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Lei Jun, a serial entrepreneur, founded Xiaomi in 2010. Jun believes high-quality technology should not cost a fortune. Xiaomi creates remarkable hardware, software, and internet services for, and with the help of, Mi fans! "Just for fans" is the slogan of Xiaomi, as they truly take Mi fan feedback and use it to make their products better.  Xiaomi is headquartered in Beijing, China and has offices in Asia-Pacific, India, and Brazil. 

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The Good

  • Affordable price
  • Great features
  • Hypoallergenic

Xiaomi truly stands by their belief in bringing quality technology at an affordable price.  The Mi Band provides you with a lot of great fitness tracking features for only $14.99! Xiaomi offers the Mi Band in a rainbow of colors and now in black as well.

The Mi band has several great features:

  • Steps, Calories, Distance: You can see how many steps you have taken that day whether you were walking or running. You can also see the total distance you have traveled on foot.
  • Sleep Tracking: The Mi Band automatically tracks sleeping. It tracks the length and quality of your sleep.  You can see how much deep sleep you get and how much restlessness you experience each night. Also, you can get action plans from the Mi Band app to improve sleep quality.
  • Alarm Clock: You will wake up gradually with Mi Band's smart vibration, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.  This way you wake up in a much more natural way.
  • Incoming Call Alert: Mi Band senses when you are getting a phone call.  If you do not realize a call is coming in your Mi Band will vibrate to alert you to know that you have a call. Never miss a call again!
  • Locate Your Mi Band: Use the Mi Band app to tell the band to light up and vibrate, helping you locate your Mi Band.
  • Mi Band App: You are able to sync with the Mi Band app via Bluetooth to view your activity levels and sleeping data.  You can also share and compare your data with your friends!

Mi Band is made out of aluminum alloy core and it is hypoallergenic. Because of its workmanship, the Mi Band is water resistant. It is IP67 water certified, so you are ensured that the watch can handle some water. The Mi Band has passed heat, cold, dropped, and corrosion tests, showing you it can handle many different types of environments. The thirty-day battery life allows you to be able to wear the band and track your activities all month long before you even have to charge.

In addition, the Mi Band is a great fitness tracking device for an amazing price!  It's $14.99 price point is well below almost all of its competitors, and offers a lot of features for such a low price.  Second, the Mi Band is made of top-quality components.  It has an aluminum alloy military-grade sensor, premium-quality Bluetooth chip, an ultra-thin 8mm battery, and hypoallergenic silicone band.  Third, Xiaomi created Mi Band with an amazing 30-day battery life.  You can use this fitness tracker for an entire month, without charging it!  This is 4 times longer than regular fitness band competitors. Lastly, Xiaomi offers an app with the Mi Band.  For such an affordable price, you are not just getting a fitness tracker, but truly an experience!

The Bad

  • Customer service is outsourced
  • Limited warranty

Xiaomi is not based in the United States, which may make customer service and warranty requests a little more difficult.  They do have a US email to contact them, but they don't have a direct phone number for a U.S. office.  Also, the limited warranty is only valid in Singapore, so customers have no warranty when purchasing a Mi Band here in the United States.

The Bottom Line

The Mi Band offers a lot of great features for such a low price. It is an amazing value all around! However, Xiaomi is based in Asia, bringing concerns with customer complaints.  In addition, the Mi Band limited warranty is only valid in Singapore, so customers essentially have no warranty when purchasing the Mi Band here in the United States.  Overall, we recommend the Mi Band to those who are looking for basic activity tracking features and/or those who need a fitness tracker for a cheaper price.

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