and want to adopt, you’ll need to look at another adoption agency. 

Overall, we expect consumers to have a positive experience when working with American Adoptions. 

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Sarah Roark Austin, TX

When stating our adoption journey, American Adoptions was one of the first agencies my husband and I requested information from. We thought the price was too high and continued to researched adoption agencies for over a year. AA set the bar and no other agency provided as much for the birthmother or for the waiting/adoptive parents. One of the best parts of AA is all the staff members you will work with along the way. Our adoption coordinator was amazing with her communication the whole process. Once we were matched we didn’t have but a couple of days before baby was born. AA took care of everything in the hospital. It was nice to walk in and just focus on being a new parent. I would recommend AA over and over. Holding our baby was worth every penny and worth the wait!

3 months ago

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RR Ludlow, MA

This is a for-profit company that prioritizes profit above all else. My wife and I used American Adoptions to facilitate our adoption placement in Texas because our agency is not licensed there. Throughout the five months we worked with American Adoptions, there were problems every step of the way. These culminated with us having to return the newborn baby to the hospital after the baby had been discharged in our care. We were devastated. In short, American Adoptions: -used predatory financial practices. -routinely ignored our questions. -mishandled our personal data (including SSN, address, DOB, etc.). -changed social workers with no notice or explanation. -did not provide agreed-upon services. -was shockingly unfamiliar with state requirements for adoptions. -regularly provided us with incorrect information. -failed to provide any on-site support at the hospital. American Adoptions provided no social worker at the hospital, as promised. When questioned, we were told the social worker "isn't in yet." After 12 hours of repeated questions, we were finally told the social worker was traveling and the entire case was being managed via text message from a thousand miles away! We were then asked to provide updates for American Adoptions and to support the birth mother. It's no wonder our adoption fell through. Their mismanagement is matched only by their incompetent response to their failure. They withheld money for services that were never provided (this is theft), blamed my wife and I for our "confusion" (this is insulting), and stopped responding to us entirely (this is pathetic).

2 weeks ago

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Joseph Randazzo Cleveland, GA

My wife and I went through years of infertility and loss and decided adoption was the route we were meant to go in order to start our family. We researched most, if not all, adoptions agencies that were out there. American Adoptions stood out. Their customer service and dedication to their customers/waiting families is vastly superior to others. They are expensive, so expect to spend around $40,000 to $60,000. However, you pay for what you get. They do their research for you and know how to ensure short wait times. We were matched and took a baby girl home within two months of being active. I would highly recommend this agency.

4 months ago

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Anonymous Glendale, AZ

I contacted American adoptions really late into my pregnancy around January and I'm due this month and since then they've made everything so easy even though everything is so last minute I even found the perfect family in such a short period of time I did have another family in mind but the wife was already 6 weeks pregnant so American Adoptions took no time into sending me more profiles and contacting the family I have chosen I love my specialist she goes over everything with me and makes sure I am doing okay they've also helped me pay my rent which I needed the most due to me having to quit my job I would definitely recommend anyone who is considering adoption to choose American Adoptions.

3 years ago

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Janelle Koehler Poquoson, VA

I had a very good experience with American Adoptions. From day 1, I felt supported. I made the decision to put my twins up for adoption when I was about 4/5 months pregnant. Blake was with me from the day I contacted the agency to now (I am almost 6 weeks post partum). She explained everything in detail and helped me complete forms when requested. She shared her experiences and allowed me to make my own decisions on what I wanted post-adoption. Once I met with the local sister agency, I felt even more support from Lauren, the specialist there. I still text with her post-adoption as well. The agency was sure to cover EVERYTHING and were sure that I was comfortable and knowledgeable about every decision I was making. Then I met a family and they were amazing. The process went smoothly thanks to Blake and Lauren. I never felt alone. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is considering adoption.

