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easier to communicate with PA. Much appreciated." -Hector F. 2015/03/23
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When To Book Hotel Accommodations

Carlie McKeon  |  May 25, 2016  |  0 Comments

IRS wall

Avoiding IRS Anxiety

Sarah Nieschalk  |  May 25, 2016  |  0 Comments

You’ve felt it at one time or another; that sinking feeling that something just isn’t right with your taxes and you’re going to hear from the IRS any day. The motivation for this nagging anxiety may be real or merely the imagined byproduct of a collective, subconscious fear of facing the country’s most powerful collection […]
doctor reviews

Doctor Reviews: Do They Help or Hurt Your Medical Care?

Marcus Varner  |  May 25, 2016  |  0 Comments

In retrospect, it was the type of situation that doctor reviews were made for. The indifference and impersonal feel of the doctor’s office was turned all the way up to 11. It wasn’t hard to feel like I was on some kind of assembly line, systematically hustled from one checkpoint to the next, with only […]
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.25.07 PM

When To Book Hotel Accommodations

Carlie McKeon  |  May 25, 2016  |  0 Comments

Traveling costs add up quickly, and if a traveler wants to stretch their dollar and save some money, there are some helpful tips and hacks regarding the timing of hotel booking. Whether the trip is planned far in advance or last minute, travelers can implement the following tactics in order to find the best possible […]


employee engagement

Author Highlight

Employee Engagement: 5 Reasons Companies Need to Take It Seriously

Marcus Varner  |  May 16, 2016  |  0 Comments

The numbers have been coming in on employee engagement and things aren’t looking pretty. First off, we have the TINYpulse 2015 Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture Report, which found that almost 70% of employees felt they were falling short of their job responsibilities and only 31% felt strongly valued by their employers. This lines up with […]

Most Recent Review

U-Fi Student Loans

Jordan Gundersen  |  May 25, 2016

U-fi was created in 2015, and offers student loans, student loan refinancing, and consolidation. It was built upon the well-known company, Nelnet, which has been well established for over 35 years. While Nelnet doesn’t get rave reviews, it is used by many. U-fi aims to provide private loan origination and servicing on behalf of their […]

Most Reviewed Company

Lexington Law

February 15, 2013  |  1302 Comments

Results of Past Clients Also; please keep in mind that testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and you should not expect the same result because your case is different than everyone else’s. Lexington promises only to communicate with creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide […]


  1. id_shield (3)
    09/06/2014 | Rated 5/10
    Legal Shield is good if there are participating providers in your area. But here in Central PA there are none. I was assigned an non participating attorney and he wasn't very good. When I called Legal Shield to ask if he was a participating attorney or an outside attorney, I was told he was participating. I found out later he wasn't. I don't even know if I got an discount on his services because he wouldn't provide his regular fees of tell me wha... Read more
  1. id_shield (3)
    09/04/2014 | Rated 10/10
    My social security number was hacked two years ago and LS was on it and did all the work for me fixing it. Saved me a lot of stress and time and money. I've had this service for five years now. Several id theft threats and situations handled smoothly and thoroughly. When you call, a LIVE PERSON answers the phone. No “pressing One for this dept., etc. Lifelock has been sued multiple times by states attorney generals, so I chose Legalshiel... Read more
  1. id_shield (3)
    Tamara Higgs
    09/04/2014 | Rated 10/10
    LegalShield was the best choice I could have ever made ! They are EXACTELY who they advertise to be! They helped me with every last case I had! I feel protected, safe and stress free with LEGALSHIELD! Read more
  1. id watch guard review
    09/03/2014 | Rated 0/10
    Terrible service, I was mislead by the representative that offered the service. She said I had a 10 day trial after receiving information in the mail about using the service. I was billed 4 days after. The Representative also said the gift card were able to be used anywhere, but they aren't. I call the company to cancel the product and they refused to refund me. So they stall and waited to mail out the service information and gift cards so they... Read more
  1. id_shield (3)
    Suzette Kooyman
    08/31/2014 | Rated 10/10
    I have had the services for 16 years and would go without any other service before I would ever go without my legal shield plan. It offers a true peace of mind. My sister in law has life lock and she is always confused about what is expected of her since she discovered an identity theft issue. I have had several personal friends that have had identity theft issues birth after getting the service and even before the service. In the five situations... Read more
  1. id_shield (3)
    08/30/2014 | Rated 10/10
    Love it best plan I could get Read more


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