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American Adoptions, based in Overland Park, Kansas, facilitates about 300 domestic adoptions each year throughout the United States. They are a fully licensed, not-for-profit agency that works across the nation. The agency has three different placement programs: traditional, agency-assisted, and identified adoption. All programs include adoption education, birth parent support and counseling, and documenting finalization.  

The Good

  • Family Profile
  • Adoption Disruption Insurance
  • Agency-Assisted Program
  • Breakdown
Family Profile

American Adoptions Clients are given a Show Pro Media video kit to film footage for a video profile to showcase to birthparents in addition to still photos. They have 15 days to film necessary footage, which can include neighborhood, pets, home, family members' personalities, talents, and anything else that prospective parents want birth parents to see. Video specialists are available to help with this process and turn it into a cohesive video for birth parents to view online and watch repeatedly throughout the adoption process and beyond.

Adoption Disruption Insurance

In the event of most adoption disruptions – such as if the matched birth mother decides to parent after all – American Adoptions will refund any lost fees to clients, including living and medical expenses on behalf of the birth mother, legal expenses, and fixed agencies. The agency makes it clear that this is a direct refund back to the client rather than a policy that rolls fees over to a new adoption situation within the agency. They have refunded 100% of lost fees in 98% of families' adoption disruptions.

Agency-Assisted Program

American Adoptions aims to bring light the shortage of families adopting babies of African-American descent through the agency-assisted program. Parents must be 22-50 years old. This program has two main advantages over the traditional program:

  1. Adoptive parents in this program get more exposure to birthmothers
  2. There is generally a shorter waiting time to adopt (2-15 months from approval to placement)

Range of total cost: $38,000 - $41,000

Capable Fees 

The application is $295 and the fees depend on the state of residence, birthmother living expenses, medical and legal fees, and travel costs. Adoptive parents can set a cap on the total amount of money they are willing to pay to complete an adoption, and will only be presented to birthmothers whose situations cost less than that amount. Identified adoptions, where the adoptive family and birthparents match on their own then seek adoption services, will have an individualized fee schedule depending on services needed.

The Bad

  • Costly Traditional Program
  • Gender-Specific Fee
Costly Traditional Program

While similar to the agency-assisted program in its process, the traditional program is generally more costly. Additionally, parents with more than two children already must participate in the agency-assisted program, where other families can choose between the two. Parents must be 25-50 years old. The wait time for this program is 1-12 months from approval to placement and the range of total cost is between $44,000 and $48,000.

Gender-Specific Fee

The agency charges an extra fee for adoptive parents who want to request a specific gender. This does make the process more expensive for adoptive parents who are trying to fill a specific spot in their family. 

The Bottom Line

The gender-specific fee seems extraneous when many agencies allow parents to set preferences regarding sex, race, and other criteria at no extra cost. Additionally, larger families (with 2+ children) can only adopt African-American babies. Aside from these preference limitations, American Adoptions stands out from the rest with its risk-sharing program. It also has the most secure refund policy. Where the stakes for financial devastation can be high with multiple failed adoptions, clients can choose American Adoptions without that specific worry.

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    August 24th, 2017 Sterrett, AL

    We adopted our little girl, Hannah Grace, in 2015. We are so glad that we picked American Adoptions to be our agency. Best decision we have ever made!! Before we were with American Adoptions, we were with two other agencies and we had a bad time with both of those. AMERICAN ADOPTIONS MADE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! We had been signed up 12 months exactly when we got a call that a little girl had been born and it was outside our APQ because of money but most everything else was EXACTLY what we had been waiting for. I feel CERTAIN that God used American Adoptions to help bring our little girl into our family. American Adoptions was awesome through out the process and still to this day, if I have a question about anything , I can always call and talk with the councelors any time I need to. They are always just a phone call away. If you decide to go with them, they will do everything in their power to help you with anything that is going on. I will never forget all the pep talks that my adoption specialist gave me during my journey. I could not have done it without them by my side. I definitely give them an "A +" . You cant go wrong when you choose AMERICAN ADOPTIONS!!

  • 10

    May 17th, 2016 Overland Park, KS

    I am an adoption attorney and have been working with American Adoptions since 1995 representing their adoptive parent families in Kansas and Western Missouri. They have been an outstanding and invaluable resource for adoptive families in assisting them with their dreams of becoming adoptive parents as well as providing counseling services and adoption planning for women and men who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and have chosen American Adoptions as their adoption resource. As an adoption attorney for over 25 years, I have referred numerous adoptive families and birth parents to American Adoptions and plan to continue to do so as the professional services they provide both pre-adoption and post-adoption are top notch.

  • 10

    March 8th, 2016 Overland Park, KS

    We adopted through American Adoptions 13 years ago and it was a fabulous experience. Our wait time was only 2 months before matching. We also adopted another child through a different agency. We found that although adoption is expensive, American was far below the other agency. Our process went smoothly and there were no difficulties. We loved all of the staff. They helped us along every step of the way. I will say that the "waiting for a match" is a very difficult time in the process. Much of your wait is determined by the specifications put down in your paperwork. We were fairly open in our requests and there had a very short wait time. We have recommended American Adoptions to friend and they have also had successful adoptions.

  • 10

    March 6th, 2016 Gardner, KS

    We experienced a decade of infertility before we committed to adoption. There was no pressure, there was no sales pitch. We met with an adoption adviser, and she laid out a realistic game plan based upon our profile, which was very specific, and our budget, which was very limited ($25,000). She prepared us for a 2-year wait period. We were extremely frustrated at that prospect. American Adoptions helped us with cost of home study. Less than a month after our home study was done, we matched. Our entire team helped with the trepidations we had in the quick turnaround, counseled us. They did an amazing job of walking with us at a quick pace to get to our daughter by her delivery. There was a social worker on site to comfort and assist us and to provide the same for the birth mother. Our team back home was relentless on our behalf. American's staff in FL and KS insured that we were ok, and got our daughter home to her nursery as quickly as possible. Our adoption counselor and our attorney assisted us to expedite finalization and stabilize our daughter's home life. The social workers here and in FL helped to establish and stabilize a constant line of communication between our family and our daughter's birth mother. The agency provided us notary public service and all of the expertise and guidance to get our daughter's necessary paperwork, and all of the tax and corporate means to recover our costs. American Adoptions helped to bring our family together, they've been there every step of the way, and remain there to this day. Do not waste your precious time and money anywhere else.