3 years ago

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William S Koehler Union, KY

We used American Adoptions for our second adoption. We are a gay couple, and already had a 2 year old daughter, so we were expecting the process to be long for us- however, we fell right in the average wait time they quoted us when we started with them! Our caseworker, Emily, and the our birth mother specialist Kathryn were absolutely amazing, supporting, attentive, and knowledgeable. They were there every step (sometimes even before we needed them!) giving us advice and tips to comfortable and successful. They were honest and upfront, and never made us feel pressured. Most importantly, they were always there (still are) for our birth mother. She loved them! We would highly recommend them (and do to everyone we know considering adoption), and will use them again if we decide to adopt again!

4 years ago

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Sonya LaFoy Sterrett, AL

We adopted our little girl, Hannah Grace, in 2015. We are so glad that we picked American Adoptions to be our agency. Best decision we have ever made!! Before we were with American Adoptions, we were with two other agencies and we had a bad time with both of those. AMERICAN ADOPTIONS MADE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! We had been signed up 12 months exactly when we got a call that a little girl had been born and it was outside our APQ because of money but most everything else was EXACTLY what we had been waiting for. I feel CERTAIN that God used American Adoptions to help bring our little girl into our family. American Adoptions was awesome through out the process and still to this day, if I have a question about anything , I can always call and talk with the councelors any time I need to. They are always just a phone call away. If you decide to go with them, they will do everything in their power to help you with anything that is going on. I will never forget all the pep talks that my adoption specialist gave me during my journey. I could not have done it without them by my side. I definitely give them an "A +" . You cant go wrong when you choose AMERICAN ADOPTIONS!!

4 years ago

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Mike Belfonte Overland Park, KS

I am an adoption attorney and have been working with American Adoptions since 1995 representing their adoptive parent families in Kansas and Western Missouri. They have been an outstanding and invaluable resource for adoptive families in assisting them with their dreams of becoming adoptive parents as well as providing counseling services and adoption planning for women and men who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and have chosen American Adoptions as their adoption resource. As an adoption attorney for over 25 years, I have referred numerous adoptive families and birth parents to American Adoptions and plan to continue to do so as the professional services they provide both pre-adoption and post-adoption are top notch.

6 years ago

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Jenny Nehrbass Overland Park, KS

We adopted through American Adoptions 13 years ago and it was a fabulous experience. Our wait time was only 2 months before matching. We also adopted another child through a different agency. We found that although adoption is expensive, American was far below the other agency. Our process went smoothly and there were no difficulties. We loved all of the staff. They helped us along every step of the way. I will say that the "waiting for a match" is a very difficult time in the process. Much of your wait is determined by the specifications put down in your paperwork. We were fairly open in our requests and there had a very short wait time. We have recommended American Adoptions to friend and they have also had successful adoptions.

6 years ago

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Frank Saunders Gardner, KS

We experienced a decade of infertility before we committed to adoption. There was no pressure, there was no sales pitch. We met with an adoption adviser, and she laid out a realistic game plan based upon our profile, which was very specific, and our budget, which was very limited ($25,000). She prepared us for a 2-year wait period. We were extremely frustrated at that prospect. American Adoptions helped us with cost of home study. Less than a month after our home study was done, we matched. Our entire team helped with the trepidations we had in the quick turnaround, counseled us. They did an amazing job of walking with us at a quick pace to get to our daughter by her delivery. There was a social worker on site to comfort and assist us and to provide the same for the birth mother. Our team back home was relentless on our behalf. American's staff in FL and KS insured that we were ok, and got our daughter home to her nursery as quickly as possible. Our adoption counselor and our attorney assisted us to expedite finalization and stabilize our daughter's home life. The social workers here and in FL helped to establish and stabilize a constant line of communication between our family and our daughter's birth mother. The agency provided us notary public service and all of the expertise and guidance to get our daughter's necessary paperwork, and all of the tax and corporate means to recover our costs. American Adoptions helped to bring our family together, they've been there every step of the way, and remain there to this day. Do not waste your precious time and money anywhere else.

