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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Basis hit the ground running in 2006 and began creating amazing, innovative devices, focused on improving people's overall health.  They are truly devoted to helping people get fit through their fitness tracking devices. In March of 2014, Basis was acquired by Intel and became an integral part of their "New Devices Group".  This acquisition helped Basis get to a whole new level and continue building on their vision to improve day-to-day health habits. 

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The Good

  • Great features
  • Stay connected easily
The Basis Peak fitness device tracks:
  • The Basis Peak does not just track the number of hours you have slept, but it tracks your REM cycles, your deep sleep, your restlessness sleep, and it creates a sleep score for you to help you understand your sleep patterns over time.
  • The calories you have burned day and night are recorded by the watch-like device. You can easily have the full count from each day, easily accessed so that you know where you stand.
  • Most fitness trackers will track your steps whether you are walking or running, which the Basis Peak does, but it also tracks your biking distance like it does for your steps - automatically.
  • The sensors the watch has that touches your body has the ability to determine your heart rate. This is a 24/7, automatic, tracking ability. You can see how your heart rate responds to inactivity and activity.
  • Believe it or not, the device tracks your perspiration levels, too. You can begin to understand your varying or very patterned exertion levels. Your skin temperature is being taken as well by the watch. You are able to see how your body does with varying conditions.
You can stay easily connected through the Basis Peak. You can receive texts, emails, calls, and even calendar events all through your watch. The syncing capabilities (to iPhones and Androids) allows you to receive the varying messages, phone calls, and event reminders so that you can always be kept up to date. The four sensors, 24/7, optical heart rate engine, 3-axis accelerometer, skin temperature and galvanic skin response you are sure to have your activity and your body's responses tracked. The automatic activity, sleep, and heart rate tracking enables you to just put the watch on and go. To make the watch even less maintenance, it is water resistant to 5ATM so you are good to go swimming.

The Bad

  • Short battery life
Some fitness trackers can last up to a month on just one charge, the Basis Peak is not included in that list. The charge lasts up to just four days. You are going to miss out on activity being tracked. There is sleep, steps, heart rate, temperature, and others that could be tracked, but because it needs to be charged so often you are missing out on some data points that could have helped you work towards your goal.

The Bottom Line

Basis Peak offers a wide range of responses to track, and it is done automatically, mostly. You can stay connected with your loved ones when you are running, biking, swimming, and just out and about without having to utilize your cell phone. The battery life is not the length that some other fitness trackers, but do you need to wear your watch 24/7? It is your call.
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Donna Bowie, MD

I love my peak. Yes, you have to charge it every 4-6 days, but it only takes about an hour to fully charge from empty. I wear mine 24/7. The notifications are working very well...I feel my peak vibrate before I hear my phone. It is especially helpful when I turn my phone to vibrate for a meeting and forget to return to ring and it is in my purse. I also love the watch feature which my fitbit flex didn't have. I loved my flex while I used it but It fell off of my wrist without me even noticing. This is a large watch with a watch band that can't just fall off. It p packs a lot of features that my fitbit didn't.

6 years ago