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LAST UPDATED: March 21st, 2022

Act of Love is full-service infant adoption agency based in Sandy, Utah and can perform other services in most areas in the United States. Act of Love primarily facilitates standard placements (domestic, infant) but also does special needs placement (which may have reduced agency fees), and agency assist placement (helping match clients while they work with another agency or attorney). Other services include home studies, post-placement services, interstate compact services, legal services, counseling services, and outreach programs. The agency is not accredited to perform intercountry placement services but may provide adoption services for clients looking to place internationally if supervised by an internationally accredited agency.  

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The Good

  • Eligibility & Training
  • Budget Flexibility

In business since 1993, the agency has over two decades of experience with domestic adoptions of all levels of openness. Birthparents and adoptive parents can decide what works for them: no contact, meet in person, talk on the phone, Skype, send emails, share pictures on social media, send pictures and letters through the agency, etc. In 2015, they placed with 60 families, and the wait time from approval to placement was 6 months. Act of Love employees can be available to support adoptive families if services are required outside of normal working hours.

Eligibility & Training

There is no strict age limit for prospective adoptive parents. Other criteria for adoptive parents include the following:

  • Good physical health and normal life expectancy (although health issues don't always preclude applicants from parenting)
  • Good mental health
  • Married for at least one year if married (exceptions are considered case by case)
  • Single parents are considered, but cannot be cohabiting with another person by Utah law

Home study minimum requirements must meet the standards of the state of Utah, Act of Love, and the state where the adoption is taking place. Act of Love requires both adoption orientation classes and parenting classes for clients living in Utah. For out of state adoptions, families can obtain similar education through online training classes and reading materials offered through Adoption Learning Partners (cost per couple is around $130). Adoptive parents who have previously taken classes from other sources may be able to count those as adequate training with a certificate and approval from AOL. Adoptive parents must become certified in infant and child CPR. Families who haven't parented a child from infancy must also attend a basic infant care class through a hospital, community center, or high school. All adoptive parents will be subject to national and state background checks according to their state of residence.

Budget Flexibility

Act of Love provides a full disclosure of all fees upfront, including which fees are refundable or transferrable within the agency. Beyond the base agency fee, adoptive families can either stick to a strict budget or be more flexible with costs depending on the situation. The two budget options are as follows:

  1. With option one, the adoptive family can choose to be presented only with birth parent situations that match their budget parameters, not exceeding the amount designated. The family can set a maximum for agency fees and total birth parent expenses (minus medical expenses, which can be unpredictable).
  2. With option two, the adoptive family can opt to review all birth parent situations, regardless of projected expenses, and decide after that if a particular situation and expenses fit within their budget.

The Bad

  • Fee Breakdown

Fee Breakdown

Though there is some flexibility available to families with a budget, the base agency fee is the same regardless. Standard placement in Utah is $22,975 and the cost goes up from there if clients live in a different state and/or need to pay extensive birth mother expenses and medical expenses. Most families pay between $25,000 and $45,000 total. Fee breakdown:

  • Application fee: $700
  • The base agency fee for standard placement: $22,975. This includes:
    • Payment due following intake interview: $4,700
    • Third before start matching process: $7,000
    • Fourth payment (1/2 at match, ½ due 30 days before due date): $10,575

Not included in base fee (may not apply to all situations):

  • Home study: $700
  • Home study update $250
  • Staff travel within Utah: actual costs and expenses
  • Travel outside of Utah: $5,500
  • Post adoption arrangement one-time coordination fee: $575
  • Communication facilitation fee after that: $75/hour

The Bottom Line

It's hard to beat a wait time of six months, which was the agency's average wait time from approval to placement in 2015, so it's not surprising that they're laden with testimonials from satisfied families online. However, the base agency fee is steeper than average. Still, it's nice that clients can set a cap for their fees beyond that, which helps with affordability and planning in an otherwise unpredictable process.

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KarrieB Las Vegas, NV

I am a birth mother. I agreed to an open adoption with A Act of Love. I was not made aware that the adoptive parents could change that. I was newly out of a cult and had no clue about the world. I do feel that they withheld important information from me. I never met the adoptive parents but did letters, pics, and one phone call. On that phone call, the adoptive mother was angry with me. Accused me of giving my baby boy attention disorders, and so many other issues I wasn't aware I had. My child was conceived due to a rape and I knew nothing of the father. I had just escaped a cult that didn't even allow me to go to school. I feel that they knew I was naive and vulnerable. The agency told me I would hate my son because of his father and I just wanted the best for him. As I had this phone call with his adoptive mother, she informed me that even though the birth dad was black, they thought they could pass him off as their biological child since the adoptive dad was Hispanic and white. I recieved a phone call later that day to tell me that the adoptive family is upset with me and are closing the adoption so that I can't communicate with them anymore. I was in so much distress and the adoption agency blew me off. They give the birth mother an extremely small amount of money to seek counseling to cope with the loss of the child, but it wasn't nearly enough for what I am going through. My precious boy would be 22 years old now and I have no idea if he is okay, if the parents took their anger out on him, if he's even alive. This will be my suffering until I die.

2 months ago

star star star star star

Jason Love Los Angeles, CA

As a father i was not to excited about giving a baby up for adoption however the people at act of love are caring and kind. me and my wife wanted to give someone the opportunity to experience the joy in having a child. They let us pick the family and had a good support plan for the after care of my wife and helped us threw the hole process. I researched many places and found A Act Of Love to be the best from paper work to the adoptive parents. I thought it was going to be hard to let go but as we meet the family and worked with the agency I knew my son was in good hands and would be loved and cared for the way we, me and my wife would have. I would recommend this agency to and parent looking give the joy of parent hood to another.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Mattie Edge Shreveport, LA

I remember how genuinely caring and loving the ladies at Act of Love were when I came to them to place my son for adoption. I remember how kind and dedicated they were to helping me in any way they could. Laraine, my counselor, talked to me like a friend. I remember thinking there is something about her that is special - she radiated kindness. I felt like I had a group of loving friends helping me through the most difficult time of my life. It has been five years since I placed my son for adoption, and there is nothing about the process that I regret. They were transparent about the process of adoption for me as a birth mom. There were no surprises and no misunderstandings. I love my adoption family, and I continue to have a good relationship with them. I am so thankful I used Act of Love. They helped me find my son's family, and I am forever grateful for their efforts to find the perfect match for him.

4 years ago

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Amy Herriman, UT

This Adoption agency is great to work with. We were contacted by his birth mother a couple months after applying. We love all the staff we worked with, they have been so helpful and helped us complete our family, we can't imagine life with out our sweet son! Thank you for all you have done for us!!

3 years ago

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Regina McKelvey ,

I was 40 years old and in an unstable relationship and living out of my car, so I decided adoption would be the best thing to do. I never received any help from them at all. I was told they would help me get into a place to live which never happened! Im sure the adoptive parents think the money they give them goes to helping the mother but in my case that definitely wasn’t the case! It’s coming up to 2 years I gave my baby up and i’m just now getting back on my feet and this has just been on my mind and I want women to know this company doesn’t help the mothers like they promise you or with me they didn’t.

1 year ago

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Heather Baschuk Farmington, UT

They are a lot of talk, they will say what you want to hear to get you to sign up as adoptive parents. Then what really happens is not what you were told. Costs are astronomically higher then we were told over $50000. Not trustworthy

10 months ago