6 years ago

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Sue Matawan, NJ

Company rep told us one thing and then asked for payment, set up a home study which went well and then told us something different. When we tried to speak to a supervisor, we could not reach one but a colleague which I'm pretty sure was the same guy, told us they couldn't help and hung up on us. This experience ruined our trust with adoption companies as we were unsure who trust. Very disappointed.

3 months ago

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Justin Washington, DC

We have adopted two of our children with the help of American Adoptions. Adoptions are always very emotional experiences for all parties involved and American Adoptions’ vast experience and professionalism were invaluable in navigating the emotional turbulence. They are truly available at all times, always willing to talk and address any questions and genuinely interested in finding solutions to the very many issues that inevitably emerge. We are very grateful to American Adoptions for helping us become parents to our two wonderful sons. We would definitely recommend them.

3 years ago

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Jackie Spokane, WA

As a birth mother I was so happy I chose American. They really care about the birth mother, never forcing her to pick adoption and inly giving her information and support (no matter her choice). I felt like a human being who was cared for when I talked to them. They made sure I knew I had choices and they would support any one choice I made. Or help me get the information to made an informed decision. I love them and would recommend them to everyone.

3 years ago

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Sarah Mathews Liberty, MO

It has been a "wonderful" experience in a very scary and traumatic time. The people at American Adoptions are absolutely incredible. They walk you through the process with total concern for the birth mom helping her all along the way. They then have a birth mom counselor, Michelle, that is beyond what you can imagine helping the birth mom through the process and the time afterwards. She is so warm and non judgmental that I think anyone could talk to her. Both the social worker and Michelle came to visit my daughter at the hospital. I highly recommend American Adoptions.

4 years ago

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Julianna Minotty-Mendelsohn Vero Beach, FL

We adopted our daughter through American in 2016. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone pursuing domestic infant adoption. If we decide to adopt again we will use them again for sure. They are professional, ethical, and most importantly, they treated both us the adoptive parents and our daughter's birthmother with respect and compassion.

4 years ago

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Kaity Meador Scott City, KS

I absolutely loved working with American Adoptions. They are so supportive and helpful. They are always checking on you or just there for somebody to talk to. They made the process of putting my son up for adoption easy. I love the family we picked for him.

4 years ago

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Victoria luster Great Bend, KS

My experience with American Adoptions was amazing! They were always very informative and always made sure I was comfortable in every way. Blake was my adoption agent and she was so understanding and always checked to make sure I felt okay every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be there for me.

4 years ago

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Gina Dittmer, MO

As a birth mom, American Adoptions has been with us every step of the way, from finding the perfect family, to getting the mental help needed after placement. They truly care about everyone involved.

4 years ago

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Lakisha Johnson Lancaster, TX

I am a birth mother who was dealing with American Adoptions for months throughout my pregnancy. It was a horrible, extremely inconsiderate and my confidentiality was breached in every way possible. At 1st I thought American Adoptions was great and then I started seeing major issues in different areas of the process. I ended up giving birth early due to high blood pressure. American Adoption local worker was suppose to bring my hospital plan for me to do along with legal papers for me to review. The worker lost the paperwork and made no effort to get the paperwork again and allow me to do my hospital plan and look at the legal aspect of the situation. I gave birth to a 3 lb baby that was in the NICU. American Adoptions didn't care about them dropping the ball with my hospital plan and called the hospital told them my baby was adopted. Had every nurse, doctor,etc asking me about the adoption and I had people against adoption harrassing me. American Adoptions blamed their dropping the ball with my hospital plan and what came next with the adoption process on me giving birth weeks early. They didn't care I gave birth to a 3 lb baby and started these disrespectful very transparent antics to get me to sign the adoption papers now!!. Their staff is highly trained in mediating these adoption arrangements and they are extremely manipulative and to me they prey on the birth mother's vunerablility in a horrible way. All birth mothers aren't chosing adoption because they're on drugs or have no education. Some of us birth mothers are choosing adoption for other reasons. This is suppose to be a non profit organization but I see American Adoptions motives are not geniuiue and they most definitely have a hidden agenda. I ended up not signing and would not recommend American Adoptions to anyone. They are extremely manipulative and very good with the gift of gab. Adoption is about innocent babies, gracious people and birth mother's going through one thing or another. Never should the principal of the situation be taken for granted.

