New Fitness Trackers Make Great Gifts

By: Chase Sagum | December 4, 2014 (Edited July 7, 2017)


Looking to get a jump-start on those New Year's resolutions? Well, there's a whole new crop of fitness trackers out, just in time for the holidays.

The Fitbit Charge ($130) replaces the discontinued Fitbit Force, with one significant upgrade: call notifications. It also tracks step and sleep patterns, and has a clock. However, the lack of heart rate monitoring makes it one of the more basic trackers on the market.

The Basis Peak from Intel ($200) boasts a few more features. It lasts more than a week between charges, and you can wear it in the shower. It immediately begins analyzing heart rate and sleep data the moment you put it on, helping you make healthier choices.

If you're looking for "everything but the kitchen sink," check out the Microsoft Band ($200). A combo fitness band and smartwatch, it works with Windows phones, Android, and iOS devices. It shows the weather, checks UV levels, has heart rate and sleep monitors, and can even pay for your drinks at Starbucks with a QR code. The Microsoft Band can even take on the role of fitness trainer, as you can download and play workouts.

But fitness trackers aren't just for adults anymore. The LeapFrog LeapBand ($40) encourages healthy and active kids with a virtual pet. Kids feed, bathe, and take care of their pet with points earned through active games. Bonus: parents can set limits on playtime.

And don't forget the furry member of your family. Yes, there's even a tracker for Fido. The Whistle Activity Monitor ($99) attaches to your dog's collar, and tracks how much he walks, plays, and rests, sending updates to your phone.


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