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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

In business since 1946, Sony Corporation is a leading global innovator of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products." A subsidiary of Sony Corporation, Sony Mobile offers smartphones, tablets and wearable tech devices.  Sony has truly created some amazing fitness trackers, with the user in the front of their mind.  From fitness to business, or just day-to-day, Sony focuses on "enhancing every moment" people take. 

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The Good

  • Great features
  • Integrates with Android smartphones

Sony Mobile offers two wearable tech devices that have fitness tracker features: the Smartband SWR10 and the Smartband Talk SWR30. The SWR10 will track your steps, distance, exercise duration, calorie burning and sleep, as well as let you control music from the device. Since it's made to fully integrate with your Android smartphone, it will also alert you to text messages, emails and social media updates with a small vibration (it doesn't have a display screen.) It also features a Smart Alarm, which tracks your body movements and wakes you up at a time that is optimal for your sleep cycle. The SWR10 costs about $79.99. The more advanced Talk will enable you to - you guessed it - talk. You can make and receive calls with the loudspeaker built into the wristband, as well as record voice memos for yourself and use the voice command feature for easy control. It will cost you much more, though: it's priced at $210. Sony Mobile's devices are well-designed, but the hallmark of its fitness tracker technology is the Lifelog app. Similar to other fitness tracker apps, Lifelog offers features for setting goals, monitoring progress and beating personal bests. But Lifelog stands above the competition with its additional feature: 360 life tracking. Lifelog analyzes both the data from your Smartband and your cell phone activity to present you with a digital record of your life. It can tell you where you went, who you talked to, what pictures you took and what music you listened to. Have a big event planned, or want to remember all the details of a particular moment? Hit the Bookmark key and Lifelog will remember the date, time and even the weather. Lifelog can help you assess whether you'd like to spend more time reading, spend less time browsing Tumblr or take more pictures the next time you go on vacation - and, even though they aren't fitness-oriented, you can add items like this into your goals section to keep yourself accountable and chart your progress.


The Bad

  • Android only
  • Inconsistencies
  • No social media integration

Sony Mobile's Smart brands and the Lifelog app are only compatible with Android devices; if you're an Apple owner, you're out of luck. The Lifelog app design seems to be a little inconsistent: some sections show data with colorful charts and vivid graphics, others are plain and grey. Lifelog also won't integrate with any other fitness, weight loss or social media apps the way many other fitness tracker apps do. Given that Lifelog tracks share-friendly data like music, reading, photos and games, we're surprised that it doesn't offer the option to integrate with social media - this seems to be an obvious missed opportunity, as it would increase the appeal of the app for the more social fitness junkies, as well as make it attractive to a more widespread user base.


The Bottom Line

Sony Mobile has built a reputation as a trusted, reliable brand around the globe. Venturing into the fitness tracker market makes sense for Sony Mobile, and its devices and app are representative of the quality we've come to expect from Sony. While it's a shame that Sony Mobile's fitness tracker products aren't compatible with other apps or iOS devices, they will provide you with a fun, dependable tracking experience - just remember that you won't be able to share it.

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