4 years ago

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N Rivera CA

This lady I just talked to on the phone on February 26, 2022 @ 9:55am is absolutely impatient and unempathetic. The worst person on American Adoptions that I have spoken to ever

4 months ago

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Lacey K Pavel Colorado Springs, CO

This agency care more about the adoptive family then they do about the birth mothers. DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM, esp if you are looking to have a closed adoption or semi closed. Absolutely awful people to deal with, every altercation i had with them was a headache. They made an experience that was already stressful and hard, even more so. I specifically asked them not to send pictures, and they did. I send over copies of hospital Bill's that were from birthing baby and they agreed to pay, now my bills are almost in collections, regardless of my constant communication with them. THAT DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE BIRTH MOMS. I'm telling you, look else where and avoid the headache, listen to the warning on here form the other birth mothers.

3 years ago

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Amelia Champaign, IL

I’m working with them right now I’m pregnant and I’m trying to Put my baby with a different family. Truthfully me and my boyfriend are blown away at their lack or urgency. They have really made this expeirnce so much more stressful I really regret working with them. For starters, I started working with a different adoption specialist (like the person you work with that finds families ect) and she had to take a leave which would have been fine if I had been informed. I had been calling over and over and leaving messages and no one had told me. Finally after like a month later they told me she was out and got me a new adoption specialist. So I let that go because I was still early in the pregnancy. So I started working with a new adoption specialist and that was fine I filled out all of the paper work and they gave me profiles, none of them ended up working out so they sent me more and I picked a new top 3. So I start getting closer and closer to my due date and they couldn’t find the families and don’t tell me until I called and asked what was going on. I told them how important it is for me to get to know the families many times and they’ve repeatedly told me that would happen I’m supposed to have visits before the baby comes. I’m 30 weeks now and have yet to have any contact and they have not contacted the family they put on hold for me. What if this family isn’t right? I don’t have a lot of time and I really don’t have enough time to get to know a family at all. I’ve been calling and still have gotten no call back I’ve left messages and honestly can’t believe how they’re treating this, in the beginning they say they understand how hard this is but honestly how can you put this off like this? I have no idea if I’m gonna get along with them or anything and from how long this is taking I don’t have time to get another profile and to top it all off I can’t work with any other agency. To make matters worse I was supposed to receive financial aid and help with rent, food, maternity clothes, and medical bills. At 30 weeks they’ve just gotten me approved for help with rent and I still haven’t gotten anything for maternity clothes or food. I honestly extremely regret working with this company. The support they’re saying they will provide has not been given. This is just awful. I wish I would have worked with someone else and they have made this experience extremely stressful

4 years ago

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Tracy Coady Phoenixville, PA

My daughter placed her daughter just over 2 years ago, and the adoptive family changed the contact agreement at least 4 times in 1 year. She has had no contact in over a year except for emails and a few photos. No annual visit, not discussion of a call instead due to Covid. If you are a birth mom, get a BINDING contract so your post-adoption agreement is followed. If you are an adoptive family, DO NOT promise more than you are willing to follow through on-not all birth families want to pretend the baby doesn't exist, and taking advantage of vulnerable people is disgraceful.

1 year ago

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Anita pea Dallas, TX

American adoptions was am amazing opportunity for my family. We adopted our son and everyone there was so sweet in helping us.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Jonathan D. Drozd ,

The best in the market. Great affordable service. I will highly recommend them to others.

2 years ago