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The Pivotal Living Corporation was founded in 2014 by Eli Almo and David Donovick. They created this corporation with the belief that personal technology can change lives for the better and for the healthier. Pivotal has already created some great devices that are extremely reasonably priced and very innovative! Although very new to the fitness tracking space, watch out for this new start-up, truly competing with the big guys. 

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The Good

  • Small device
  • Sleep tracking feature
  • Goal tracker

The pivotal living band comes in a sleek black color and is a small device that almost would never be in the way of your movement. Priced at only $12, it tracks a variety of actions. The band tracks your steps and your distance. You are able to see how many steps you took and how far you traveled on foot for that day. Pivotal living offers a sleep tracking feature as well. You will be able to see how long you slept, and you can be awakened, naturally, by the silent alarm. The silent alarm, simply, vibrates to wake you up - a gentle, more natural, process.

In order to accomplish your goal of becoming a healthier person, you set goals, and the band has the ability to track how you are doing while working towards your goals. The goal setting feature, conveniently, shows you in a percentage form how close you are to accomplishing your goal. If you are becoming to inactive the band alerts you. The activity reminder feature tracks how long you have been inactive and alerts you to move around a bit. If you sit at a desk all day it is easy to forget to get up and get your blood moving, but with the band, you do not need to keep track because the device will alert you automatically.

The band has been environment tested. The test has showed the device is water and heat resistant. You do not need to worry about being out and about in the heat while exercising because of its resistance to heat. Also, sweat and water are not going to harm your fitness tracker because it is water resistant, too.

A neat feature that Pivotal Living offers is the ability to create a custom team. Being on a team can help motivate you to accomplish your goals. Your team can be made up of family members, friends, coworkers, and anyone else that you would like to join your team. Not all of your data will be shared with your team - you can pick and choose what can be accessed by others.

The Bad

  • Not a great battery life
  • Annual renewal

The battery life lasts under seven days. Some watches can last up to a full month before you have to charge it, but with Pivotal Living, the battery lasts under a week. This means that you will have more time charging and less time of your activities being tracked and logged. You could be participating in activities that would help you work towards accomplishing your goals.
This deal is not a one time cost - you have to keep renewing the one-year, non-binding, contract. Renewing is not an automatic process, either. You have to make sure that you renew your use so that you could continue working to improve your health will the help of Pivotal Living.

The Bottom Line

The Pivotal Living band tracks your activity, and inactivity, to help you better your overall wellness. It has a wide variety features that track your steps, sleep, calories burned, and other items. The battery life is not nearly as long as some other fitness trackers, but it is just twelve dollars, versus prices being in the hundreds, easily.

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