Focused on the idea that fitness should be fun, Striiv’s “products are designed to help us spend more time together while getting fit and having fun.” Founded in 2010, Striiv is a relatively new company to enter the fitness tracking space. However, they come with a great focus on the consumer and asking good questions.


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The Good

  • Affordable pricing
  • Great features
  • Compatible with many devices

Priced at $69.95-99.99, Striiv’s devices are an affordable way to track steps, distance and calories burned. The Play and the Smart will also track stairs and elevation while the Touch and the Band will track sleep and feature the added bonus of being water resistant. Both the Touch and the Band, which are wristband-style trackers, offer a sleek design. The Play, which can be clipped just about anywhere, and the Smart, which is best carried in a pocket, offer larger screen designs – though they aren’t quite as sleek.

The Touch is our top pick for a wearable Striiv device because it also acts as a smartwatch: you can receive notifications for texts, emails, phone calls, as well as Facebook and Twitter alerts.

The Smart offers something that our reviewers didn’t see with any of the other fitness tracker companies we reviewed: a charity incentive. At no cost to you, Striiv will make donations to a GlobalGiving project of your choice based on the increments you walk – that’s some great motivation to get moving!

Striiv’s app is compatible with Apple or Android devices and will sync with your device via Bluetooth. In addition to the details of your workouts, the app acts as a personal trainer by offering daily challenges that are tailored to your routine, goals and fitness level. And in the spirit of making those challenges fun, the app doesn’t give you a number to hit – instead it offers challenges like “burning that cupcake you ate at lunch, beating your best friend’s average or going the distance of a marathon.”

The Bad

  • Poor graphics

Striiv’s app also features a game called MyLand that gives you playing power based on how much you walk, run or take the stairs. While we like the idea of incorporating a game to keep workouts interesting, the graphics leave something to be desired and the game’s concept is a bit elementary, especially for anyone who is an avid gamer. We’d like to see Striiv spend more time incorporating the charity element featured on the Smart, and maybe even developing that into a game – helping others simply by working out is an idea we can all get behind.

The Bottom Line

Striiv offers plenty of device options, a solid app platform and a few fun bells and whistles to keep you interested. Plus, Striiv’s focus on making fitness fun and social will appeal to you if you sometimes need that extra dose of motivation.

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