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we signed up. Salesman totally lied to us" -Susan M. 2015/03/07
"You guys keep getting better and better by making it
easier to communicate with PA. Much appreciated." -Hector F. 2015/03/23
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searched home security before signing...lesson learned!" -Daphne L. 2015/01/06
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How to Spot a Bogus Crowdfunding Campaign in 2016

Jordan Grimmer  |  February 12, 2016  |  0 Comments


Student Loans: Consolidation vs. Refinancing

Jordan Grimmer  |  April 29, 2016  |  0 Comments

What Is Student Loan Consolidation?   Consolidation is the process of combining multiple loans into a single loan at a fixed rate. This rate is calculated using the weighted average of the interest rates you pay on your different loans. Most federal student loans can be consolidated; however, private education loans are not eligible. Who […]
how to choose a solar company

How to Choose a Solar Company: 5 Questions to Ask

Marcus Varner  |  April 28, 2016  |  0 Comments

Solar has never been easier to get installed on your roof. Thanks to breakthroughs in how to finance these, let’s admit it, costly installations, solar is no longer within reach of only those wealthy enough to pay out of pocket. Now, solar is a possibility for any homeowner with decent credit. Any one of a […]
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DōTERRA International Hacked, Teams Up with AllClear ID

Jordan Grimmer  |  April 27, 2016  |  0 Comments

Utah-based essential oils distributor dōTERRA International announced last week in a letter that one of its third-party data hosting servers has been hacked, compromising the personal data and information of customers and wholesale distributors alike. Company representatives believe the intrusion occurred in March 2016, potentially compromising the following private data: Names Social Security numbers Other […]


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What Is Solar Panel Efficiency, and Why Is It Important?

Jordan Grimmer  |  October 26, 2015  |  0 Comments

So, you want to go solar. But before you make the decision to buy, loan, or lease, there are a few things you want to know about the company and the system it provides: what’s the warranty like? How long does the contract last? Do they service the state you live in? There are several […]
online security

Author Highlight

Keeping Kids Secure Online

Robert Siciliano  |  February 17, 2015  |  0 Comments

Responsible parents teach their children to be safe with their scooters and wagons, roller skates and bikes, to “don’t talk to strangers” on the street, etc. Online safety should be impressed upon as well. Here’s what to explain to your kids: Think before you post anything. Ask yourself, “Is this something I wouldn’t mind the […]

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Amber Newby  |  April 22, 2016


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Lexington Law

February 15, 2013  |  1296 Comments

Results of Past Clients Also; please keep in mind that testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and you should not expect the same result because your case is different than everyone else’s. Lexington promises only to communicate with creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide […]


  1. medical_guardian
    Scott Leslie
    April 28, 2016 | Rated 10/10
    Fantastic experience. Purchased over phone and the representative was very helpful. Very happy with the product and service and the sense of security it offers our family. Read more
  1. medical_guardian
    Sharon Mckee
    April 28, 2016 | Rated 10/10
    Love this medical alert and 100% confident it will be there if ever needed. Read more
  1. dish
    April 28, 2016 | Rated 1/10
    DishNET is the worst Internet service I have ever used - here's why: - SLOW - the slow download/upload speeds coupled with the inherent latency of satellite Internet makes for a painful web browsing experience. In addition, many websites don't work correctly (or not at all) due to the slow speeds. - FREQUENT OUTAGES - the modem resets itself frequently, and outages occur on a regular basis (more than one hour in some cases!). - EXTREMELY... Read more
  1. scoresense identity theft
    Paul Jackson
    04/28/2016 | Rated 1/10
    I called in on my scheduled cancel date & was advised I can't get a refund even tho I called on the cancel date. Their reasoning was because I called an hour after my initial setup time. I didn't read that anywhere. DO NOT sign up for this service it's a rip off. I have requested a refund from them & I haven't gotten it yet. Do NOT USE!!! Read more
  1. LexingtonLaw_profile
    Juanita Croft
    04/28/2016 | Rated 10/10
    I've been with Lexington for a few mths and I see an extrem change....very satisfied! Read more
  1. LexingtonLaw_profile
    04/28/2016 | Rated 10/10
    I would recommend Lexington Law to anyone who want to improve or correct their credit. Its been less than three weeks and I already got six items removed off my Transunion report. Everyone I spoke too would go above and beyond to help me understand what is going on with my credit. I would advice you to take the step you would not regret, it would benefit you. Read more


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