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Founded by visionary innovators Cédric Hutchings and Eric Carreel in 2009, Withings has created products that empower people to improve their health and overall well-being.  They have built a range of products that cover the whole health spectrum, including the Withings Pulse, the Smart Body Analyzer, the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the Withings Aura, and the Withings Activité and Activité Pop.  Withings is headquartered in France. 

With the focused phrase, "Motion is Life", Withings Activite is a game changer.  It was designed in Paris, France and manufactured in Switzerland and bears the "Swiss Made" label.  Withings Activité looks like a standard high-quality watch but has several amazing health-focused features.  It features a fine calf leather strap, impenetrable scratch-proof case, and is truly unique in its style for a fitness tracker.  But it's style is just the beginning.  The Withings Activité activity tracker includes features such as:

  • Steps, Calories, Distance: The Withings Activité tracks all your movements, including steps, distance, and calories.
  • Sleep Tracking: Activité Pulse O2 tracks your sleep patterns and provides you with comprehensive monitoring.  Then use the Health Mate app and see an in-depth graph of your sleep patterns and sleep quality.
  • Alarm Clock: You can set an alarm in the Health Mate app and Activité will wake you with a gentle vibration.  Also, if you forget what time you set your alarm for, simply tap on the device and Activité will spin its hands to show you the alarm time.
  • Swimming Recognition: This fitness tracker is able to identify and log your swim workout.  It is water resistant up to 50 meters and comes with an extra silicone watch strap for swim workouts.
  • Long Battery Life: The Withings Activité has a battery life that exceeds 8 months, which is much longer than the industry standard. It works on a CR2025 button cell, so you don't recharge, you simply change the button cell.
  • Automatic Time Zone Change: Activité is connected to your smartphone and automatically displays the correct time. So, it automatically adjusts when you change time zones.
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The Good

  • Great design
  • Many features
  • Water resistant

Withings truly offers a premium look and feature based product.  Not only is the style and look of Withings fitness tracking devices amazing, but they have a lot of useful and awesome features!  The Activité and Activité Pop track basic activity but are water resistant up to 50 meters!  So, you can use this device for a large variety of workouts without worrying about water damage. The Activité and Activité Pop also have an amazing battery life which is very convenient day-to-day.  The Pulse O2 also provides basic activity tracking and has a heart rate and oximetry monitor.  These are rare features for a device costing $99.95.  You can also wear the Pulse O2 multiple ways, making it very user-friendly and convenient for users.  Overall, Withings creates high-quality products with great activity tracking features!

The Bad

  • Very expensive

 Withings Activité is very expensive for a fitness tracker.  Unless you are wanting a high-end watch that has health-promoting features, then this product is over priced.  However, Withings does offer the Activité Pop and Pulse O2, which are offered at a lower price.

The Bottom Line

Withings reports that they are here for the customer. They are a company that wants to better the health of others and they have created high-quality products that are truly focused on consumers.  With a variety of fitness tracking device options, Withings has truly created a company that offers great products, promoting health to people everywhere.  Overall, we recommend Withings activity trackers to users.

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